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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

It's me again! 3rd time reviewing this place. 128517 Magkakalayo naman po yung dates! 128518128514128541

Mommy is the type of person that when she liked and enjoyed her experience at a particular restaurant, she'll always eat there. There was a time that she would always suggest this place for our Saturday night dinner.

So one night, Mommy, Ony and I had dinner here. Ordered the following for the 3 of us:

Greek Salad, Garlic Cheese Pizza, Aglio Olio Pasta, and Baked Italian Sausage and Mushroom Pasta.

Greek Salad was good. Unlike the first time I tried this one, it's better now. Plus generous serving size.

We really liked the simplicity of the Garlic Pizza. Cheesy with the garlic taste we all love! Nothing extra extra special or extraordinary. Just your simple, straight forward yet so good pizza. Crispy and yummy.

The Aglio Olio Pasta was good. Simple lang. Just like the pizza, nothing fancy but done right. Sarap! 128077🏼

The Baked Italian Sausage & Mushroom Pasta was just okay. Kind of bland so you either have to add salt and pepper or ask for parmesan cheese. Serving size was generous, though.

Overall, it was still a good and satisfying dinner. For budget-friendly and simple Italian dishes, Pastaroni's a good place you can try. 128513

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Had dinner here last Saturday night with mommy and Ony. Surprisingly, the place was still empty when we went even though it was dinner time. I guess they are just not that popular unlike their neighbors (i.e., Meat Depot, Puzzles, etc.)

Mommy, from the first time we went here instantly fell in love with the simplicity (and affordability) of their food. Ony and I, on the other hand, didn't fully enjoyed and found nothing extraordinary about their food. But since we're with mommy, she will decide!! 128517

She arrived first and already ordered for everyone. Salad for me, pizza and pasta for Ony and one main dish for her. 128513

- Greek Salad (3/5)
- Garlic Cheese Pizza (4/5)
- Wild Mushroom Linguine (2.5/5)
- Poached Salmon in Lemon Caper Sauce (3/5)

The salad was just okay. Had to remove the raw onions because they added A LOT and they were too strong we can't enjoy the salad anymore. Also, we should have asked them to separate the dressing.

The pizza was thin and crispy. We loved the balance if flavors!! Cheesy and garlick-y!!! 127829 We all enjoyed eating this super sulit "healthy" pizza!!! Healthy because the crust is wheat! 128518128077🏼

The pasta was meh. After enjoying the truffle pasta from Melt, I was expecting something like that but sadly, this was not at all similar. 128530 Better stick with their Arrabiatta, Amatriciana or the Tuna Pasta. 128513

The poached salmon was good! The salmon was cooked perfectly and the sauce paired really well. Would have been a 4.5 star dish but because the first one they served had a hair (-1) and when they served us with the new one, the vegetables on the side was different. Instead of asparagus they served us with zucchini + eggplant which I don't like (-0.5). Hence, 3 stars.

Everything was good. I was surprised that we enjoyed our dinner. I remember not liking this restaurant before because it was too simple and nothing unique. Lesson learned: There are times that it's the simple things that make people happy. 1285139786

But as much as we enjoyed the food, the service was inconsistent. They started really good, but after some time, they became annoying. 128530 One thing that "annoys" me (all the time) is when they start collecting our plates while we are still eating and there are still food remaining. WHY YOU DO THAT??? 128547128555

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

My first "food experience" at Pastaroni (Fort) wasn't that memorable and happy that I never considered eating here again. But one night, for reasons I can't remember anymore, we ended up eating here.

Ony ordered Amatriciana pasta, Spicy Tuna Pasta for Mommy, and Italian Sausage pizza for the 3 of us.

Waiting time wasn't that long as they all arrived after 15 minutes.

Serving size of the pasta is good for one but can be shared by 2 persons provided you have another dish to share. The tuna was a lot, they are very generous with it. Added with olives or capers and sundried tomatoes in olive oil. But serving of the Amatriciana was just okay as there was just one very tiny bacon strip added (medyo bitin!!) and the whole dish was almost bland and dry. 128546 The pizza size was just your usual pizza, 12 inches (?). The crust is wheat bread -- not super thin but still thin 128518 but super crispy then topped with sausage, peppers, tomatoes, and lot's of cheese.

Asked Ony if he liked everything and he said, "okay lang, tama lang". Even joked na parang Lot's a pizza yung pizza. 128517 After trying their pizza and pasta for the 2nd time, I still feel the same. Okay lang, parang ginagawa sa bahay. Masarap naman but nothing extraordinary.

Mommy, on the other hand, liked it. She liked it because it was just simple, the crust of the pizza was crispy and "healthy" kasi daw wheat 128517 She also enjoyed her Tuna Pasta. Simple and nothing too complicated.

Service was good. Servers were very attentive and fast. 128077🏼

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5.0 Stars

Italian food... I think for something that tends to be so simple, it's one of the most difficult cuisine you can impress people with. I mean, if you're using cheap ingredients & shortcuts, forget about trying.

Good thing, Pasta roni somehow manage to satisfy us with the dishes we ordered. For appetizers, we had the baked mozzarella. Again, it said baked so I was already expecting a soggy breading and indeed it was. The sauce and the pretty decent mozzarella cheese made up for it though. For the pasta, we had the prosciutto something with cream sauce and spicy tuna with sundried tomato in olive oil. The creamy pasta was not cloying and had a very light creaminess to it, which was what they claimed their sauce to be - they cut down the fat or something. Then the spicy tuna was super great. It had olives, capers but a little too much olive oil. The heat was amazing, love spicy food and this gave just the right amount of heat to the mouth. Both pastas are not al dente at all but at least not overcooked and soggy or soupy. As for the pepperoni pizza, Bf loved it so much as it wasn't super thin but man was it crispy and toasted to perfection. It almost tasted like a biscuit! Wasn't a fan of the pepperoni as it tastes a bit too fake for me. Anyway, wish I knew what crust they used but it did seem like wheat/grain based but I could be wrong. Lastly for dessert, we had the lava cake. By now, we were expecting a sweet ender but it wasn't as great as we thought it would be. As you can see from the pic, no lava happened over our cake lol. Tasted good though, a bit too much floury, hence the dryness.

So, as I said, cheap ingredients for Italian food is a turn-off but for the price range here, damn it's worth it. Everything we had was around 1,200+ and each dish was good for two. I just know that if they decide to work on a higher level, they'd even do better. My only concern here is their menu. I hope they could come up with a new one, with photos and without written additional dishes by pen. Hehe plus, their staff could be a little warmer to guests and offer details as to what actually makes them "guiltless" as their signage says bec I'm still wondering why I got so bloated after, & no, don't tell me I ate too much.128514128514128514

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