Pescador Island

Moalboal, Cebu

Pescador Island
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Louise S.
5.0 Stars

Pescador Island is truly a blessing for divers. The water was clear, calm and absolutely clean. Fishes and the marine animals really call this island home without a doubt because the whole place is a virgin. On our way, we saw dolphins swimming around the area! It was so amazing even though we only got to see their fins. What a surprise!

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Saintz K.
5.0 Stars

A very wonderful under the water experience! Kinda like you're in a big aquarium. 128153

Sardine run is a beautiful sight to see! Not to mention Dolphine watching and the must see turtles!

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Nikki C.
5.0 Stars

I think this was a great gift for me. After months of studying and looong nights, it was a good decision to push with my Moalboal trip. 9925️

Though Mr. Sunshine was mostly hiding behind the dark cloudy clouds, I was set off to my trip with my cousin, M & K. 128663128168

Moalboal is paradise! 1277969729️128044
I was looking forward to so many things - corals that are alive (like the ones I would see in the pet stores with captions of 'salt water'), colorful fishes, nemo, dory and the rest of Finding Nemo fishes 128031128032128033 & swimming with the turtles 128034 (which apparently did not show up 128517)

Everythings was sooooo beautiful.

And the best among the best, the highlight of my trip was seeing these school of dolphins swim along our small banca. 128044128044 It was surreal. I knew we would see dolphins but I was expecting to see it afar like when I went to Panglao, but I was sooo happy that I was smiling from ear to ear and awing with sheer happiness 128525 They were within arms' reach.

Once our boatman saw the dolphins, he started clapping continuously, it was an invitation for the 128044128044128044 to come closer.

I have a small video clip of the shot 128070🏻128070🏻128070🏻 in my instagram account (nikkibeaninwangjing).

An experience of a lifetime 128077🏻128077🏻


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Abby M.
5.0 Stars

This time, we had lunch on the sea, watching as fished swim by. Then, we swam with fishes. Green sea yo!

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