Paseo Premiere Hotel

United Blvd., Greenfield City, Santa Rosa, Laguna

Paseo Premiere Hotel
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Joycehad C.
5.0 Stars

the room is spacious and clean!! 128525128525128525

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Shayne B.
3.0 Stars

Currently here for a client meeting. We had a difficulty in finding this hotel, because it looks like a hospital.

Well, it's not a posh and extravagant hotel. Lobby is not well-airconditioned and not well-lit. Can't feel the staff's welcome. They look unhappy. The hotel's resto is Laguna Cafe, there are no customers. Coffee is fine. Nothing new. No special "kick". However, they have a casino upstairs.

I'm still here and waiting for my Mom now. Haha. What's good about this place is that it's just a few walks away from Paseo, and it's near SLEX. 9786

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Abby M.
3.0 Stars

Photo didn't post so here it is again.

The hotel is pretty indistinguishable. I mean, the facade is not as extravagant as most hotels. It was hard to notice if it weren't for the name. The entrance is also hidden and the basement parking lot is pretty small.

The amenities are lacking too. There's a regular room-sized gym at the 3rd floor, but it only has 3 equipment. There's no swimming pool too. However, hotel guests are free to use the amenities of their "sister" hotel, Technopark Hotel. That one has a more complete gym and a pool (open until 9 and 10 pm, respectively). It provides free van rides to Technopark and Paseo de Sta. Rosa as well.

The rooftop function area is pretty small too. But, it does have a great view of the mall beside it. Conference rooms at the lobby are pretty cold. Haha!

Now, onto the room. First thing i noticed was that it doesn't have a bidet, nor a pail, which makes it hard to do #2. Haha! Oops! We were on the two-bed room at the 3rd, 4th and 5th floor. It was for Php 4,200 per night. There's wi-fi everywhere! :) The password's different per floor though. But, they provide LAN cable per room for faster browsing. There's no view; that sucks since that's what I'm really looking forward to when I use a hotel.

There are only 7 floors. Unfortunately, we weren't able to see the penthouse, but it's beside the rooftop function area so I'm guessing it's a little loud there.

Now, onto the most important factor. Food. Haha! We only had breakfast here since we were out for most of the day. The scrambled egg taste so good! And, it's ever present! Yum! The cereal, i'm not so sure, but it looks like it's been on the table all the time. The menu is also confusing. We had viands that weren't for breakfast and don't compliment each other.

All in all, it was fun. Walking distance from a mall and pretty accessible to SLEX.

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