Paradise Dynasty

2/F S Maison at Conrad Manila, Seaside Blvd. cor. Coral Way, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay, Metro Manila

Paradise Dynasty
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Pam L.
4.0 Stars

I never thought I'd get to try this place soon because of its location but here we are. 128514

We had some errands in the MOA area and decided to look for a place to have dinner at in S Maison. We just had Japanese food for lunch that day so we decided to try Paradise Dynasty.

We both wanted to try the xiao long bao sampler, which we obviously can't share/split if we wanted to try all the flavors. So we ordered a set each. 🤣

There was a recommended order of eating each XLB from lightest to strongest flavor. You start with the original one first then end with the Szechuan one.

It was a delicious dish overall. Each dumpling was true to its flavor. I was especially delighted with the crab roe one, which really tasted like crab! But my favorite would be the truffle xiao long bao. I haven't tried other truffle-flavored XLBs so I can't really compare but I really like that it didn't taste like artificial truffle. I also enjoyed the Szechuan XLB. This dish will set you back ~P400.

We also ordered a sautéed beef dish and Yang Zhou fried rice. Both were just okay. For their price though, the serving size was pretty small. I was expecting it to be good for 2 people. Price for both dishes was around P700.

We didn't wait that long to be seated because it was past 8PM already when we went there. Place was still packed though. Service was pretty good also.

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Lorenzo T.
1.0 Stars

Food is awesome. Service sucks. Big time.

1. Hour and a half wait time (this one isn't so much of an issue) before sitting ( we were number 10 at 630pm)

2. A little past half of our wait time, we were told that we were next and would be seated in 3 minutes. So we filled up our first order sheet and submitted that. More than 30 minutes passed before we were able to sit. In that time, several other groups of 2 to 5 were called in to sit. One of the supervisors (I think) had the gall to say "thank you for waiting" as we passed by, going to our seats.

3. Seats were not clean and still full of crumbs (at least mine was in that state).

4. When we sat down, a waiter checked to confirm if we ordered 2 la mian with dan dan sauce, not just the one he had punched (we updated the form before submitting so there was an erasure). We confirmed 2. Shortly thereafter, the first one arrived. The second one didn't arrive until the end of the meal, almost an hour after.

5. We asked for the little sauce plates. They gave 5. There were 9 of us. After a while I stood up and just took 4 others myself after asking some wait-staff setting up a table.

6. Despite pre-ordering things (first batch) 30 minutes before, it still took a while for everything to come, even while not considering the la mian with dan da sauce.

7. Twice a waiter comes to our table and states that our order was complete. And it definitely was not - 2 things we had ordered had not yet arrived. One was an appetizer; another the la mian (please refer to point 4). We asked them to just cancel them -- twice. But then they said the la mian was already prepared. It only came a while after the second time. Supposedly the manager or supervisor went to get it.

8. Dad asks for water. Waiter comes after a bit and fills his glass. Most of our other glasses are empty or almost empty. Waiter leaves without saying a word. I believe the pitcher still had water in it.

9. Waiters don't seem to know the concept of personal space.

Anecdote: waiter gives the bill and I check it -- I was tempted to say that one item should be removed because we didnt get it -- Service Charge.

  • No. of Comments: 1
Christina R.
5.0 Stars

I like XLBs, those bite-sized tasty steamed buns. Been drooling over PD's photos for a long time as I rarely visit this area. You know, the vehicular and pedestrian discipline is chaotic en route to S Maison from where I live.

I've also been skeptical. As in, masarap ba talaga? Well, well, well... Ang saaaarrrrrrraaappppp! Boom, boom, pow! (Menudo sana pero baka konti lang maka relate.) Happy dance in my tongue.

Ok, mejo mababaw. But I really enjoyed it! I think having each piece different in taste was amazing. The soup was warm and flavorful. The filling, had the right amount of spice/flavor for whatever was inside. Of course my favorite was the truffle and foie. I didn't find the Szechuan spicy at all.

The creator of the special set wanted to differentiate himself from the competition by making 8 different flavors. What a visionary.

As this was a prelunch visit that I shared with fellow | peeps, I was only able to taste half of it. I still tried to follow the sequence. When no one wanted to eat the last original xlb, I took it and parang walang lasa tuloy. So it is a must to eat this in sequence.

I decided before the end of the meal that I will definitely come back.

Finally made it. Thank you for all the recos 9786

  • No. of Comments: 9
Mae A.
5.0 Stars

Since this is an old post, I forgot the names of the dishes. Hahaha. 9996️ The winner for me here was the veggies as they complemented the flavorful rice. I enjoyed the chicken too. It was fried well and doesn't leave you with that oily taste. 128076

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Isha S.
4.0 Stars

Went here to specifically try the 8-flavor xia long bao basket at PHP 388. 128517

As the name suggests, you get 8 flavors ranging from the original to Szechuan. There's a recommended order to eating the colorful soup dumplings as the flavor profiles intensify along the way (instructions provided).

Overall, pretty good experience. I still loved the original flavor but my top picks from the rest would have to be the foie gras and black truffle! 128588

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

I've never heard of Paradise Dynasty till recently. My ignorance is probably due to my lack of interest in Chinese fare. PD is one of the restaurants under the Paradise Group. As per the website, their mission is to incorporate colorful Chinese culture on their cuisines. and culture sounds awesome to me.

Why would a foodie with minimal interest in Chinese Fare go to a Chinese restaurant? Simple, i was one of the few who got invite to sample their food. I guess they realized that i am missing out on some awesome food.

PD is located on the swankiest part of Manila - S Maison, baby! I like this mall, I'd probably go out of my way to hang here. I am in awe of their modern interiors. Yes, i am such a sucker for modern architecture.

Classic Xiao Long Bao
Special Dynasty Xiao Long Bao

I wanted to give this dish high praises but i cant. This has nothing to do with the taste nor the appearance. I am to blame as I am not a Xiao Long Bao person. I recognize the artistry and expertise involved in making the soup dumplings. One thing i noticed is the firm wrapper as it doesn't break easily. Na-ah it didn't crumble, i got to practice my chopsticks skills.

Radish Pastry. I never thought Radish can be used in pastry. That is the ignorance speaking. I love the flaky x puff pasty that encases the yummy radish filling.

Steamed Glutinous Rice Stuffed in Dates. This one i really really like. I like the the texture of the rice and the subtle sweetness.

Stir-fried La Mian with Shredded Pork and Black Fungus. Another yummy dish, this probably biased as i love stir fry noodles. One thing i noticed is the texture of the noodles (i am no noodle expert), i dunno how to describe it. You will notice the difference on the first spoonful, this is not like any other stir-fry.

Sliced Beef and Tripe in Spicy Szechuan Sauce. The tripe and the beef is so tender, yay for that. The Szechuan sauce on the other hand tasted a lil weird for me. Yes, it still the ignorance talking. It is not that spicy (contrary to what our host mentioned) and there is another flavor lingering somewhere. I guess the Chinese has a different flavor profile when it comes to spicy.

Scrambled Egg White with Fish and Conpoy. This is surprisingly good. Very light and refreshing. A good palate cleanser.

Spicy Szechuan Crispy Chicken. Nope, this is not spicy and i am still not accustomed to Chinese Style Spicy. I only know one thing...the chicken is awesome. Crispy and flavorful chicken chunks always gets high praises from me.

Poached Beef in Szechuan Chili Oil. Same comments as the beef and ox tripe dish.

Paradise Dynasty delivered. Remove my ignorance from the equation. I applaud them for creating dishes that highlight the colorful Chinese culture.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Cindy S.
4.0 Stars

I have always wanted to visit Paradise Dynasty ever since it opened late last year. The location was just too far from me, but then I finally had the chance to go a few weeks back and I was fairly satisfied.

The place is swanky. Like, topnotch-Chinese-restaurant-with-expensive-decor kind of swanky. Being half Chinese and growing up in Binondo, you'd probably think I'd be sick of Chinese food by this point. Well, you guessed right. Lol! But there are some instances where I crave me some good ole' Chinese cuisine. This is one of those instances.

I had their 8-flavor Xiao Long Bao. For 388php, pretty good right? It's reasonably affordable for XLB and to think that they're offering 8 flavors.

8-flavor Xiao Long Bao:
11088️ Original
11088️ Ginseng
11088️ Foie Gras
11088️ Black Truffle
11088️ Cheesy
11088️ Crab Roe
11088️ Garlic
11088️ Szechuan

To ensure the optimum tasting of this distinct 8 flavors, you'd have to eat it in that order. Start from the original ending with the szechuan XLB. No kidding. They'd provide you with a guide on how to enjoy the XLB together with the following sequence of the flavors.

The Xiao Long Baos were good. I can't say that it was the best I had, but it was definitely good. The broth was thick and flavorful. I especially loved the Black Truffle and Foie Gras flavor. Well, who wouldn't? That's truffle and foie gras right there!

If you're around MOA area, do give them a visit. For 388php, you'd get to taste 8 flavors of their world famous XLB, definitely worth a try. 128076🏻

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Yshkael C.
4.0 Stars

Third time here!

Was quite excited to come back because my uncle and my dad has never been. They put me incharge of ordering the food. I immediately chose the dry noodle with scallion ! Who could miss their famous xiao long baos?!?! My family was curious to try the different flavors so we also ordered a basket of these good soup dumplings!

They loved their food specially the noodles! I'm sure we will come back for more128076🏻

Service is always top notch which I love.

Glad to also say that they accommodated us so quickly! 128077🏻

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Chieo O.
4.0 Stars

Visiting the MOA area is a rare moment for me, and since me and my friends were meeting up at S' Maison, I thought of the yummy looloo reviews here, and fronting us was this lavishly designed shanghai-ish's just now that I have heard of this foodie place and what better way to get to know it some more but by trying it out! Wow no queing lines... we were lucky in our 6pm timeslot....

Upon entering, we were ushered to the left side, despite we insisted to dine with a view,I guess they have this old-school attitide to fill in the seats at front going way's a deep sigh for me 128522 Because one of their best selling point is the view, why not level up the dining experience by offering the beautiful waterfront ambiance...

So here we are at the menu... we tried the Garlic Xiao Long Bao, as the server told us that the garlic flavor is done in mild proportion... true enough it was! Though the Xiao Long Bao looks compact and a bit plump, for me it looks dried up and I was looking for more soup inside the Bao, which is usual in other Xiao Long Bao's....mind you the soup filling was also not that warm....but tastewise, it was fairly ok 12852210084128077🏻

Next we also chose the Pan Fried Shanghai Pork Buns...loved the miminalistic appeal of the bun, though kinda oily underneath...again it had a mild taste...combining it with some black vinegar and shredded ginger sure gave it a twist!

La Mian with Fragrant Pork Ribs & La Mian with Spicy Beef... well it looks like Ramen from afar but I wouldn't want to compare it with that since we know that Ramen is more creamy, flavorful and has a thicker soup base texture....with their La Mian, the soup bases were done a bit saturated giving it a flavor that is not overpowering since it complements the other contents like the mushrooms, green onions, the tender beef and pork meat ( which were both good ) and the mysterious bok choy or pak choi... why mysterious? It's because they cut of the topmost leafy part of the vegee which is also delicious to eat...So my question would be where did they put the chopped tips? 128518 We felt our bok choy's were headless 128518128518128518hehehehe128540

For dessert we tried the Pan-fried pancake with sweet red bean paste filling, it tasted great! As well as their chinese pan fried bread with milk sauce...really got me back in my yesteryears 12852210084128077🏻

Overall it was a good dining experience.....I just wish that good food shouldn't sacrifice customer service...I've read some reviews of them having slow service...I could tolerate that....but how about the feeling where you just finished eating, had a bit of chitchat with dessert and then suddenly the staff swiftly handed your bill without even asking for it....a cheeky smile with apology couldn't save the embarassment but maybe they should also polish on their courtesy with customers 128522 That is why I think it's best to dine without being in a special group because you really get to experience the reality of it all minus the orchestrated politeness....though I'm still giving 4 stars for the sake of Good Food 128522128522128522128077🏻10084

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Yshkael C.
4.0 Stars

Second time here.

This place does not disappoint. I went with the same thing I ordered... The la mien dry with scallions!

Wow I love this dish so much. You can taste the freshness of the noodle plus I had their pork bone soup on the side. Super flavorful kinda like the soup of Ramen Nagi! Very milky and full of flavor !

I also ordered some garlic xiaolongbao which I reallg like! This aside from the black truffle one is worth getting.

Their lumpia was just okay. Nothing too wow.

Service was very fast and staff were really attentive! 128076🏻

  • No. of Comments: 3
Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Paradise Dynasty opened in late 2016 and I’ve been able to visit twice since. The first time was during one of their “Launching” events so I was able to try so many dishes then. The second time, I just ordered my favorites.

🔹 Specialty Dynasty Xiao Long Bao. An order of this has 8 assorted flavors and there’s a correct sequence to eating them, starting with the lightest flavor up to the strongest one. So that would be from Signature Original – Garlic – Ginseng – Foie Gras – Szechuan – Cheese – Crab Roe – Black Truffle. There is, however, an option to order a basket with just one flavor in 6’s or 10’s.

🔹 Steamed Glutinous Rice Stuffed in Red Dates. Pretty much self-explanatory but I was surprised that this wasn’t actually for dessert. It was too sweet for an appetizer but I liked it.

🔹 Lettuce Roll with Homemade Sesame Sauce. This one’s really simple but it was fascinating how the roll was intact and packed. I could munch on this all day.

🔹 Stir Fried Shredded Pork in Black Bean Sauce. This is served with some kind of crepe where you’ll have to wrap the pork in. I loved this.

These are just some of the dishes that I’ve tried but these are the ones that I would want to order over and over again.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Tommy T.
4.0 Stars

Went for early dinner to avoid the long queue. It did not take long to be seated. Ordered their signature original xiao long bao, it was soupy and tasty. The pan- fried Shanghai pork bun and fried radish pastry was nice. The vegetable & pork wanton in signature piork bone soup was very good. For main dishes the stir fried shredded pork in black bean sauce served with chinese crepes was a bit salty, stir fried cabbage and Yang Zhou fried rice completed the meal. Complemented with a pot of Chinese tea.

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Karla C.
3.0 Stars

It was our first time in S Maison at Conrad Manila and our quest for a sumptuous lunch brought us to Paradise Dynasty. What caught our attention was their very colorful Xiao Long Bao. As their ad say it's the world's first 8 international flavoured Xiao Long Bao and of course we wanted to try it.
The reviews say they have terrible service but luckily we did not have the same experience. The servers were very courteous and were even very willing to take our photos. Although I need to mention that we were surprised that there was a waiting time for us to be seated because we were having a late lunch. But we just took it as a sign that the food here is good.
We got excited and we were already hungry so we ended up ordering too much. We had the Pan-fried Shanghai Pork Buns and in my opinion Tuan Tuan and Tim Ho Wan still has the best pork buns. We also ordered soup. We tried La Mian with Sliced Pork and it was ok but for me nothing beats Ramen. We also tried the Stir Fried Shredded Pork in Black Bean Sauce served with Chinese Crepes. This was an interesting choice because it did not look appealing but it was really good. We also ordered Crispy Sweet and Sour Pork and Yang Zhou Fried Rice. Both were all right but they come in very small serving considering the price. And lastly, of course we had to order the Xiao Long Bao. Most of the flavors were ok but the truffle flavored one had a weird texture that may not be as nice to the palette so be warned.
Overall, I was not blown away by their food but it's not so bad either. The restaurant was satisfactory but not exceptional.

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Meg M.
5.0 Stars

I really love everything we ordered at this new resto in Conrad Hotel. 1285251008412852510084128525 I'm not a fond of xiao long baos but I really enjoyed eating their FOIE GRAS and BLACK TRUFFLE XLB! 128150 (My two fave things in the world 128525) I prefer their XLB than DTF. 9786️ My Mom doesn't eat so much rice ate several servings of their shanghai fried rice. 128541 And oh, this is the only sweet and sour dish that I liked! 128556 Iba kasi!! 128076🏼The pork dumplings were awesome too! 128055128061 Gaaaaaaaah! Take me back!

P.S: Just like the previous commenter, I am not please with their service. But I'll still go back because the food was really good talaga eh! 128513

  • No. of Comments: 1
Jeric D.
2.0 Stars

Service is bad

  • No. of Comments: 0
Troy P.
4.0 Stars

I'm not Chinese but I suddenly have the urge to have dinner and celebrate Chinese new year at the recently opened Paradise Dynasty.

When we got there, a long waiting queue welcome us at the entrance, which can be a good sign that the food is really good. The server gave us their menu so we can start ordering while waiting for our table. They were very accomodating in finding us a table. But do keep in mind to make a reservation during weekend or holidays. We waited for around 15 to 20 minutes.

A visit here would not be complete without trying their famous Specialty Dynasty Xiao Long Bao (8 pcs). We also tried their Shanghai Fries Rice, Pan Fried Shanghai Pork Bun, Chilled assorted Eggs Loaf in Yang Zhou style and the Lamian with "Dan Dan" sauce (Spicy Sesame Peanut Sauce).

I love their Xiao Long Bao better than any other Chinese restaurants I tried before. It's visually appealing and the tast is definitely flavorful.

My next favorite dish is their Lamian noodles with sesame peanut sauce which reminds me Kare-kare mainly because of the peanut sauce. But one thing I love in this dish its thick colorful smooth sauce with the crunchiness of peanuts.

The price is reasonable and the crew is very attentive. I will defintely visit this place again.

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Marc M.
5.0 Stars

128525 La Mian with Braised Pork Belly 128525
not Ramen but made with the same principle of boiling Pork Bones for extended periods to bring out it's essence. It also comes with generous portions of Braised Pork Belly that is almost Asado like and very tender. As with most noodle soup dishes, the taste profile of the soup drastically changes upon mixing of the the ingredients so better taste different portions of the bowl before everything else.

128525 Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao 128525
Just gotta have 'em! If you love Foie Gras, you'll never regret it! 128513

  • No. of Comments: 6
Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

Ever since Xiao Long Bao became popular in our country, Chinese restaurants here and there have come up with their own versions. Prepared in "xiao long" or small bamboo steaming baskets, this is where these tasty dumplings with soup inside got it's name. We've tried a couple from those in seemingly dirty stall in Binondo to the high end Chinese Restaurants lacing the Metro. Some were good, some meh and we definitely have our favorite. Most restaurants carry the classic flavor with tasty soup and meat, one dared to create new flavors but were so expensive.

Then came Paradise Dynasty. Originating from Singapore, this casual dining concept by Paradise Group has a promise of affordable selection of Northern and Southern Chinese cuisine. They specialize in Xiao Long Bao and they're the first to introduce eight first of it's kind flavors.

Got invited for lunch over at Paradise Dynasty and since I have been eyeing this restaurant since it opened in September, it was a definite YES for me! Paradise Dynasty x foodfanaticph = YAY!

Tagged along my homies from foodsocietyph - Ruth D, Ruth S and I met at the restaurant. Their manager, Jenny, greeted us and prepared a feast for us!

We started with the following:

| Appetizers and Dumplings: Dates, Lettuce Rolls, Chilled Sliced Pork, Pork Dumpling, Radish Pastry

> Steamed Glutinous Rice Stuffed in Red Dates for 230Php

This was one unique appetizer and I surprisingly liked it even though I don't fancy dates that much! It was sweet with a good chew from the rice and a little subtle date flavor.

> Lettuce Rolls with Homemade Sesame Sauce for 180Php

Ms. OC made this salad for sure lol! Neatly rolled and stacked lettuce that were fresh and crisp, dip into the sesame dressing and you're in for an "organized" salad treat!

> Chilled Sliced Pork with Minced Garlic and Soya Sauce for 230Php

Thinly sliced pork, rolled and topped with garlic and chili, loved the cold meat and the simplicity of this dish.

> Pork Dumpling with Hot Chilli Vinaigrette for 168Php (6pcs)

Tasty steamed pork dumplings, packed with generous serving of minced pork in a spicy vinaigrette. These were so good, just thinking about them makes me drool!

> Radish Pastry for 138Php (3pcs.)

I have never encountered such an appetizer before. I enjoyed Hainanese Delights' Radish Cake but that was my first and last encounter with anything straight forwardly radish. These little pastries from Paradise Dynasty were so delicious! Loved the crunch from the flaky pastry and the savory taste from the thin strips of radish inside. You should not skip this when in Paradise Dynasty.

| Soup: Double Boiled Chicken Soup

> Double Boiled Chicken Soup for 198Php

Individually served in a nice ceramic bowl, this tasted like our local Tinola. The broth had a good salty chicken flavor with a hint of ginger. The meat was super tender!

| Xiao Long Bao - All eight flavors!

This, for me, was the highlight of it all. We were served at first with a basket of their Signature Original Xiao Long Bao and a two baskets of their Rainbow Xioa Long Bao. Then, we were asked which flavors we would want to order more so we got Single Flavor Baskets of Truffle, Foie Gras and Crab Roe.

> Signature Original Xiao Long Bao - 188Php for 6pcs, 298Php for 10pcs.

Definitely one of the best Xiao Long Bao's in the market! The intricately thin skin was made with 18 folds to give it that beautiful finish that's the signature look of Xiao Long Baos. You have to be very careful in handling these coz the skin raptures easily and trust me, you don't want the broth to go to waste - not a single drop of it. Why? The broth inside each Xiao Long Bao was clear and non-oily and it was immensely tasty! The pork inside was equally good.

> Specialty Xiao Long Bao Basket - 8 Flavors for 388Php

Then we tried the colorful basket of Xiao Long Bao with 8 flavors - Orignal (white), Garlic (gray), Ginseng (green), Foie Gras (flesh to light orange), Szechuan (red), Cheese (yellow), Crab Roe (orange) and Black Truffle (black). Mind you, they don't use food coloring to create these. According to one of the staff, they use natural pigments, extracted from plants.

There is a manner of consuming these colorful pieces. You have to start with the original flavor, following this sequence - Original > Ginseng > Foie Gras > Black Truffle > Cheesy > Crab Roe > Garlic > Szechuan - to get the most out of each flavor. Honestly, I wasn't able to try all flavors, which is why I'm so giddy to go back ASAP! Anyhow, I got to taste the following --

> Cheese - tasty broth infused with cheese. Nothing too overwhelming here, just a subtle flavor of cheese which went well with the pork.

> Crab Roe - this was one of my favorites! That delicate flavor of crab roe married with the tasty broth, such an explosion of flavors!

> Black Truffle - I was expecting a strong truffle flavor here but there was just a hint that left me wanting some more. If you are not into truffle, this can be a good start for you. Nonetheless, because of the tasty broth, this was still good.

> Foie Gras - golly! This was my ultimate favorite! When we were asked to order Single Flavor Baskets, this was my bet right away! I can't forget the explosion of all things wonderful as I took a bite - the very distinct taste of foie gras married so well with the broth and pork creating an unforgettable flavor orgasm inside my mouth! It was so good I think I ate four pieces of this!

| Moving on, we also got the chance to sample some of their hot dishes:

> Stir-fried River Shrimps with Garden Greens for 488Php

Small but flavorful pieces of shrimps, I loved that they were perfectly cooked with that certain bite that tells you that they weren't overcooked.

> Scrambled Egg White with Fish and Conpoy for 328Php

There's a story behind this dish. According to Jenny, during the old times when the people of China can no longer provide crab meat to their Emperor due to availability issues, they thought of coming up with an alternative that would look like and taste like crab meat. They came up with this dish. Served with a raw egg yolk on top to be mixed, the texture was really like that of a crab meat in the form of a thick soup. The delicate egg whites had a nice soft texture. It was overall salty and the addition of fish gave it that much needed crab like flavor.

> Stir Fried Shredded Pork in Black Bean Sauce served with Chinese Crepes for 288Php

Shredded pork in a thick sauce, served with Chinese crepes. Take a spoonful of the savory dish, put in on top of the crepe and wrap it up. Simple, tasty, delicious!

> Deep Fried Garlic Pork Ribs for 338Php

Tender meat, crunchy breading, good garlic flavor - this dish is a must for pork lovers!

| We also sampled two Szechuan Dishes: Beef in Szechaun Chilli Oil and Szechuan Crispy Chicken.

> Spicy Szechuan Crispy Chicken for 298Php

Lots of chilli in this dish but it was delicious! The chicken chunks were tender and very tasty - salty and good proportion of black pepper too.

> Poached Beef in Szechuan Chilli Oil for 688Php

This was a pretty good but very spicy soup! It had generous heaping of thin slices of beef - tender and flavorful meat. The soup was spicy but you can still taste the flavors of the broth. Serving was huge as well!

| From their Rice and Noodle section, we tried their Shanghai Fried Rice and La Mian Noodle.

> Shanghai Fried Rice for 238Php

Fried Rice that's loaded with shrimps, pork bits and some veggies - this can be eaten on it's own! It was delicious and I loved it!

> La Mian with Scallion Dry for 200Php

La Mian or hand-pulled noodles is another specialty of Paradise Dynasty. They make their own noodles so you have that guarantee that each batch is freshly made. They have several combination bowls for these fine and silky threads and we got to try the one that's served with a dipping sauce. Simple, clean and light - the broth of the dipping sauce had a good pork flavor.

| Onto the desserts, we had the following ---

> Pan Fried Pancake with Red Bean Paste for 168Php

A new take on the usual Red Bean Paste dessert that's enveloped in glutinous rice, the crunch from the pancake was a nice touch and the red bean inside wasn't too sweet.

> Chilled Glutinous Rice Roll with Red Bean Paste for 128Php

Here is the usual counterpart of the one above. I loved the chewy glutinous rice roll with just the right ratio of red bean paste. I also liked that each roll was covered with grated nuts that added texture and flavor.

> Glutinous Rice Ball Topped with Nuts for 138Php (4pcs)

Another chewy glutinous rice dessert which I absolutely liked! I think I have an affinity with glutinous rice and I really love anything made out of it. This was no exemption. Loved that it wasnt too sweet and that each ball was covered generously with grated nuts.

| Water Chestnut Drink (cold) for 80Php

Also got the chance to try their Water Chestnut Drink (Cold) and it was so refreshing! It was kinda sweet but it was overall light and good!

I absolutely loved our lunch at Paradise Dynasty. Aside from the good food, the restaurant had good interiors and a good view of the bay too. As soon as you enter, a sophisticated Chinese Restaurant charm will greet you - lots of lanterns lined up adorned the walls, a play of wood and marble, huge carvings of dragon, private rooms, cushioned chairs and an expansive wall of glass to give you a grand view of the bay and lots of natural light as you dine.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

XLB heaven!!!!!!! 128149

If there's a list of restaurants that made a lot of foodies excited, Paradise Dynasty is included for sure. The specialty dynasty XLB or the 8pcs colored XLB surely made a lot of eyes drool and a lot of tummies hungry!!! Just by simply looking at the pictures, it's impossible not to feel hungry!!! That's what I feel whenever I see pictures and reviews about this place. I've been meaning to try this place but the location isn't that easy to go to. 128528 So imagine my excitement and happiness when Cla invited us for lunch here, I immediately said yes and filed for a half day leave! Oh the things you do for food! 128514128541

Anyway... Since it was a "foodie event", we were able to try a lot of different dishes for free! Yaaayyy!! 128513128521128076🏼

There were so many dishes which are all so good and delicious but my favorites are the following:

XIAO LONG BAO. Original, Crab Roe, Black Truffle. Every piece will surely bring you to XLB heaven. Tasty and bursting with so much awesomeness!! Super flavorful. It's impossible to eat just one piece. If you're adventurous, you should definitely try the 8pcs. My favorite was the Crab Roe but of course, you can't go wrong with the Original! 128077🏼 The other foodies enjoyed the Foie Gras, as well.

STIR FRIED SHREDDED PORK served with Chinese crepes (wrappers). At first we all thought that this was pancit or worms 128517, shredded pork pala! 128518 This was surprisingly good! Tender pork with just the right amount of sweetness from the black bean sauce. I enjoyed adding chili paste also for a little bit of spiciness. 128521

DEEP FRIED GARLIC PORK RIBS. Tender and tasty pork ribs. Not oily nor salty. Sarap! 128149

LETTUCE ROLL. Crisp and fresh rolled lettuce with homemade roasted sesame dip. AHHH THIS WAS SO GOOD! I can finish this all by myself! 128154128154

Overall, it was a very filling lunch. We were all so full after tasting everything but it was the happy kind of full. No regrets! 128518128513 I cannot wait to go back here again and try the Specialty dynasty XLB and (will try to) finish it all by myself! 128518 And I'm definitely getting the rolled lettuce again!!! 128513

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Marc M.
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128525 Radish Pastry - surprised at how good this was. I mean radish in a pastry? It was sweet and at the same time a little salty. Great appetizer!

128525 Steamed glutinous rice stuffed in red dates - another new for me. I can't even start to describe this. It's sweet with a little sour that I munched on this in between trying the different flavors of XLB to cleanse my palate.

128525 Vegetable and pork wanton in signature pork bone soup - got this for my kid because we both love soup. 128513 Pork Bone Soup was great! It was very rich and the pork bones were very pronounced. I would have to come back and try it with their noodles. They have an extensive list of noodle soup varieties on their menu too. 128525

128525 Assorted XLB - for this I had 2 sets just for me 128513. They will give a piece of paper that contains instructions on their suggested order of trying their Assorted XLB which totally makes sense. I won't go into details but I loved the Original, Foie Gras, Black Truffle, Crab Roe, and the Garlic. Next time I come here I am ordering all of those just for me. Bahala na kung mahilo after. 128514

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