Paradis Natural Ice Cream

LG/F Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato Ave. cor. Sct. Madriñan St., Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Paradis Natural Ice Cream
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Aimee P.
3.0 Stars

Wasabi Ice Cream, Chocolate Tomato Ice Cream? Weird flavors! But somehow they taste perfectly cool (pun intended)!

Wasabi ice cream is sweet but the after taste has that kick, that would just leave you asking for more.

Chocolate tomato tastes great, you wouldn't even taste the tomato because according to the server, they put tomato jam with the ice cream. It does not taste weird at all. Although my father-in-law complained that it was "magaspang sa dila" because of the tomato seeds. I've had better tasting chocolate flavored ice cream so this is not the best, but it's ok.

I also had the caramel ice cream, this does jot taste like caramel for me. It was a bit bitter, parang the sugar was overcooked or something.

I won't really come back asking for more but maybe I will be back to try other flavors or have the wasabi ice cream again.

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Jam P.
4.0 Stars

Tried the wasabi ice cream Here! Such unique find!

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Liked the creative flavors!
I got a wasabi ice cream (one of their best sellers)

Said hi to the uninterested stall seller,
The wasabi was good. Has a sting also but with the creaminess of milk. I also tasted... Cheeese?

Small is php105

Other interesting flavors : tomato chocolate, malunggay, orange and beetroot...

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Faye D.
4.0 Stars

A bit pricey for the amount of ice cream.

But... Chili x Chocolate is a must try. They go so well together. :')

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Sandra Y.
3.0 Stars

Got curious. With their flavors: coco vanila, wasabi, red beet & orange, malunggay, and pumkin.... Hmmm then i decided to try chocolate & tomatoes. Its okay, its stll chocolate with a small hint of tomatoes. Since this is a signature flavor small cup costs P110. Kinda pricey..

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Patricia L.
2.0 Stars

Too pricey.

I was meeting a friend at Il Terrazzo while waiting, I decided to walk around and there it was. I said to myself, oh "natural" ice cream. You know how the word "natural" works here in PI. It almost instantly means a hefty price tag. But I decided to give it a try, still. After all, can anybody go wrong with ice cream??

I got Nutty Peanut Butter. And boy I wasn't happy. If only I wasn't thinking that the cup cost me 110php, I wouldn't have forced myself to finish it, and shoved it down my throat.

A bad version of a supposed Choc Nut Ice Cream. I'm beyoooond sad.

Or maybe i just picked the wrong flavor, I don't know.

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Judy A.
4.0 Stars

I got malunggay, red beet and vanilla milk! Absolutely healthy I guess.

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Em D.
3.0 Stars

Have you ever experienced ordering at the counter and hating yourself afterwards for not checking how much you'll actually have to pay 128584 and how you just can't walk away or cancel your order because of your pride? 128555

My stop at this ice cream station located in Il Terrazzo was my latest bobo moment. After a satisfying dinner at Yoogane, I happily walked to Paradis natural ice cream just across the Korean restaurant. The stall didn't look as expensive as let's say Morelli's, Gelatissimo, or BONO so I didn't bother checking the prices. In my defense, it was a really simple looking stall!! And it was just (natural) ice cream, not gelato..

The coco + vanilla ice cream stood out for me. It wasn't too sweet (ok my statement isn't that reliable since nothing's ever too sweet for me) and the coconut put a refreshing taste to the vanilla ice cream. #naks After realizing how I had to pay PHP 110 for a really small cup, I started to mentally argue with myself as I struggled to get money from my poor, poor wallet. #medyonabaliw I couldn't cancel my order anymore because I already test tasted more than 3 flavors.. 128534

My dad got their ube ice cream, which I did not like at all. It had no taste (probably because it was sugar-free?), it was dry, its texture gave me the impression that it had been in the freezer/display for days already.. Meh poor daddy. 128104 I'll give this one 3 stars. Good to ok lang ice cream (just one flavor) at heartbreaking prices. 128560

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