Patrick On The Beach Resort

Tourism Rd., Siargao Island, General Luna, Surigao del Norte

Patrick On The Beach Resort
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Bernisse C.
5.0 Stars

I love travelling locally lately because of our country has so much abundant beaches. It’s my first time in Siargao and I absolutely loved the island! 128149 Whenever we travel, Unisse C usually does the booking of, well, almost everything 128514 For our accommodation, we stayed at the beautiful resort of Patrick's on the Beach.
Our travel to Siargo was a massive disaster128557128565128561 The airline cancelled our flight and apparently, there were no other similar flights that could accommodate us. Since it was during Holy Week, all flights directly to Surigao/Siargao were fully booked. Our initial flight was Manila – Cebu – Surigao. However, the only flight available was only Manila – Butuan. A two-hour travel by land was required before reaching Surigao. Consequently, we couldn’t board the ferry on time and had to hire a private small boat to get to Siargao. In short, because of the change in flight time and destination, our whole schedule was ruined. Not to mention additional charges for the private boat. Fortunately, Andreas, the owner of Patrick's, was really accommodating. He provided us all the necessary information for us to arrive safely in Siargao.
The staff were very kind and friendly. They speak English very well too. In fact, it’s easier for them to converse in English than in Flipino since most of their guests come from the west. Both Andreas and his wife were very accommodating. It was really fun talking to them and learning about their family and the islands in Siagao.
On a side note, their children were really pretty 128525 They’re boys by the way 128514
✅ Pros: The rooms were quite big wherein four people could fit in easily. The rooms are air conditioned and television equipped. Cabinets are also available to store clothes and personal items. I loved how the rooms were designed like bahay kubos and have their own mini balconies. They also provided a broom just outside the room to sweep all the sand out.

❎ Cons: The room can be quite dim since the lights are yellow which is why I don't have a photo. Sorry 128517
Similarly, the bathroom is small and has a tiny yellow bulb to brighten the place. Floor is quite sandy so be sure to wear slippers even while showering 128704🏻 They have a heater so you won't have to worry about taking a really cold shower after a whole day of activities. However, the water from the shower is quite weak so I use the bucket and ladle instead. It was really hot anyway so I didn’t mind the cold water at all. Also, don't be surprised when you brush you teeth. Even if the faucet water is “fresh water”, it still tastes a bit salty 128514
They have a wonderful beach front view. Some of their tables were right in front of the beach and we loved having our breakfast and dinner there. It just feels very calming and relaxing doing so. They have also hammocks where you can just lie down and enjoy the sea breeze. We loved lying down and star gazed here during the night 10024
Side note: My sister and I woke up extra early one day during our stay just to watch the sunrise and it was worth it! 9925128525
Since we wanted a hassle free trip, we opted for a packaged accommodation with full board meals. They offer buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner. It did not have the biggest variety of dishes but they were good. Nothing beats simple homemade food. Whenever we went on tours during day, our lunch would be packed and brought to wherever we were going. Cool right? 128526

Island tours were also offered. This one in particular was called “YoHoHo tour”. Our first stop was at a beautiful lagoon where we were able to swim and snorkel. Life vests and googles were provided. The resort also packed a paddle board and loaded it onto our bangka for us to use. It was my first time to try paddling in water and it was so much fun! 128541 If you’re not much of a swimmer, chilling by the clubhouse structure while enjoying in the fresh air is also an option. I was actually really surprised when we saw a two-story clubhouse appeared out of nowhere in the waters. Additionally, the resort also provides towels for us to use. Great service!
The succeeding stops included Naked Island, Guyam Island, and some other places that I couldn’t remember the names 128517
Overall, it was a great experience. I’d definitely come back again whenever time and money permits. To be honest, it can be quite pricey to come here. We expensed approximately P20,000 per person for the 5D4N trip including airfare. But of course, it can be lowered if you plan early. We did book late and had a huge mishap in coming here so yes, we incurred a lot of additional costs 128184 Nevertheless, the view and experience did compensate for it all 128077🏻

1-2 Sunrise
3-4 Day time
5 Sunset

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Unisse C.
5.0 Stars

Booking Siargao a month before the Holy Week is tough since almost all of the resorts are fully booked! I was super happy when I received an email from Andreas that they still had available rooms for 8 pax!

There are a lot of things I love about Patrick's on the Beach, so I'll enumerate them one by one.

Andreas, the owner of Patrick's is really accommodating and very very helpful! They offer a wide range of services like airport transfer (from Siargao and even Surigao) and purchasing of ferry tickets for those traveling from Surigao. He replies to e-mails promptly and when you arrive, you can text or call him anytime if you need anything arranged for your stay.

We actually had a huuuuge mishap on our way to Siargao because a certain airline cancelled their only flight to Surigao so our schedule was wrecked as well. 128534 But Andreas provided information that helped us get through the day and arrive safely in Siargao.

The staff here are super nice. They're actually really friendly and also very funny. Andreas and his wife would sometimes chat with their guests too! It was a fun experience to get to talk to them and know more about the life in Siargao.

We spent 3 nights here and every single night was made extra wonderful because of the view. The photo attached is the resort taken from the beach. They have huts facing the beach and also hammocks! Grab a bottle of beer, lie down on one of the hammocks and stare at the sea and sky! 127756

We went on their YoHoHo tour, which is a whole day tour. The first stop is this beautiful lagoon where you can just swim or chill by the clubhouse structure! The resort packed a paddle board and loaded it onto our bangka and we were able to use the paddle board during our stay at the lagoon! Fun and challenging! They also brought towels for us to use. 128077🏼 Great service!

They also help arrange other tours, depending on where you want to go. 3-island tour, Magpupungko Pools, Cloud 9 surfing and more! They keep the package prices in their menu at the restaurant. 128077🏼

Since this was a family trip, we opted for a packaged accommodation with full board meals. They offer buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's not a huge buffet but the food is quite good. Home-cooked food! 128077🏼

BONUS: My dad loves cooking and their kitchen is visible from the dining area, so he really bonded with the cooks in the kitchen. 128514

128076🏼 ROOMS
I have mixed feelings with regards to their accommodations. The beds and rooms we had were pretty big and adequate for 4 people in each room. Air conditioning, a fan, a television and a mini refrigerator. They also put in a cabinet with hangers to hang those wet swimsuits and what nots.

The bathroom, though, was quite small and a bit poorly lit. They have a heater so you won't have to worry about taking a really cold shower after a whole day of activities.

Overall, we really enjoyed our stay at Patrick's. Andreas is a German who lives in Siargao with his lovely family and they run a great resort! His wife sometimes tours the guests herself on the YoHoHo tour. 128077🏼

I would definitely want to come back. And have a few more of that delicious YoHoHo Mango Rum!! (It's their homemade cocktail. They bring it along during tours so you can drink on the beaches too!)


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Muffy T.
4.0 Stars

Food is good! They seem to have everything from Tapa to French Pancakes, and Bangers & Mash to Chicken Curry.

The photo shows my Australian Breakfast Special. Steak was cooked and flavour well, eggs were fluffy, and the cibatta bread (baked in-house) was ad good as they get. Also comes with baked bean, but they forgot to serve it 128517

Was also able to try their yoghurt pancakes with fresh fruit. Super thin crepe-like pacake filled with fresh bananas and mango, then smothered with homemade yoghurt and wild honey... The best!

Patricks is definitely a good place to visit for a decent meal in Siargao.

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