Parr't Ebelle Tinola

Road 6, Cebu City, Cebu

Parr't Ebelle Tinola
5.0 Stars

7 Reviewers

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  • 7 Reviewers

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

It was really affordable. They offered fresh seafood and wide selection of grilled dishes like liempo, pork chop and more. Libre ng friend ko so I wasn’t able to take note of the prices 128517

The place isn’t as fancy but they do have an AC room. It also had limited parking though.

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Russel F.
5.0 Stars

It’s a holiday and it’s a great day to explore some new places to eat in the city. So JP G, Angela Marie C and I had a quick catch up for lunch here at Parr’t Ebelle Tinola.

The place is located just across SM City Cebu and it’s quite packed when we got in. The place instantly reminds me of R&J’s Bulalohan because of the setup, but there’s more than meets the eye, as they said.

We tried the Grilled Tasik partnered with the famous lato, and grilled liempo. Tasik is one of the must-tried food herre as it’s one of the really famous dish aside from the Kilawin fish and squid. The taste of the fish reminds me of hito or somewhere close to that one.

Grilled liempo was also good, but the Grilled Tasik was the star of our table because it’s something that we don’t have in Manila.

Service has been good. We all love the food we had especially the fish. Place looks nice although it could still be improved. By the way, they already have airconditioned seats if you wish to eat in a much cooler area. So I’m giving this place a perfect 5-star rating!

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Toy G.
5.0 Stars

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
When in Cebu, eat at Paart 'Ebelle near SM City in the North reclamation area .
Place now has an airconditioned room with a capacity of about 40 . 4 x about 10 tables . Try to sit there.
The tinola & grilled fish are fresh & tasty. 128165128165128165128165128165
The soup is delicious , 128165128165128165128165128165
The squid tender 128165128165128165128165128165
inihaw na liempo delicious but too much Fat!128165128165128165
grilled Fish belly . juicy seasoned right, tender 128165128165128165128165128165
The fresh mangos tartly sweet 128165128165128165128165
The tinola fish head ' big enough for 4 to share ! 128165128165128165128165128165
Place looks can be improved. 128165128165
But service is fast & efficient. 128165128165128165128165
Sutukil at its bestest! 128165128165128165128165128165

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Vic M.
5.0 Stars

Self serve. Grilled fish and tinola were very good!

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Residencia La Salle B.
5.0 Stars

Fresh seafood freshly grilled
Go to this place early like 9am for very early lunch. Gets full during lunchtime and dinner.
Only 30 mins or less from the Mactan Airport

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Darlene V.
5.0 Stars

Apart from their fresh selection of grilled Tasik Fish and Squid, you gotta order their Kilawin Fish...served without the vinegar yet to ensure your fish won't get leathery when eaten. Melts in your mouth with a hint of sweetness from the freshness of it all. Their serving portions are pretty big too. Make sure to visit before lunchtime as the place packs up during noontime. Oh and they're only open till lunch only. Definitely a must to try for those looking for some seafood joint after eating all that lechon.

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Cchen A.
5.0 Stars

Turo-turo style, definitely recommended for seafood lovers visitong in cebu. They have the biggest fish grilled such as tuna belly, and blue marlin. We also tried the eel, very flavourful fish! You can also ask if the roe part of the fish is available. A must try with generous serving good for 3-4 for ladies tummy. 128077128077

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