Park Avenue Desserts

LG/F Asian Hospital and Medical Center, 2205 Civic Drive, Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila

Sorry! We're closed for good.
Park Avenue Desserts
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Marti M.
3.0 Stars

Park Avenue Desserts at Asian Hospital is already closed.

Gwen I 128540

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Dianne C.
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I've always loved PADS brownies, it's really good and it's not too sweet.

Yesterday, I was in Asian to visit and take care of my bf (dengue patient). I was craving for some sweets, I wanted to buy chocolates but thought of just checking what's new with pads :)

As always,good looking desserts are very well presented. I chose lemon bar and ensaymada so that my bf can also try it. As the cahier panches my order, something caught my attention, a cake display with some cronuts. I'm not the one to join such a craze so I wasn't really putting effort just to try a cronut- but it wouldn't hurt to try now since it's already in front me. For 85pesos it's quite big :) I chose the simple one with just a right amount of chocolate on top.

I then went back to the room and tried it with my bf. First, the ensaymada (didn't know at first that it was queso de bola) we didn't like it. Lol haha.. Eh kasi nga.. Queso de bola pala. Next, the lemon bar, it has that thick kind of runny filling, you can taste the lemon and funny 'cause it tastes exactly the same lemon bars I make 128513 And last but not the least.. Cronuts- the chocolate on top was dark and it's good 'cause it's not kaumay, the layers are quite good too with sugar and cinnamon, the outside was flaky while the inside was chewy-it's good but not really the type of food I will crave for. 128516

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Sheryl Anne B.
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Yesterday was dairy day! We had nothing to do while waiting for mom so we ended up here. Hehe

Kuya Patrick B and I tried the chocolate macaron and it was soooo goooood! It has a very luscious chocolate filling. Yun nga lang, kukuhanan ko palang ng photo yung macaron, nag-crack. Hahaha ("Ay nag-crack siya" wahaha Mary Rose L 128539)

I also tried the sea salt caramel macaron. aaaand, I didn't like it. I know it's sea salt but I didn't expect it to be that salty. haha! I was expecting it to taste something caramel-ish. So, meh. Na-umay ako sa lasa kahit isa lang kinain ko.

The macarons are 40 pesos/piece. I can say na yung chocolate macaron talaga yung sulit kahit medyo brittle siya.

Bibili sana ako ng tubig kaso nakakalerks yung presyo. 30 pesos for the smallest bottle of Viva mineral water?! Buti sana kung malaki yung bottle eh haha #tipidmode

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