Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

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Most Recent Reviews

Shenzhen Sheena D.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Vanessa A.
2.0 Stars

Everything we ordered tasted bland - from the cheese sticks to the pizza and the pasta. A bit more seasoning would have gone a long way.

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Will C.
3.0 Stars

After weeks of having our planned dinner postponed, we finally were able to had one last night. I was very late for this dinner due to work related things *lets have our next one at 7pm guys?* but i quickly dashed to burgos circle at 50kpm, im pretty sure im still fulll when i left the office coz of the lunch earlier but i felt the urge to eat when i arrive.

Place was just okay, its blue logo with dynamite chili pepper was a bit odd, ground floor was humid coz of the oven, but upstairs temperature was better.

Order for the night were the following:
1. Parma ham pizza - Was just so so, parma ham was good but since i arrived late and the pizza werent warm at all, i find it chewy hard. But the bottom were abit powdery.

2. Peperosso - i like this one but it was oily, i cant figure out were the oil is coming from.

3. Truffle pasta - truffle pasta was a hit or miss for me, but this one was somewhere in between. It had this overpowering truffle taste that may not be good for some palate but i think this one would be better if i had it in its warmer condition. 128546

4. Pistacho with cookie - pistacho taste like a selecta one that had its minty color.

5. Dougnut sprinkled with powdery substance - was just okay.

All in all, it was not an expensive resto that serves generous amount of pasta. I might comeback again for a red sauce pasta or vongole. Though im late, was able to spend 1h30mins with Ruth S and Mary Love S that seems like just a 35mins for me. Till next time guys, my schedule is not that tight with these kind of meetups. 128522

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

After x years, we were finally able to have dinner and see each other again. Last night, Will, Mary Love and I had dinner here at Peperosso.

While waiting for Will, we already ordered for the 3 of us.

Tip: Best to just order what you want and not ask for their "bestsellers" anymore because when you ask different servers, they will also give you different suggestions. You'll just end up confused. So best to just go with your own judgement. 128518128521

Orders arrived after around 15-20minutes.

Parma Ham and Arugula (Solo: 290)
- Margherita + Parma Ham + Arugula

Peperosso (Solo: 300)
- Ham + Mushroom + Spinach + Mozzarella + Egg + EVO

Tartufo Fettuccine (385)
- Truffle Cream Sauce + Wild Mushroom

The pizza are "freshly made" and are cooked in a brick oven. We were able to watch them prepare and cook the pizza. They were nice enough to accommodate our questions. So, it usually takes around 1 minute to completely cook it. But I think around 45seconds or a little less than 1 minutes is already okay na because when they took it out, there were portions na sunog na. 128549128529

The pizza were both just okay. Will and I liked the Peperosso while Mary Love liked the Parma Ham more. Again, both would have been better if the crust was not burnt. It was bitter and we didn't enjoyed it as much. The flavors were both interesting though. Best to eat it right away since they tend to be really hard and makunat? when left untouched for a long time.

Our favorite was the pasta. Not perfect but the truffle taste was just enough for me. Not too strong that I felt like I was eating and inhaling gasoline. 128518 The pasta was al dente and serving size was generous. For the 3 of us, it was more than enough already. 128077🏼

We were able to try 2 desserts:

Cookie ala mode
- Chocolate Chip Cookie + Ice Cream + Chocolate Syrup + Stick-O

- Fried Pizza Dough + Nutella + Sugar

Both were just okay. The supposedly "homemade" pistachio ice cream tasted weird and we all agreed that it's store bought and not home made. The fried pizza dough tastes like churros slash fried bread. 128517

Tip: Best to just go somewhere else -- Fat Daddy's, La Creperie or UCC.

Service was good. Our server was nice and friendly. But the place felt sad and too quiet. Hmmm, almost "disturbing/creepy type" when you're the only customer eating. 128517128549

Nice meeting you guys again!!! To more dinners!!! Will C Mary Love S 128513128513

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Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

I love to stalk Instagram accounts that focus on food. Several posts make me drool like crazy on a daily basis and when the restaurants that serve those delectable dishes are within my turf, I try to pass by as soon as possible. One of the restaurants featured by a certain food app was Peperosso and it sure made me curious. I immediately messaged Ruth S and Will C and after a few adjustments with our schedules, we finally went... a few hours ago.

Hi, Peperosso!

The place was pretty empty on a Tuesday night. R and I went to the second floor for the servers said that it's the coldest area of the restaurant.

There was only one other table occupied when we got there and they were having a rather interesting discussion about the latest elections.

Anyway, since W will be arriving late, R and I decided to order ahead and went with Tartufo (PHP385), Parma Ham and Arugula (PHP290, solo) and Peperosso (PHP300, solo).

Service was quick and our pasta and Parma Ham and Arugula pizza arrived in less than 15 minutes. The Peperosso pizza arrived 10 minutes after.

The Peperosso which has ham, mozzarella, spinach, egg, mushroom and Evo as toppings was pretty good. It was a bit oily but flavorful. The crusts were a tad burnt making it the dish bitter.

The Parma Ham and Arugula pizza was slightly bitter too because of the crust and the arugula. But the parma ham balanced it with its natural saltiness.

I liked the truffle mushroom pasta best. It had a generous serving of wild mushrooms and the creamy pasta sauce wasn't overwhelming or cloying. Serving size was also perfect for 3-4 diners.

We capped the meal with our complimentary scoop of pistachio ice cream on top of chocolate chip cookie and an order of Angioletti (PHP100) which is fried pizza dough with Nutella and sugar.

I didn't like the complimentary dessert as I'm not a fan of pistachio. I tasted it and it reminded me of car air freshener. 128547 The cookie was too hard too.

I liked the fried pizza dough drizzled with Nutella and sugar. It reminded me of Pon de Ring but twice fried. 128518

Overall, it was a good dinner. I'd go back for the pasta but will skip pizza. I still prefer Gino's.

Thanks, Ruth S for booking for us and the perks with it! 128513


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Peanut D.
4.0 Stars

A newly opened restaurant along Burgos Circle! This one replaced Rastro I believe. Right beside Cafe Juanita.

The ground floor of this restaurant is open - no doors, no AC. Their second floor is closed and has AC. It's a little cramped though. There are also a lot of kalat all over the restaurant haha. May pagka"bodega" feels. 128517

Ordered their spaghetti and meatballs and it wasn't bad at all! The sauce was very good - not sweet! The meatballs weren't all that great but good enough. Prices aren't too bad either. 128522 Will try their pizza next!

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Ben K.
4.0 Stars

Great food! The pizza was very good! Pasta yummy!

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