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El Grande Ave. cor. Florence St., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Pastry Armoire
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Most Recent Reviews

Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

My first encounter with Pastry Armoire was years ago through BFF. They were selling Kashi Maki via the old name Pink Wasabi. These little maki looking desserts were actually tiny cakes packed with good flavor combinations. Then they morphed into Pastry Armoire and added a lot of good stuff into their menu.

Saw them as well in Mandala Park last month. They offered sticky buns, and some other cake slices as well as brownie bites.

Got the chance to try their Salted Caramel Opera cake. It's one of the best chocolate cakes I've had in my life. Seriously, the small slice packed a punch! Layers of chocolate cake and salted caramel creme, it wasn't too sweet as I have thought. The cake was moist and chocolaty and the salted caramel in between the cake layers was so good. It had this signature burnt sugar taste that was so rich and the touch of salt was just right. Each spoonful was a delight! So rich and decadent, I'll hunt this down for my birthday!

Their Leche Flan Over Fudgy Brownie looked so good I needed to get one as well. The brownie was indeed fudgy and moist and that leche flan on top was heavenly! It was creamy and sweet. You might think that brownie x leche flan = too much sugar, which is true lol, but this one isn't as sweet.

Then their Reggiano Sticky Buns! Oh dear! Definitely worth every calorie. The soft and moist bun was bursting with the goodness of Parmigiano-Reggiano. Sweet and salty, plus savory - a must try from Pastry Armoire. The Cinnamon Pecan was good as well though could have been better if they added some cream cheese on top. I prefer Cinnabon for cinnamon buns/roll.

Still wanting to try their Matcha Blondies which are always missing when they join weekend markets. Guess I really need to visit their BF store 128522

  • No. of Comments: 3
Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

A new venture of the famous Pink Wasabi of QC. Pastry Amoire serve great sticky buns. They are like cinnamon rolls minus the cinnamons. We tried the Dark Chocolate and Reggiano. I love them both. They also serve artisan ice cream by Up In Th Clouds. We got the Perfect Match-A and immediately I'm reminded of serenitea matcha milk tea. Taste is just right not too sweet. Definitely be back to try more of their other pastry amd desserts.
Hope they could transfer to a new location in BF since their current location is quite hidden upstair and not that noticeable. 128522128077

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Erick B.
5.0 Stars

I was so eager to visit this place when I saw Chili G review it. And she was right the Reggiano sticky bun is really good. It's soft, moist and cheesy but not overpowering cheesy. It was like ensaymada on steroids.

Another one that we tried was the leche flan brownie. Now that one's on a whole different level. It was so good. Not too sweet. Leche flan on the top with thick and moist brownie base. I can probably finish a whole box of those.

We're definitely going back to try the other pastries. I hope they serve hot coffee though. The Slurp coldbrew might be too strong for non-regular coffee drinkers.

  • No. of Comments: 25
Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Right after dinner at DA's Ranch, we were craving for ice cream so I suggested we try their ice cream for dessert. There are a lot of unique and interesting flavors to choose from so we had a hard time choosing. Hayyy, decisions decisions! 128563

We were supposed to try the Butterbeer but switched to Malted Milk because the Butterbeer might be too sweet. And I think we made the right decision because it was goood and not too sweet! At 360php/pint, sulit na since it's good and almost the same with the "other" ice cream brand.

The place is just small. But really nice and pretty. It's very "maaliwalas". Service was good, as well. Can't wait to go back and try the other flavors! 128513

  • No. of Comments: 15
Paolo S.
4.0 Stars

Noticed this place after parking nearby to eat at SSC. Looked up by chance and saw an unassuming little bakery. Looked it up on looloo... and at that point i had to give in to my curiosity! Haha

Read about the matcha blondies, sticky buns, and ice cream. Its a small place mainly for takeout, so was able to try most of the goodies once i got home.

The matcha blondies were awesome! Soft, rich matcha flavor that wasnt too sweet or bitter! Its a bit pricey at P150 a pc but you can definitely taste the quality. The sticky buns were as good as advertised! Tried the cheese (reggiano) and dark chocolate, and liked them both. The cheese kind of reminded me of a cross between an ensaymada and a cinnamon roll. Like a sticky, cheesy, ensaymada.

The ice cream was really good too and the flavors were interesting. I think they distribute the Up In The Air brand. Lucky me, i walked in and was told they had an ongoing free ice cream tasting today. Tried the cookies & milk and the campfire smores flavors. Both awesome 128077

Liked them so much ordered a serving since they have a sundate sundae promo giving me a free topping and sauce! Thats where i'm going to be a bit critical, because the serving size for P175 was REALLY small. I could hold the cup in the palm of my hand. The ice cream was really good, no doubt, but for P175... i'm sticking to the sticky buns 128540 (i could have ordered 2 more buns with that amount)

  • No. of Comments: 6
Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Saw Pastry Armoire in BFF and I remembered that they're from BF Homes and that they sell Matcha Blondies. Went to their booth right away but unfortunately, no Matcha Blondies for the day 128530

Looking at their sticky bun selection, I chose to get the Dark Chocolate. It was delicious! It was like your Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll sans the cinnamon. It had dark chocolate in between rolls and more thick and rich dark chocolate smothered over the bun. There were also chocolate chunks on top. Best served warm, this small roll was moist and not too sweet.

They also offer some customizations of the toppings. They have a variety to choose from, for a price.

Will definitely visit their BF store to get those Matcha Blondies!

  • No. of Comments: 8
Chili G.
4.0 Stars

Been hearing about pastry armoire so decided to get our dessert here after our so-so dinner at jang ga Rae. It's on the second floor of the building so better look up when you're along el grande (going towards Lopez).
It's a tiny place. Mejo na confuse nga ako if it's a shop or what or bilihan ng ingredients. So apparently it's more of a take out place. Ahhh.
Asked the lone server what the best sellers were and she suggested the sticky buns. I got the reggiano (in picture) and hubby got the cinnamon.
She heated them up for us while I checked out the other stuff for sale. Merong Mga chocolate bagoong, mushroom bagoong, kakaiba!
Anyways, we sat down to try it and my reggiano was amazeeee! Not really find of sticky buns as I the only one I know is from Starbucks 128513 this was super good and the Parmigiano taste really cut through without being too heady. The 'daga' in me was very happy! Hubby's was good too, may apples pa on top. We also got tablea brownie bites. The bomb! They were so rich that I think they're better with ice cream hehe!
Less one star cos we wanted to buy ice cream pero d daw for sale 128541

  • No. of Comments: 7
5.0 Stars

Free taste feast! Haha It really is a great way to market your products, right? I mean, we love that we got to try their stuff and the staff was really friendly! We did ended up going home with quite a few stuff and we're eyeing on some more when we come back.

As for the sticky buns, they're the soft & moist kind which is good as they have their own version. I liked the bacon and the reggiano the most (bought a box)! The dark chocolate and cinnamon comes as a fave accordingly too. I really loved the matcha cookies bec it was the bitter type and you can really taste the green tea! So delicious! They have the nibblers too and we liked the dark chocolate one. As for the salted caramel cake, it was dreamy, smooth, creamy and soft! Mousse lovers will go nuts on it! Bought some bread too, wheat & oatmeal. Haven't tried it yet but hope it's good. So hard to get good grain breads around BF.

We love that they carry slurp coffee but I do think they're storing it longer than it's supposed to be as the bottles we got were quite acidic already. Anyway, can't wait to try more stuff!

  • No. of Comments: 4
Jenn N.
4.0 Stars

Pastry Armoire had a free cake-tasting event last Suday and we were lucky enough to be invited by Chef Anna herself. I learned about their shop through Instagram and (of course) got enticed by their Matcha Blondies!

I think Manila has a lot of matcha desserts, but only a few are really good. Well, you can now add Chef Anna's Matcha Blondies to their roster because they are to die for! Most matcha pastries are dry because of the matcha powder, but her blondies were very moist and packed with matcha flavor!

She also makes cakes and sticky buns. You should definitely get the Reggiano Sticky Buns and their Tipsy Bacon Sticky Buns!

They also have consignment items like Deep Dips products, Up In The Clouds Ice Cream, Slurp coffee, and sodas from EDSA BDG. The spicy tinapa from Deep Dips is really good too! I wanted to buy a bottle but I had to restrain myself hahaha! They also have quesong puti that has sundried tomatoes and herbs, a real solid winner!

I never really go to the South much, but I'm willing to drive there for their products!

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