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G/F Phase 2, UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave., Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila

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Peperoni Pizzeria
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Most Recent Reviews

Myzyl C.
5.0 Stars

Here are the food we ordered — thin crust large pizza in 2 flavors (Bacon Miele & Frutti di Mare), Funghi Portobello con Pollo, and Iced Lemon Tea. The 2 pizza flavors we ordered are sweet so I guess we should’ve chosen a different combination. Both are actually really good but my favorite is that Funghi appetizer! 127829

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Elvis T.
5.0 Stars

It was a movie night for Thor Ragnarok and we needed a quick fix before the kids watch the movie. We chanced upon this place as our neighbor just stepped out of the place and they highly recommended the place. We ordered their set worth 1850, which includes a really big pizza, appetizer and two pasta dishes. For the pizza we had bacon mierle, 1 bolognese pasta and 1 chicken pasta, calamari for appetizer. We also had garden salad and another bolognese pasta and 1 personal quattro formagie. Just a few words for the food, it was excellent! Everybody loved the food. The pizza was huge and the taste was something sweet and yet you could taste the difference with the cheese and sauce. The pastas were superb just the right taste. Oh yeah the calamari was one of the best. Cooked just right crunchy and not rubbery. We would definitely comeback. Its a bit expensive but way worth it! Highly recommended!

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

I discovered a new sulit tipid deal from my brother when eating out. He shared to me this new booking app (Eatigo) that offers upto 50% off on your bill during off peak of a restaurant. One of the restaurants listed on it was Peperoni Pizzeria! We tried using it for a 6pm dinner on a Saturday and we got 50% off on our bill! Wow not bad!
Now on to the review of the place. Peperoni is a Singaporean pizza franchise that serve wood fired pizza. This branch in UP Town looks very similar to the one in Uptown Mall. Welcome by the beautiful All We Knead Is Love signage. With an open kitchen where you can see them make those huge 21 inch pizza. For this visit we tried out the following.

127829Funghi Pizza – a mixture of button, shitake and porcini mushroom. I love thinness of their pizza crust. So thin that you rolled it up to have mouthful bite! The simplicity of the toppings did well for this pizza. Well balance and delicious.

127829Quattro Formaggi – Mozarella, Taleggio, Scamorza and Gorgonzola Cheese Pizza. This one is for my niece. She always love Cheese Pizza and this one got a two thumbs for her. I also liked it.

127829Prosciutto Crudo di Parma – this one is my favorite pizza in Peperoni. Parma Ham and Rocket Salad topped on their thin crust pizza. The saltiness of the Parma Ham flavor was lighten up by the rocket salad.

127837Alle Vongole – a big fan of clam shell soup kind of pasta. This one got venus clams in white wine sauce. Love the light taste with the delicious seafood flavor of the clam.

127837Al Nero di Seppia – squid ink pasta. Another fave of mine. Squid rings and Tomatoes were a great combination. Love the strong seafood flavor.

Overall Peperoni is one the pizza franchise that I’m really happy that it was brought her in Manila. Still thinking with my brother if we will go for that 20minutes XXL Pizza challenge they have haha.

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Julie L.
5.0 Stars

It's my older sister's birthday celebration and it was a feast.

She ordered the following for the 5 of us:
Half Parma/Half Le Miele Bacon Pizza (Php525) it's a great option to have to any pizza joint. So you could try two flavors with one order. Both flavors were delicious and the crust was thin and crunchy

Rucola Salad (Php285) cheese slices perfectly matched the dressing.

Portobello Pollo (Php455) was interestingly good and sauce was flavorful

Funge Tartufo (Php440) was to die for the sauce was creamy and you could taste the truffle in every bite

Frutti di Mare Spaghetti (Php565) a bit expensive for me most especially for the serving size and only a handful of seafood chunks

Rosticciana (Php645) ribs! You can't go wrong. Although it doesn't fall off the bone easily

Then we surprised her with a cake. So I requested the staff to bring the cake out once we were done eating. It was taking some time apparently they had a surprise of their own. They gave her a slice of tiramisu and played happy birthday song. Amazing staff and food.


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Russel F.
5.0 Stars

Peperoni Pizzeria has been sitting on my list of the must-try places for quite a longer time. I remember seeing this being featured in a TV show about a year ago and that's where I got my interest on it. It was their first branch in the country back then which was in Uptown Mall, BGC when they were featured, and I got my eyes on that Prosciutto Crudo di Parma after watching it! 128525 So I was really anxious and ecstatic at the same time when The awesome Peanut D sent me an invite for a sponsored looloo rendezvoos here at Peperoni Pizzeria that's about to happen on a Tuesday night at their second branch which is in UP Town center!

I like pizza but I could be very picky by the way! For me, it's a dish or creation that should be consistently good and creative at the same time. I mean, I'm alright with eating ham & cheese or Hawaiian pizza all day, but at least, the consistency or the twist to make it more interesting should be there.

So on the night of our rendezvoos, we were warmly welcomed by the Marketing manager of Peperoni Pizzeria and gave us some insights about their pizza and their brand.

The place is vibrant and has some colourful vibe while inside. Some artsy stuff and decorations which makes it quite cozy yet so hip and warm. You'd also notice some great lightings inside the entire place which gives a festive vibe!

We started with some Antipasti..

Caprese - Tomato slices, olives and basil with Mozzarella cheese! A good starter with some really interesting medley of flavors! Not too overwhelming but might be cloying for others.

Calamari Fritti - Deep fried squids with lemon mayo and arrabiata sauce. This one's crispy and the lemon mayo is just perfect for every piece of it!

For some Pasta, we had..

Funghi e Tartufo - Sautéed shiitake and button mushrooms on top of creamy truffle sauce. The sauce is very rich and creamy! My usual problem with Truffle cream pasta is I find it too overwhelming for my taste the more I eat it, but I was surprised that it didn't happen. The flavor is just right and the mushrooms are just too good for the pasta!

Aglio Olio e Peperoncino - This one's my most favorite between the two pastas! I reaally love Aglio olio so much, and I like this one because it's garlicky the way I love it with little hints of spiciness! I swear I can finish the whole thing in 10 minutes!

And then for the pizzas!!!

Prosciutto Crudo di Parma - This is one of the pizza flavors I've been dying to try! I've seen this a lot of times and couldn't be more excited to finally try it! The parma ham was quite sharp but the arugula leaves made the perfect contrast to fully enjoy this creation!

Bacon Miele - Pizza made in heaven!!! Bacon, honey, fresh oregano, and gouda cheese. This is insanely good! Every bite is like a tickle in the palate as bacon and honey combined to go crazy for!

We're also given a chance to try the desserts..

Tiramisu - Not too sweet but still moist and was really flavorful!

Panna Cotta - Smooth creamy pudding with flavorful vanilla grains. It may look simple but was really worth the try!

Crème Brûlée - Quite the typical but I really like the foamy top layer alongside with the caramelized sugar.

Tortino al Cioccolato - Now this is a favorite!!! Rich molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream on the side. To be honest, I could eat this even without the vanilla ice cream. The molten chocolate is already good! It's thick, creamy, and glorious! One of the main reasons why you should always leave some room for the desserts!

And wait, did I mention that I almost won the first Pizza Warrior challenge by Peperoni Pizzeria?! Well, there really is a "challenge" and pretty sure the bravehearts + pizza lovers would love this! Just like every eating challenges, you'll have to finish the whole 21" XXL pizza with the flavor you choose from their selection under 20 minutes and if you did, it's FREE!!! It's the first time I heard a pizza challenge and it was actually my first time to join an eating challenge!!! I'm no good in eating because I'm a slow eater. I really wanna taste every inch of the food I eat. You might wanna pull me in for a drinking challenge and I will surely ace that! Lol joke!

So as a first timer, I was nervous, anxious, excited, worried - mixed of emotions actually! But there's no turning back so I gave it a go! The first pizza slices might fell off but I have almost made it! Siguro kung di ako natawa sa nalaglag na pizza, I might've conquered it! Haha. But at least, I tried and since it's the first time, it's gonna be memorable and like what Roegan T said, it might be a good start of a career! Lol. Angela Marie C also tried it and she almost made it as well!!!

So if you're up for the challenge, go for it and you might win the trophy of pride that you've finished a huge pizza!!! This challenge will last until September and you can learn more about the details by checking out Peperoni Pizzeria's social media links!

Big thanks to Peperoni Pizzeria for the great food, great conversation, great laughts, and for the experience! Special thanks to looloo for the invite and we had so much fun eating out with everyone!

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Muffy T.
5.0 Stars

Peperoni is a pizza chain from Singapore. They have two branches in Manila right now; one in Up Town Center, and another in Uptown BGC.

This branch is located on the ground floor of the new wing, and the place is very spacious. The ambiance is bright and welcoming, and great for both individuals and big groups.

The food is awesome! Most of whats on the menu is made fresh and in-store. I personally loved the Funghi e Tartufo pasta with mushrooms and truffle oil; Prosciutto de Parma thin-crust pizza; Aglio Olio garlic and oil pasta; Panna Cotta and Molten Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Aside from their regular menu, Peperoni has an XXL Pizza Challenge happening until September. You get a free pizza if you finish it in 20 minutes.

The service is top notch and everything said; i will definitely come back here soon.

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5.0 Stars

This is the main highlight of our Eat Up at Peperoni Pizzeria in U.P. Town Center. But before that here are some facts about Peperoni Pizzeria. Yes, it's an international franchise from Singapore. U.P. Town Center is their second branch in the Philippines, the first one is in Uptown Place Mall in Taguig.


Very orangey! With yellow lights and combination of orange, red and dark tables and chairs inside the restaurant. Open kitchen is also visible with large brick-oven. One truly catchy is the big signage inside "ALL WE KNEAD IS LOVE".


127829Caprese for Php480.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"The combination of cheese, tomato and some greens is a good start. It is so fresh to eat."

127829Calamari Fritti for Php 325.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"This deep-fried squid rings it will be more better if eaten while it's hot. I suggest you must squeeze some lemon on the rings to give some citrus kick. It taste good."

127829Funghi e Tartufo for Php440.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"Winner! My favorite among the dishes served. I almost ate the whole plate of the mushroom pasta. Sorry guys! I can't help it. Yum!"

127829Aglio Olio e Peperoncino for Php290.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"This one is good too. It's an oil based pasta with a little kick of chili which keeps your appetite more boosted."

127829Prosciutto Crudo di Parma for Php525 (large) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"I miss this pizza! The parma ham was so good with arugula. Always be my favorite pizza in Peperoni."

127829Bacon Miele for Php525.00 (large) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"The bacon and cheese complements with the honey. If you want something sweet in your pizza... this is the one."

127829Tiramisu for Php255.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
127829Panna Cotta for Php230.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
127829Tortino al Cioccolato for Php340.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

"Obviously, my favorite is the molten chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream. It's really drooling! The melted chocolate blends well with the vanilla ice cream on the side."


Gigi and Russel accepted the eating challenge. Unfortunately, they didn't finished the XXL pizza on the given time. Sorry guys! No GCs and Looloo umbrella... better luck next time.

The XXL Pizza Challenge is to eat the whole pizza in 20minutes and you can have the whole pizza for free.

Tip to win: be HUNGRY! LOLz 128514


The staff and crew were attentive all the time. They accommodated us well and provided assistance to all of us. Keep it up! 128077🏼

Thank you Peanut D and Roegan T for the invite.

Nice meeting you again guys! Abe C, Russel F, Muffy T, Norman Lester T, Cindy S, Angela Marie C

The event was sponsored and paid by Peperoni Pizzeria.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084️ #looloorendezvoos

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Abe C.
4.0 Stars

Peperoni Pizzeria just opened its 2nd branch in UP Town Center to cater to the Northern folks looking for great Italian cuisine. Originally a concept from Singapore, Peperoni built its first non-SG branch in BGC's Uptown Mall last year. 

Quick segue, for the next 3 months (until end September), Peperoni is offering their biggest pizza, the XXL 21" pizza in a contest for the brave, adventurous, and Hangry. 9786128514128541🤔 The challenge? Anyone who can finish the XXL pizza in 20 minutes or less gets it for free. You can choose 3 flavors, the Bacon Miele, Diavola (Pepperoni) or La Carne (All Meat). Good luck!

Back to the review. Note that this is a sponsored looloo Rendezvoos event. The group was entertained by their marketing officer, Mikee, and gamely entertained by the staff the entire time. Interesting tidbit, this restaurant chain was brought here by the owners of CLN / CMG, so from fashion, they're diversifying into the restaurant business, which is perfectly fine because it's been booming the past few years, and others like Maldita owners (Mango Tree group) have done so successfully as well.

+MUST ORDER #1 - Funghi e Tartufo (PhP440), an excellent pasta with sautéed shitake & button mushrooms in truffle cream sauce. It's got the perfect blend of creaminess, texture and truffle goodness! This pasta is TO DIE FOR, and I've had my share of truffle pastas that don't get it right.

+MUST ORDER #2 - Their pizzas. (PhP 380, 9"Medium, PhP525 12" Large, PhP1,150 XXL), it's kind of cool that their prices cuts across the various types of pizzas. Their have the perfect thickness (it's Italian style thin) and crunch, and I'm looking forward to try the La Carne next time. This time, I got to try one of their top sellers, the Bacon Miele (honey), it's on the sweet side, and the Prosciutto Crudo di Parma (prosciutto ham with salad). Another side note, the Bacon Miele and Carbonara were designed for the Philippines, and have since been adopted to the Singapore stores as well.128515🤗 I liked the Prosciutto Pizza, as I like the saltiness and flavor of the Prosciutto ham. 

+ This is located beside Kumori at the G/F of the new wing of UP Town

+ Lastly, when meeting with friends, make sure to clarify, "are we meeting in Peperoni in Uptown BGC or UP Town in QC???" Sometimes this might make you sound stupid but better safe than sorry coz UP Town and Uptown have confused many folks. 128514128517🤣128541🤓

Peperoni Ratings, at a Glance:

> Food & Beverage: 127775127775127775127775 the food, variety are quite good. 
> Service : 127775127775127775127775 service overall is very good, though note that this was a sponsored event
> Ambience : 127775127775127775127775 I like the interior of the place; it's modern, well designed, and I like that there's a nice big oven in the kitchen that customers can see. 
> Value for Money : 127775127775127775 I'd say the price is a little up there and comparing it to neighbor Mama Lou's might make it tough, but there is quality there, and the success of Italiannis' and other premium priced Italian restaurants means this has a long term chance for success.

> Worth a Try      : Yes 
> Worth a return : Certainly but I confess that Italian is a cuisine I choose to dine infrequently and, if so, it's usually with a big group.
> VERDICT          : 127775127775127775127775
Peperoni is a very good Italian resto worth visiting for the QC folks. It has winning dishes like the Funghi e Tartufo and their pizzas, plus I appreciated the other dishes I tried, like the Calamari Fritti (PhP 325), Caprese (mozzarella salad, PhP 480), though the Aglio Olio E Peperoncino (PhP 290) tasted of the expected garlic but lacked the spice its name implies. Looking further at the menu shows me so much more choices, as the Main dishes have variety, plus the other pastas and appetizers are also intriguing, thereby warranting a return trip. Another reason to return? Their desserts, which I totally missed as I had to leave early. 128557

Footnote, thanks for inviting me, Peanut D and Roegan T, thanks also to Mikee and the CMG group. And for fellow looloo'ers Angela Marie C, Cindy S, EJ B, Muffy T, Norman Lester T and Russel F, good times.
Thanks to EJ for the flat lay.

  • No. of Comments: 17
Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

Yes! I’ve missed getting an invite P! Hihihi 128569 And to a restaurant brand I really like! It was actually in Peperoni Pizzeria that I was able to join my first |ooloo rendezvoos in Manila last year. 128571 It was such a fun experience then, and equally as this visit in their new branch in U.P. Town Center. I’m actually very happy that they opened this branch because it’s really close to my home. This was also the perfect time to visit after just officially moving back home to Manila! Hurray for these blessings! There truly is always a reason to celebrate, and what better way to do so than with a pizza party, right? 128571

So basically I went straight here after my work in busting Makati. It took me 2 and a half hours actually. I don’t really mind the commute, I was mostly shy of being late. But the awesome |oolooers I was with last night still welcomed me, and they were all so very nice! It’s always a good time being in the same room as foodies equally as excited about food as I am. 10084

When I arrived, I was actually already hangry - hungry to the point of being angry. Hahaha 128569 So it was quite timely that they introduced us to their current pizza eating challenge. If you can finish an XXL Pizza in 20 minutes, then it’s yours free, plus you gain all the bragging rights in the world. You can pick one flavor for this challenge from Bacon Miele, Diavola or La Carne. In this case, we had the Bacon Miele. I tell you, it’s actually worth trying. Hahahaha 128569 I actually have loved this flavor for quite some time now, so I was rather ecstatic to enjoy this. I decided to just try the challenge and told myself I wouldn’t be competitive anyway, but hey the competitive monster inside me was awakened and it actually got me really motivated to emerge victorious as the next Pizza Warrior! Too bad it was really too much for me, but it was a rather good try, I must say. *Pats self on the back!* I think well trained speed eaters can actually do this. 128569

As for the rest of the food, everything we had was absolutely great. Their food is definitely of top quality and worth the visit even time! I can’t really speak about every item served to us after the gluttony I did on the humungous pizza. I do recommend though their new addition on their pasta menu, which is the Funghi e Tartufo. It was absolutely delicious! Its aroma of truffle was just oh so amazing! And the taste sure did not disappoint, plus the texture of the pasta was spot on. q

The desserts we had are also worth mentioning! The Tortino Al Cioccolato was divine! It was a rich chocolate cake with a molten center made out of all things good in the world. Order this even after devouring your 21” XXL Pizza! Hahahahaha 128568 As they say, there’s always room for dessert!

All in all, it was a really fun night! Would I do it again? Definitely, but I’ll probably starve myself for 2 days first. Hahahaha 128568

Take the challenge too! Rise as the next Pizza Warrior from July 15 to September 30, 2017! Finish a 21” XXL Pizza in 20 minutes and it’s free! 128568

Thanks Peanut D and Roegan T for the invite and to Peperoni for having us! Nice to finally meet you Abe C and Cindy S! Good times with flatlay master EJ B, Norman Lester T, Russel F and Muffy T! 128568

***Note: The event is sponsored by Peperoni in U.P. Town Center as partnership with |ooloo. All food items have been chosen by the restaurant based on their own discretion.

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Cindy S.
5.0 Stars

Pizza Parteeey at Peperoni Pizzeria's 2nd branch in UPTC last night! 127829127829127829 It's actually my first time to try 'em and I'm super glad it's with the awesome peeps of |ooloo! (Yay for my 2nd |ooloo rendezvooz! *heart heart*)

The place is big and spacious with lots of seating capacity. It's well-lit and has a casual elegance for an ambiance. I'm into anything artsy so I really liked their "All we knead is LOVE" sign!

Let's go straight to the food!


127829 Calamari Fritti
Deep fried squid rings with lemon mayo and arrabiatta sauce. I liked this one despite it being your usual calamari appetizer, it was nicely deep fried and when dipped in the lemon mayo, it gives a certain kick.

127829 Caprese
Tomato slices with mozzarella di bufala, arugula, basil and olives. This is one was reallyyy good! The mozzarella was just ugghhh! No words. 🤤🤤🤤 I can be persuaded to be a salad person if this is the kind of salad I'd have everyday. Haha!


127829 Aglio Olio e Peperoncino
Sliced garlic with red chili in olive oil. Nothing beats a classic! Simple and filling! The pasta was cooked al dente and it's very flavorful for a no-fuss dish. Not really a fan of spicy dishes, so for me, it was a good thing that the chili wasn't too evident on the taste. 128539

127829 Funghi e Tartufo
Sautéed shiitake and button mushrooms in truffle cream sauce. This one was my favoriiiite! I'm a white sauce kind of girl (loool) so I really loved this one. It's rich and creamy without being over the top. Again, the pasta was al dente just as how it should be, and I loved how the truffle was just right and not too overwhelming. Too much truffle is a bit nakakaumay already and it smells like gasoline. So I liked that this pasta has just the right amount. 128076🏻And hooray for the generous amount mushrooms!


127829 Bacon Miele
Bacon, honey, fresh oregano and gouda cheese. Nice thin crust and perfect dough, loved the BAEcon and gouda cheese! Though it was a bit sweet for me, maybe have the option of the honey served separately? 🤔 It was nonetheless good pizza. 128077🏻

127829 Prosciutto Crudo di Parma
Parma ham with rocket salad. Aside from being a good looking pizza, it also tastes amazing! All that parma ham is just addicting — the meat was balanced well by the arugula and the shaved parmesan cheese. A good pizza equals to really good dough, and Peperoni Pizzeria definitely knows it. I'd surely get this on my next visit!


127829 Panna Cotta
Smooth creamy eggless pudding flavored with vanilla grains.
127829 Tortino al Cioccolato
Rich molten chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream.
127829 Tiramisu
Savoiardi layered in mascarpone, flavored with coffee and kahlua. (Forgive me as I had to Google what Savoiardi is, turns out it's Italian for Ladyfinger — sponge biscuits, hehe.) 128539
127829 Crème Brûlée
Baked vanilla bean custard with a layer of caramelized sugar.

I honestly loved all the desserts they took out. Who doesn't?! 128517 After devouring all those pizza and pasta, something sugary is just perfect!


LOVE PIZZA? Think you can finish a 21-inch XXL pizza in 20 minutes or less? GO FOR IT! From today 'til September, you can avail their XXL Pizza Challenge, choose from 3 different flavors, Bacon Miele, All-Meat & Pepperoni. If you're successful, you get it for free… annnnd, bragging rights! 128523127829 Huge shoutout to Russel F and Angela Marie C, ang galing niyo! #IDOL 128588🏻💯

Overall, it was a great evening filled with good food with fun people! Good value for money and amazing service. 128077🏻 I'd also want to note that even if you stay there for quite a while, 'di ka mag-aamoy pizza. Unlike other pizza places where the aroma of food would cling to you. #clingybes 128514

Thank you Peanut D and Roegan T for the invite! 9786️♥️ And thanks for the fun night |ooloo peeps Norman Lester T, EJ B, Russel F, Muffy T, Angela Marie C and Abe C! 128149 To Peperoni Pizzeria, thanks for having us! 128517💯127829♥️

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Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars

|ooloo rendezvoos or work? Actually not a hard decision to make. At least for me. 128539

Last night's |ooloo rendezvoos was at Peperoni's Pizzeria, U.P. Town Center. It was actually not my first time there. I tried this with my friends late last year but I remember not liking their pasta dishes that time. I thought this might be the best time to give it another try. And I'm glad I did!

I arrived at the restaurant earlier than 7PM. While waiting, I took pictures of the place. The restaurant is so big and can accommodate a huge number of diners. I still like their big wall art stating, "All we knead is love." I also like how bright the place is, perfect for capturing photos of those mouthwatering dishes. I love their coasters specifically the one with "Certified glutton, and proud of it." I can definitely relate. YAY.

Now let's go to the food.

** Calamari Fritti (325php)
Deep fried squid rings with lemon mayo and arrabbiata sauce.
This appetizer is one of their bestsellers. The squid was cooked right as it's soft and not hard to chew. I like the lemon mayo dip more than the other.

** Caprese (480php)
Mozzarella di bufala, tomato slices, basil and olives.
Another bestseller, this was so good! Though I'm not a fan of tomatoes, I enjoyed this it so much especially the mozzarella and olives.

** Aglio Olio e Peperoncino (290php)
Sliced garlic and red chili in olive oil.
I remember having this during my first visit and I must say, this improved a lot. The pasta was cooked al dente. It's a simple dish but this works every time. Though I have to agree with Abe C that the red chili didn't work so much as this dish had no spice at all.

** Funghi e Tartufo (440php)
Sautèed shiitake and button mushrooms in truffle cream sauce.
This was originally their promotional pasta last November but since it's well-loved by everyone, they decided to include this in their regular menu. Good move as this was truly delicious! The truffle and cream combination was perfect. I'll definitely get this again when I return.

** Bacon Miele Pizza (380php M / 525php L / 1150php XXL)
Bacon, honey, fresh oregano, and gouda cheese.
One of my favorites here at Peperoni. It's kind of sweet because of the honey but it's balanced with the salty and smokey bacon bits.

** Prosciutto Crudo di Parma (380php M / 525php L / 1150php XXL)
Parma ham and rocket salad.
The ham was salty but it was balanced by the pizza crust. This is best eaten when it's still hot.


From July 15 to September 30, everyone can try their XXL Challenge and that's to finish their 21" XXL pizza in 20 minutes or less. You may choose the pizza flavor from bacon miele, peperoni, and all meat. Easy? Possible? YAY! I think so!!!

Actually, Russel F and Angela Marie C tried and almost made it!!! I'm so proud of you guys! They had the Bacon Miele pizza.

For me, their thin-crust pizza looked like it's not too filling but it actually was. Every slice was packed with cheese and bacon. If I did the challenge, I'm sure I won't be able to eat half of it. So good job guys!

P.S. Their XXL Pizza Challenge is done annually.

Thank you |ooloo for this another rendezvoos! Thank you Peanut D for the invite! Thank you Roegan T for accommodating us last night! Thank you Peperoni for the generosity! 9786

Good times only when I'm with my |ooloo family. See you again soon guys Cindy S EJ B Russel F Angela Marie C Abe C Muffy T. 128153

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

If I were to spend my time and money, and exert efforts to visit some place that’s far from my turf just for an exciting food trip, then the said food place better be worth it. On the other hand, I’d rather much say though that I am so much willing go further up north of Quezon City just to visit Peperoni Pizzeria in Diliman. I have already figured out earlier that a trip to this place will be a satisfying one (given the great experience that I had in their BGC branch).

Peperoni Pizzeria actually came up with three new food items, all of which will be added soon in their menu this November. According to Peperoni Pizzeria, the three new food items that they came up with, would most likely be available for a limited time only (which could probably last for only a month or less). The recipes of the said food items were originally developed in Singapore, which is where Peperoni Pizzeria originated.

If you are to dine in in Peperoni Pizzeria in Diliman, I highly suggest for you to order their hot seafood salad. The bowl of salad shown in the picture below is filled to the brim with the goodness there is of squid, mussels, and shrimps.

First thing that was served to us by Peperoni Pizzeria that day was their Foie Gras Pizza. It is one of the most eccentric pizzas I have ever had, but I’d have to say that this variety actually worked for me. The fatty duck liver was lightly seasoned, yet it turned out really delicious with the crispy and salty parma ham. The flavors of the mushrooms, spinach, onions, Parmesan cheese, and egg worked out really well together actually.

Another well-thought of pizza variety that Peperoni came up with is their Portabello Funghi Pizza. If you feel like you are not too adventurous enough to try out the Foie Gras Pizza, then this portabello one might be the right pizza for you. The mushrooms in it went well with the sweetness of the tomatoes. I think that this pizza would have turned out even better if they have added arugula to it.

Their pizza crust seemed to be too thick though, but they can easily get away with that, given its nice crunchiness.

Their Funghi E Tartufo pasta is praise-worthy too, because of its delectability, creaminess, and great serving size, that it keeps you wanting more. That would actually cause you trouble, especially if you are on a diet or conscious of your calorie intake.

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Haidee C.
3.0 Stars

My daughter was craving for some pizza. Ordered their quatro formagio. And tiramisu. Pizza was good but the tiramisu was too soaked and cant taste the mascarpone cheese. It was a bit soggy.

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April H.
3.0 Stars

Happy to have another BGC restaurant make it's way to QC! I have always enjoyed the thin crust pizzas and their pasta. They have finally opened a branch at UP Town for the Notherners to enjoy their food!

We did notice that they have new items on their menu, but my fiancé loves their aglio olio! So, instead of trying their mushroom pasta, we still ordered the aglio olio e pepperoncini. They have angel hair pasta available, which is the perfect choice for the garlicky taste to shine through. I'm not too sure what was different, but I found it just okay this time around...

To complement the garlic flavor, we went for the bacon miele pizza. This white pizza pairs bacon with its' long term ally honey, for a sweet savory combination. A succesful pairing of strong and familiar flavors! Is it just my imagination or did the pizza shrink? 128556

I hope this brand improves quality control between branches... I did find this branch more pleasing because there were no flies flitting about (a problem of the Uptown mall restaurants located outside).

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Poch I.
4.0 Stars

After visiting Padre Pio, my kumare and I decided to have dinner at UP Town Centre. We ended up here because of the 1-on-1 wine! 128514 We ordered a 12-inch pizza (50% Prosciutto Crudo di Parma and 50% Bacon Miele) and Soup of the Day. I love the Bacon Miele - sweet but not overwhelming; the Prosciutto was good too! However, the Soup of the Day was unremarkable.

Overall, It was a little pricey but for that taste and experience is worth it. But don't go for this place if you're feeling extra hungry. 128523

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

All We Knead Is Love! 

Catchy as this is loosely based from one of my favourite bands of all time.  This is plastered on the walls of the newest kid to join the brand spanking new wing of UPTC.  A BGC dweller invaded Quezon City,  I present to you Peperoni Pizzeria. 

Peperoni is conveniently located at the grpund floor / al fresco area of UPTC.  The place is brightly lit and can probably accommodate around 30 customers  (rough estimate).  You will be greeted by the aroma of freshly made pizza upon entry.  Customers has a clear line of sight of the brick oven and you get to see how your pizza is prepared.  Cool beans!  The interior exudes the homey vibe,  a place where you feel right at home.

Let us talk about the food,  shall we?

Al Nero de Sepia.  Squid rings,  garlic and tomatoes on squid ink sauce.  I am a lil conventional when it comea to pasta as i stick with what i know.  This is limited to aglio olio and pesto.  This is the first time I have tried Squid Ink Pasta and boy,  i was ecstatic that i tried Peperoni's version first.  They set the standard on how squid ink pasta should taste like.  Man,  this is wow on the first bite.  The tomato and squid ink sauce make a mean combination - it tastes like the ocean (in a good way).  I taste squid in all its glory and the tomatoes add a lil tang. 

Bacon Miele.  Bacon,  honey,  fresh oregano, gouda cheese.  This was recommended by one of the staff.  Frankly speaking,  no recommendation is needed as i firmly believe that anything with bacon is glorious.  Aha!  I was right!  The crust is to die for,  a perfect marriage between chewy and crunchy.  Bacon x honey x gouda is a trifecta of gastronomic proportions.

The deluge of praises seems sufficient for you to assume that Peperoni deserves five stars,  yes?

Peace Out! 


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Norman Lester T.
3.0 Stars

I've been wanting to try his place since it opened in BGC, but no luck since Uptown Mall is far from my office. Good thing they opened at U.P. Town Center, which is relatively nearer to my house.

I personally like Peperoni Pizzeria's interiors. It's very spacious, bright, and clean-looking. I love its white and green walls which are good for those insta-worthy shots.

The staff welcomed me and my friends with a huge smile as soon as we entered the restaurant. She gave us the menu and suggested few of their best sellers. Trusting her, we ordered the following.

• One large pizza (12'' for 595php). You can opt to have two flavors in this. We had their Bacon Miele (bacon, honey, fresh oregano, and gouda cheese) and Prosciutto Crudo di Parma (parma ham and rocket salad). I liked the latter better though the ham was salty. It complimented with the sweetness of the pizza dough. The Bacon Miele was sweet, not sure why. However bacon is bacon so I still enjoyed this. 128541

• Pesto Pasta (360php). I was kind of disappointed with this as it was bland. I like my pesto to have that distinct taste and aroma of basil. I couldn't also taste the pine nuts. If you're a sucker for pesto, just don't expect too much of it here.

• Spaghetti Aglio Oglio e Peperoncino (sliced garlic and red chili in olive oil) 340php. This was just okay. Nothing outstanding too. I'm not sure if they're just focusing more on their pizza but their pasta dishes, at least the few that I tried, are not worth coming back for.

I liked their service, btw. I loved how attentive the staff were to our needs. They kept refilling our glasses with water. I just hope they improve their pasta dishes. That's because eating pizza and pasta at the same time is happiness.

P.S. They have limited edition pizza flavor until end of November. It's Peperoni Foie Gras pizza (foie gras, mushroom, parma ham, egg, spinach, and truffle oil). Too bad I didn't see this beforehand. It seems good. I'm hoping to try this before it gets out of their menu. 128517

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Charlene E.
4.0 Stars

okay, i found my second favorite pizza place 10084️ (steveston being my #1)!

been here thrice already since it opened, and yeah, we've ordered the same thing, haha, except for a new pizza flavor the last visit.

here are our favorites, so far:

prosciutto crudo di pharma - 5/5
127829love the generous serving of arugula, and how it balances well with the salty (in a good way) taste of prosciutto.

bacon miele - 4/5
127829this, according to them, is their bestseller. reminded me of Gino's pizzas since it has honey too. not a perfect score for me though as I tasted more of the honey and less of the gouda cheese. too sweet for my palate. but wow, the bacon serving is too generous!

pancetta - 4/5
127829egg on your pizza is not exactly new to us (uhm, again, Gino's), so we ordered this to compare. by "soft egg" in the description is indeed "soft", it's like they crack the egg, put it on the pizza and then immediately serve. yeah, somehow scares me how it looked so raw 128561 but it's just me, i'm really not a fan of eggs on pizza, more so, "soft" hehe. my son loved it though, liked it more than miele. we kinda put a twist though and asked for honey and added it to our pizza, plus chili flakes = mmm, yum 128523

aglio olio - 4/5
127837 so delicious!!! generous on oil and garlic, not dry, and so tasty!
why just 4 then? well, serving is too small! like it's like just half of a standard full serving, so bitin! but too expensive, 300++ for a very small serving is kinda lugi kahit gaano kasarap.
i also looked at others' pasta orders, and yeah, kinda small talaga.

total dining experience (food, service, ambiance, price) = 4/5 128522

place is "Instagrammable", everything is so hip and bright, you'll enjoy it here :)


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Charlene E.
4.0 Stars

okay, i found my second favorite pizza place 10084️ (steveston being my #1)!

been here thrice already since it opened, and yeah, we've ordered the same thing, haha, except for a new pizza flavor the last visit.

here are our favorites, so far:

prosciutto crudo di pharma - 5/5
127829love the generous serving of arugula, and how it balances well with the salty (in a good way) taste of prosciutto.

bacon miele - 4/5
127829this, according to them, is their bestseller. reminded me of Gino's pizzas since it has honey too. not a perfect score for me though as I tasted more of the honey and less of the gouda cheese. too sweet for my palate. but wow, the bacon serving is too generous!

pancetta - 4/5
127829egg on your pizza is not exactly new to us (uhm, again, Gino's), so we ordered this to compare. by "soft egg" in the description is indeed "soft", it's like they crack the egg, put it on the pizza and then immediately serve. yeah, somehow scares me how it looked so raw 128561 but it's just me, i'm really not a fan of eggs on pizza, more so, "soft" hehe. my son loved it though, liked it more than miele. we kinda put a twist though and asked for honey and added it to our pizza, plus chili flakes = mmm, yum 128523

aglio olio - 4/5
127837 so delicious!!! generous on oil and garlic, not dry, and so tasty!
why just 4 then? well, serving is too small! like it's like just half of a standard full serving, so bitin! but too expensive, 300++ for a very small serving is kinda lugi kahit gaano kasarap.
i also looked at others' pasta orders, and yeah, kinda small talaga.

total dining experience (food, service, ambiance, price) = 4/5 128522

place is "Instagrammable", everything is so hip and bright, you'll enjoy it here :)

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Sandro V.
4.0 Stars

Grilled tender pork ribs, and gravy with a hint of wasabi

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