Parañaque Medical Center

Dr. A. Santos Ave., Parañaque, Metro Manila

Parañaque Medical Center
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Chef Riccardo L.
1.0 Stars

This hospital needs to be closed!

If you want to die try being admitted at this freaking hospital!

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Chef Riccardo L.
1.0 Stars

Poor service!

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Jamie G.
1.0 Stars

I will tell you a story. Sit down. Grab a stick, a beer. This will be long.

This was about a month back. My cousin-in-law shared my love of poker. He's US-based, so as soon as he touched down, we went straight to Resorts World Manilahhh. I showed him a bruise on my pinkie finger, telling him that I had no idea how I got it but it looked bad, and I didn't remember banging into anything to get it. We shrugged it off soon as we stepped into the poker room.

We each took a different table. It was 8PM. We both played patiently and we texted each other in between. "Ok ka lang dyan, Classmate?" "Up ka?" "Sabihan mo lang ako kung quota ka na ha." "Kumusta, may action ba dyan?"

By midnight, he asked me to transfer to his table because mine had no action and I was losing money to blinds. On the way to his table, he stopped me and showed me his hand. He said, "Classmate, ang weird oh, nagka-pasa ren yung kamay ko tulad sayo!" And when I looked at his hand, it was half his palm, his whole thumb and pointer finger, all purply-black. I asked him what happened, he told me he didn't know, he just noticed it turning off-colored an hour back.

We played, but conversed at the table. I kept on telling him, "Let's go home. Pa-check na natin yan." And poker players joined us. Jeff was winning, so we joked, "Nice hand!" An hour went by and his hand didn't look better so I asked him to take a break and have it checked at the RW clinic if he didn't want to go to the AAVA clinic.

He took 5 minutes and got back. "Tara, Classmate, ER na daw tayo." RW clinic didn't know what to do with this hand as it turned black already. They advised him to have it checked at the nearest ER.

We upped and left the poker table.

In the car, he was asking me where best to go. I said, "Kung ako, didirecho na ako sa Asian." He said, "Makati Med kaya?" "Out of the way." He said, "Olivarez o Parañaque Med?" I told him I had no idea because I was fairly new to Sucat and still my best bet would be Asian. Obviously, he chose Parañaque Med.

We got there before 1:30AM.

We entered the ER and it looked rather sketchy. We were 5 steps in and I didn't see anyone that resembles a nurse or a doctor. All I could see was a kid and an older gentleman. I thought that maybe the gentleman WAS the nurse. And a few more steps, I found a patient lying on a stretcher to my left, and a doctor and a nurse attending to him. Whew. But, really? Just ONE nurse and ONE doctor for an ER? Business must be slow.

And then out came another nurse from a back room. He asked us to fill out a form and our concern. Jeff filled him. The nurse said, "Paki hintay nalang po kasi may pasyente pa si Doc." (Doc was stitching a guy's neck. UGH! The horror, Parañaque!) Meanwhile, he took a thermometer from what looked like a pen holder and stuck it to Jeff's pits. He then listed down the temp on the form, and returned the thermometer in the pen can. OMG, can I just say, HE DID NOT SANITIZE THE THERMOMETER BEFORE OR AFTER STICKING IT TO JEFF'S KILI-KILI!! Kadiri to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I whispered to Jeff, "Okay lang sayo yun? Kadiri talaga!" He said, "Kadiri nga. Di ko na napansin eh." SH*T Sh*t sh*tty sh*t sh*t!!!

The doctor was taking longer than expected. We sat there talking about our poker hands while waiting. And then suddenly Jeff shushed me and pointed behind me. I was so effin creeped up, I thought he was telling me there was a ghost behind me... (Yes, my imagination was running wild!) I slowly turned my head and guess what?! It was a roach not an inch away from me! I screamed!!! (Gerdam buti nalang hindi apektado si Doc sa naisigaw ko or else baka ma-cross stitch na ang leeg ni kuyang nakahiga doon!!) A second later and I might find the roach crawling up my sleeve!!

At about 3:45-ish, Slamatlord naman at ready na si Doc. Jeff filled her in. She examined his hand. Asked him if it was traumatized beforehand. He told her nasundot nya ng basketball five days ago. She checked for pulse for both hands. She said the injured hand has very light pulse nalang so she needed to admit him. Jeff asked why. She said he had to be monitored because his pulse was weak. The hand needed to be checked via ultrasound but it's available 8AM onwards and she couldn't let him go home.

The nurse chimed in, "Sir kasi pag hindi yan namonitor baka kailanganin na putulin yung kamay nyo." *Heart attack!!!* Ang honest ni kuya!!

Jeff decided to go to Asian with the Doctor's permission. He thought (and I, too) we already wasted too much precious time waiting here at Parañaque Medical.

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Sheryl Anne B.
2.0 Stars

Mom and kuya rushed me to MCP's ER yesterday due to hyperventilation. Man, I broke my promise to myself. I'm such a weakling. Haha.

Their ER's small. Three beds divided by curtains lang. A bit untidy too.

The nurses... Hmm, I would understand if my case was just fever or plain cough and cold. But hey, my hands are cold, my body's numb, I'm still in shock, what have you done? (Okay that was from The Script's Exit Wounds hahaha) It's not that I'm expecting them to panic din, I know they shouldn't kasi if they do, the patient will panic even more. But they could use a shot of espresso and make it (giving first aid) snappy. I've exhaled a lot of carbon dioxide and they're still.. walaaaa laaaaang. And one of them's a bit snobbish, gutom na siguro.

The comfort room was smelly. May sipon na ko pero amoy ko pa rin. 128567

The good thing about this hospital is it's just a 3-5minute drive away from our place. Yun lang. +1 star for that? LOL

Thank you kuya Erick B for driving and telling me not to panic.... and of course for taking such a wonderful photo of me with a brown paper bag on my face even if you didn't edit my pimples and thick eyebrows. It made me realize that I should visit the threading salon soon. ahahaha (if you're looking for the photo, please see his facebook timeline) #1! 128539

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Renee Jean J.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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