Persian Kebab Tandoori

G/F Parkmall, Ouano Ave., Mandaue, Cebu

Persian Kebab Tandoori
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Middle Eastern
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Most Recent Reviews

May Ann B.
4.0 Stars

A continuation of sponsored food crawl event by Parkmall in partnership with looloo.

This is a Persian/Iranian and Indian restaurant-in-one. While I have been passing by this restaurant for quite some time, I wasn't able to try it even once; thus, I was happy it landed as 5/7 on the long list of food crawl restaurants for day 1.

We were served with 3 dishes, all good for group sharing:

1. Fatoush Salad (P175). A super healthy salad composed of vegetables, fried pita bread, and vinaigrette. What I liked about this salad was the crispness and chrunchiness of really fresh vegetables; the fried pita bread added a little saltiness that made this salad more appetizing.

2. Royal Paella (P450). We all know that paella is a classic Spanish dish; but for this one, they added big chunks of beef kebab and chicken to make a Persian twist. Brilliant idea! This dish alone was already complete and satisfying. The chicken chunks, however, was dry. I am not sure if it was cooked dry or the food already sat a bit longer due to photo ops. (Everyone in the group was having the time of our life capturing photos of these instagrammable colorful dishes served in Tandoori).

3. Beef Kebab Platter with Pita (P345). This was composed of 6 sticks of beef kebab and 2pcs of pita bread. I liked the beef kebab here as it was tasty and tender. The beef slices were a lot thicker compared to kebab of other known restaurants. The juiciness level, however, was just too much turning the kebab to be oily. I did not try the pita bread placed underneath the kebab anymore as it already looked soaked with the oiliness of the kebab.

Coming back? Yes. I wanna try their Indian take on curry dishes.

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Angela Marie C.
3.0 Stars

Fifth stop of the |ooloo X Parkmall food crawl is Tandoori. I'm not the biggest fan of their cuisine, but I was still excited to sample a number of their dishes. This was probably one of my favorite stops only because this was when JP G set-up and styled the food for an awesome flatlay. Been following his blog for a while now so yeah, mej nakakastarstruck to see him do his thing. 128569128569128569

So a colleague of mine did this research and found out that nowadays, millennials (and social immigrants) actually care more about the look of the food and how it is so important to share something “totes Instagrammable” on social media. The taste comes second. I must admit, I actually agree. To be honest, I felt that way for this restaurant. In general it was just ok, but the look of the food was pretty awesome so it was quite a redeeming factor. We were served with a number of their bestsellers.

1.) Fattoush Salad
This was ok. The vegetables tasted fresh, and they were crunchy. They put pieces of fried pita on the salad which I really liked. I love croutons on my salad so it was kinda like that. The dressing was just enough and it was quite tasty. The sauce made the salad dish good. 128572

2.) Royal Paella
This was a very colorful dish. The rice was actually cooked really well and had a lot of good toppings. I particularly liked that they put pieces of beef kebab on the rice and the mixture of flavours worked pretty well. The spices used did not overpower the flavor of the dish and was just ok. I didn’t know paella could have a Persian twist to it, but they sure executed this quite well on this rice dish. 128570

3.) Beef Kebab
This was the obvious favorite among the three dishes served. I liked their version of the popular Persian dish. They were very juicy and tender. It had a nice amount of saltiness and the a tinge of sweetness to it. They actually served this with a pita bread and a selection of sauce, all of which really enhanced the dish. It was quite oily though. For a restaurant trying to serve healthier options, their dishes fall under the greasy stuff. 128572

The restaurant serves Halal food so it's good for those with special dietary restrictions. They also have a number of branches in the city, so one doesn’t need to look far for these kinds of food. In general, it was a very filling stop. I’d come back for sure but probably not too soon. 128569

***Note: The event is sponsored by Parkmall in Mandaue, Cebu as partnership with |ooloo. All food items have been chosen by each restaurant based on their own discretion.

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Shareen B.
1.0 Stars


Food is not good & expensive! Php 330 for a plate of kebab & rice, Php 110 for 3pcs of samosa 128078🏼

Restaurant is hot, attendant doesn't care & not welcoming! 128078🏼

Will never come back ☹️

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Saintz K.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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