Pastry Corner

B Hotel, 2107 Prime St., Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila

Pastry Corner
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Eboy D.
4.0 Stars

An offshoot of the larger and upscale Bellevue Manila. The BHotel boosts 4 star amenities for business travelers and staycationers on a budget.

Must try when in the South is BHotel (also available in Bellevue Hotel) Ensaymadas. Comes in Plain Cheese, Ube (in photo), Chocolate, Malolos (red egg filled), leche flan and the seasonal Red Velvet. 75pesos per piece. Really good ensaymada. It is generously topped with butter and cheese and the flavored ones like the Ube and Leche Flan are filled with it inside the sticky buns! When dining in ask them to reheat to allow the cheese and butter to bubble and melt making an oozing sensation on the plate!

Service can be improved. We were asked to wait for the bread and bill. I approached their counter and was surprised it was already prepared but no one delivered to us as promised. No apologies but all is forgiven. Service is not usually like this but please be mindful. Place was empty yesterday, so there should be no excuse.

Tip: wait for the 9pm bread slash off. 50% off on all available breads including the ensaymadas (comes in one big size too)

Senior cards are honored. Our 280 bill less VAT and senior priviledge came up for only 200pesos. Excellent deal. My parents are really happy for their honest right to the last centavo discount.

Always a visitor at Bellevue Manila since it opened in 2003 or 2004. Will make a separate review on them as well... to be continued.

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Abbey A.
3.0 Stars

Breakfast. Ensaymada + orange juice + reviewers

The place is cute but it's not enclosed and exposed to the rest of the lobby.

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Irene I.
3.0 Stars

If you are into rich chocolate cakes and different flavored ensaimadas (ube, cheese, leche flan, cookies & cream, salted egg), this is the place to buy them from. Their banana loaf is good too., as well as the ham an cheese croissant. They are good enough but not as good as French Baker's (IMHO), theirs is on the soft side and a bit soggy. I think they have one of the best chocolate cakes, moist and very rich. Unfortunately, I am not into chocolate cakes - too rich for me and I get easily satiated and tired of it, aside from getting too thirsty after eating it - one of my quirks 128529

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Bea J.
2.0 Stars

I bought their chocolate ensaymada. It is the expensive version of Mister Donut, without a hole.

I'll give their other ensaymadas a try if I'm in the area.

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