People's Park in the Sky

Tagaytay, Cavite

People's Park in the Sky
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Salie D.
4.0 Stars

Believe it or not, this was my first time here. I'm glad the husband brought me here during our visit early this year.

I hoped that someday soon it'll be refurbished yet maintain it's original structure. I believe that this one of the oldest landmark worth saving in Tagaytay.
Besides, many Caviteños still makes a living here by selling.

I enjoyed the stunning view 360 degrees as everybody else does...the only reason people come here for.
When we got here, we thought it was far from the gate. We ride the jeepney going inside but walked on our way out and enjoyed the entire Park place with Pine trees. 128525

Entrance Fee only P20-40/head. 9996 sorry, can't recall the exact rate..128514

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Jomarie A.
4.0 Stars

DAY 2 - STOP # 1

My mom and I woke up at around 8AM, had breakfast at the hotel roof deck at around 9AM, and headed out for a day of sightseeing. Of course, we started at the farthest destination from the hotel. We boarded a jeepney just outside the hotel which was headed to Olivares terminal (Fare: Php 9 per head). When we got to the terminal, there was an overwhelming amount of people and various modes of transportation available, so I asked around on where we can board a jeep going to People's Park. The person I asked turned out to be a barker for the special trip tricycles, and he was convincing us to get on a trike to bring us all the way up to People's Park for Php 150. My stingy self decided against it, and insisted to ride a jeepney. He said it'll take too long before the jeep gets filled up, but of course, that wasn't true. 128517 Fare for the jeepney ride from Olivares terminal to People's Park costs Php 17 per head.

It was quite a long trip, and we passed by several landmarks, like the market place and Picnic Grove, among others. We were the last to alight the jeepney, after a series of zigzags, and twists and turns. I was awe-struck at first look, because the facade of the park looked like the ruins of an old castle, which I found to be quite charming. Entrance tickets cost Php 30 each. Upon entry, there will again be barkers who will coerce you to ride a jeepney going up, for around Php 40. If you are able, you may opt to "hike" your way up, to further enjoy the view and fresh air. The hike will last about 5 minutes.

My mom and I agreed to hike our way up, and before I knew it, I was catching my breath and my 60-year old mom was laughing at me. 128517 Honestly, mas nauna pa akong hiningal kaysa sa kanya. I'm so ashamed. HAHAHA. But anyway, upon reaching the cottages, we took a quick break. It's actually fun to just watch the people, but you may grab a quick snack from the nearby sari-sari stores. Behind the colliseum type ruins, are 10 or so stalls selling affordable but nice pasalubong items, ranging from decors, keychains, bags, and pouches. This is a nice way to support the livelihood of the locals. 128521

I took plenty of photos of mom and the view, and I appreciated my mom's efforts to take really good pictures of me, too! 10084️ While there was honestly not much to see here, I appreciated the company of my mom, and we had a great time bonding over awesome views of the Taal, and fresh air. The trip downwards was easier, and before we know it, we were right back at the gate area. There are also lots of tricycles there which you can use to get to your next destination(s).


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Justin F.
4.0 Stars

This trip wasn't planned, it was spontaneous.
We were already in Tagaytay, so why not?

Mama: "Nakapunta na kayo sa people's park?"
Us: "Hindi pa"
Mama: "Tara punta"
Us: "lez go"
(That wasn't the exact convo, but it was something
like that)

Going there was ok (if you have a car), just
follow the road and you'll be there.
Fortunately, we found a parking
space which is lucky because when we got there,
there's a lot of people. The entrance fee was
around 30 pesos. The park itself is at the top, and
you have to go up or ride a jeepney to be there.
We rode the jeepney because it was hot, really hot.
We got there at 12:30pm, so yeah, the sun was
saying hello to us directly from above.

The view was spectacular (huwao, amazing, sugoi mga kapatid). You can see the
taal lake, the taal volcano, tagaytay and laguna or
batangas, I think, idk I am not sure.
I really like this kind of scenery. The sky was blue and
clear, the grasses were green, it is windy and it was
a good day but it was HOT like 33-35 °C hot.There's
this "Adventure jungle" where you can take pictures with
the "usual" yellow boa constrictor, a Macaw, and a
freaking baby crocodile for 50 pesos.
It was a good deal. (I get to hug the crocodile, it
was so cute. Imagine hugging a fluffy stuff toy with a
skin of a leather AHAHAHHA)

Overall, the park was ok, the view was really great. You
really came here for the view tho.
I recommend going there in the morning (maybe 8-10am)
since mornings have cold breeze and the sun is not that
high in the sky. Then go and eat lunch at Mahogany for a
budget friendly lunch. nice. 128076

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Kring K.
5.0 Stars

Haaayss.. Sa totoo lang overwhelmed ako sa kasama ko. Hahaha.. Ang saya2 ko sympre kasama ko c mommy! 128525128525128525 prang ayoko na bumalik ng manila! :(
Inenjoy ko n lng yung lamig, un food, ung park kasama sya. :) no worries no dramas muna just the of us lang. :) hihi.

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Ophalyn S.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Ann Margaret L.
3.0 Stars

Entrance here is 20php/head. From the entrance is a 5-minute walk uphill or you can ride a jeep, but I don't how much because we chose to walk 128522

All you can do here is overlook and buy souvenirs. I just enjoyed the cold air at the top of the place. Super relaxing. They have binoculars if you want to use it you can rent it.

After taking pictures and spending some time appreciating the nature, we went back already because there's not much to do here, really. 128517

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Angela Marie C.
2.0 Stars

As the highest point in Tagaytay, this place is a disappointment. We had to pay an entrance fee for such a horrible, scary and abandoned place. I can see that this was once a beautiful tourist spot but to our dismay, it is now nothing but a breezy ruins on top of a mountain. 128531 I hope the city government of Tagaytay would pay more attention to this place. Really sad... 128546

Never coming back... But plus 1 127775 just for the view.

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Lorraine G.
3.0 Stars

Being the highest point in Tagaytay city, this place offers a beautiful 360 degree view of the surroundings, including the famous Taal lake. People come up here to take in the sights, take pictures, and buy souvenirs from the small shops nearby. The place also has some stone benches for people to sit on, but I think that this place could use some maintenance, as some parts of the structures look decrepit and unsightly. I hope investors will see this otherwise beautiful place, and help improve it.

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Kia S.
3.0 Stars

The People's Park in The Sky is really at the tip of the mountain. On the way there, it was becoming really cold and foggy. It's easy to get to the place because there are a lot of signs by the road. Upon reaching the gate of the place, you may park your vehicle but there's a parking fee: 15 for motorcycles, 20 for cars, 40 for vans. There's also an entrance fee of 30 pesos for adults and free entrance for kids.

There's a shuttle going up, 40 pesos per 1 jeep on way. We tried it cause it was our first time not knowing it was a really short trip so it was a total rip off. At the entrance gate, there are souvenir shops but there are also shops when you reach the palace. The items are kinda pricey, a magnet costs 40 pesos each. Around Tagaytay, you can get the same magnet for 20 pesos. There are also food stalls and restaurants but they're all expensive, you may choose to bring food cause there are picnic areas.

There's basically nothing nice about the place aside from the great view of the whole Tagaytay but that's about it.

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Minami A.
5.0 Stars

Went on a Sunday morning with the family and boyfriend to tour the kids around Tagaytay and this was our first stop. Kids gets to enjoy the whole place, their the ones who really enjoyed everything, specially the horse back which only costs us 20pho each. Love to see them kids glow with happiness. 128522
9am and there were so many people na agad yet not that crowded naman.. 128077
Sayang lang, maganda pa mandin sana yun place if it were only being maintained, there were places there na accident prone and there weren't any signs, not good for kids who wander around. Some of the stairs wala na rin railings so its really scary lalo na if makulit yun kids na kasama niyo.
Still 4stars for me kasi the kids really did enjoy their visit. 128522

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Abegail H.
1.0 Stars

Of the many times that I have been to tagaytay this was my second time to come here. My first was literally decades ago, I think when I was 5 years old and I couldn't really remember my experience before. So as part of our overnight stay, for us to have something to do rather than pigging out, we decided to visit the place.

going to the area was thrilling, it was a bit uphill and fresh air was really really their. Then suddenly all the good hopes crumbled when boyfie parked in a very hot mismanaged area full of cars parked chaotically. But since we were already their, we didn't wanna waste the effort and so we paid the entrance of 30pesos per head and rode a jepneey for 5 pesos each cause we didn't wanna hike with a mad sun above us.

to tell you the truth, my hopes were really high on this one since they were charging people an entrance fee which costs the same as Caleruega, which to tell you, is a very pleasant place to spend time just hanging around the grounds.

just a few minutes on the jeep then we stepped out to a ruin, a very very unbearable sight of an abandoned house that has a foggy view of the taal. Common?! this wasn't even worth a peso!!! seriously?! is this a government owned, cause this is a total wreck that resembles a market, not even a chair was available, so much people and so many stores selling same items.

never again in my life will I come back here. So i recommend that you keep out of the place. 128555

127775 just one star for the good view.

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Russel F.
5.0 Stars

Such a shame that for how many times I've been to Tagaytay, but never left any single note yet about this beautiful place. Well, obviously it's such a beautiful place. About 15 minutes ride from Picnic grove up to this place.

You get to see a lot and obviously a better view of Taal lake and the Tagaytay. Such a peaceful moment looking through the breathtaking scenery while the cool wind is brushing your face. 128525128525128525

You can also find some food stops here as well. Snacks, sodas and even bulaluhan and tapsilugans!!

While walking and strolling around, I can't stop singing Carpenter's "Top of the world" or even Gary Moore's "Over the hills and far away" (but the cover version of Nightwish) to make it as the soundtracks of this expedition. 128513

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Rowena R.
3.0 Stars

Local government unit of Cavite should pay attention to this place.

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Abed M.
3.0 Stars

Nice view of Taal lake and volcano! Don't forget your digital camera or DSLR, smartphones may do. 9786 Enjoy!

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