Katipunan Ext., Katipunan, Quezon City, Metro Manila

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Ciab C.
5.0 Stars

If you didn't get a chance to try Red Garlic in Libis before it closed, I suggest you try Peppermill because its basically the same. As in same chef, same dishes. And so my favorites are still the same, Bagoong Rice (I think its called Thailand or something like that...), Cinco de Mayo Pizza (5 cheese), and the Truffle Fries. What makes me go back again and again aside from the food is their super friendly staff. Jason's the best!!!!

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Gene G.
5.0 Stars

It was a lazy sunday yesterday and the parentals & I decided to have late lunch outside of the abode. We chose this resto because we wanted to try something new and this was featured in KrisTV.

This reataurant has this laidback setting. I felt like I was eating in my backyard due to the chairs that makes you relax with a wine to top it off 128076 I plan to buy those kind of chairs to put in my cavite home hehe.

We ordered the ff:
* SUSHI - I actually forgot what kind of sushi it was but I can definitely say that it's one of those sushi's I would love to order despite the price. Their servings are big and their wasabis are not that spicy compared to other wasabis.

*VONGOLE - It's a white sauce pasta that has clams and chili. If you don't crush the chili, it will just be a regular pasta. So I really suggest that you crush the chili to bring out the spice on the food. If you don't really like spicy stuff, it's alright to eat the chili on this food because it is not that spicy.

* BAKED SALMON - it was sooo good that I wanted to order another one. The sauce on the salmon had two different kinds. One was pesto sauce and the other was cheese. It was a good combination 128076

Though I found it to be pricey, it was alright since the servings were huge (fit for 2-3 people) and the taste was something I would really look for in a chill day.

Props to the chef for cooking delicious meals to foodies like us 128077

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Nikki T.
2.0 Stars

We had the angus steak with mashed potatoes (795) on the side plus the fire cracker maki (395).

My expectations were high because of the prices. I hoped that they'd serve something good for the price. Unfortunately, I didn't find the food good enough :(

The steak was tender but not tasty. The gravy that came along with it, didn't make up for the lack of taste. I'm guessing that the mash potatoes were powdered- instant mix.

The fire cracker rolls can be tempting. It says on the menu that this is the california maki with shrimp, us scallops and crabstick (If I remember it right). Didn't taste the scallops. The shrimps were tiny. The sauce that was drizzled over the maki tasted good. 6 pcs for 395 isn't reasonable. You can have a lot of other cheaper and better japanese rolls instead of this. :( sorry!

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Jeshka O.
5.0 Stars

Peppermill is a must visit place!!

I ordered ribs while my friend had salmon.

The ribs were so yummylicious I almost cried!!

My friend shared me some of the salmon--while slicing it you can still see the juice coming out from it!

The price was so worth it! And great service too! 128522 128522 128522

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Mawi A.
5.0 Stars

Everything on the menu is amazing, from the appetizers down to the dessert. Sushi, Fillet Mignon, Bagoong Rice, Triple Chocolate Mousse- you name it! Cozy interior and parking Isn't a hassle. Worth every penny (without leaving me bankrupt)! :)

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Karyl Hannah V.
4.0 Stars

This new place at the Katip Ext. is flavor genius! 128557 Dunno if that made any sense but my oh my, did not regret trying something new for my Birthday Salubong dinner. 10084

I don't really know how to begin this review... Why only 4 stars? Well, flavor and taste wise, it's a 5 but it still lacks mastery. Maybe in time, since they just opened, this place will get an average of 5 stars. Chos! But it's that good! From the tenderness to the freshness to the flavor. 128525 All I have left to say is that you must visit Peppermill and try it for yourself. 128077128077128077

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