Paseo del Mar

Valderoza St., Zamboanga City, Zamboanga Sibugay

Paseo del Mar
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Jia G.
4.0 Stars

You can find a lot of restaurants and bars here..some just for a decent dinner,others offer live bands for a barkada night out. Good thing the life here went back to normal after the war. But there's still soldiers and policemen roaming or at posts assigned to them. But then again, you will not lose anything if you take extra care for yourself.

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Miss H.
4.0 Stars

Last March, I visited my bestfriend and her family in Zamboanga City. After so many years of friendship, it was my first time to visit them here. Majority of their businesses are located here. I frequent them most of the time in Tagaytay. So that time, I braved my fears and flew on my own in Mindanao.

I took the chance to roam around the safest place when I spent 3 longgg dayysss here. During that time, they were experiencing power shortage so we've been staying at nearby hotels since generators can be too noisy at night.

ZC was calm and peaceful during my stay. It wasn't that chaotic place like we usually see or read.

Most restaus here were priced really cheap and the cost of living was indeed low!

One of the places we went to was Paseo del Mar. Most peeps went here ala Manila Bay style. You'll see couples cuddling each other, waiting for the sunset or simply enjoying sumptuous dinner by the bay. There were vendors of streetstyle tempura and calamares, too, that people lined up to religiously. Some enjoyed their order of KnickerBucker, one of the famous desserts in ZC. It's filled with fresh fruits and topped with strawberry ice cream!

Another remarkable experience here was their really cheap seafoodsss! We dined at a local restau and was served with different seafood for a really low price. We had seafood platter, sizzling squid, calamares, locon etc for a little less than Php500. Everything was fresh and reasonably priced! I even brought home an ice chest full of fresh tuna, locon, squid and curacha paired with the famous Alavar sauce!

Oh by the way, the jeepney fare here was as low as Php5!

My bestfriend even dragged mo to Turkish Tolerance, a Turkish school managed by her grad school classmate in Ateneo. He allowed us to have a quick tour in his school and let us experience what and how a Turkish life goes! They even prepared Turkish food for us but hey, it didn't convert me in any way. I'm still not a Shawarma Fan. Sarreeehhh. But the whole Turk experience definitely gave me an additional life perspective.

And of course, my bestfriend being a Tausug, yes she's from Jolo, wouldn't end my journey without me tasting some delicacies she grew up with. She introduced me to Satti, Pastil and Bawlu.

Satti was near-to-tasteless meat but the spicy sauce definitely did the trick! Hello there, hotness! I enjoyed this one a lot 'cos I'm a lover of anything spicy and hot.

Pastil, on the other hand, was like empanada but it contained togue inside. This had to be dipped in spicy vinegar that will do the magic! Tausugs were hottt! Lol

Bawlu, on the other hand, was a rough yet sweet kind of bread that could last for weeks to monthss! Yes, they said it will be even more delicious if you let it stay for so long but I like it better when it's freshly made! Haha

And being near Malaysia, most of the products here were from Malaysia. Some of my favorites were Apollo Wafer Sticks and Maggi Curry, it's the bomb! I swear it's better than Jampong or any other spicy noodles. Haha! My Dad liked it so I guess it was really that good!

This trip had totally changed my view in Zamboanga City and I'll surely he back come my resignation's effectivity! Yay! Can't wait to get my life backkkk!

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Ruby T.
4.0 Stars

One of fave dessert you will find here is the knickerbocker Royalè. For only 60 pesos you will have your fill of mixed fresh fruits with sweetened cream topped with strawberry ice cream. It doesn't look that appetizing in photo but every Zamboanguenos have extended tummy however full they may be for this dessert. Eating this while watching the sea at night. Double treat for sense of taste and sight.

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