Phi Phi Hotel and Beach Resort

Morong, Bataan

Phi Phi Hotel and Beach Resort
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Most Recent Reviews

April H.
3.0 Stars

This is where my friends and I stayed while in Morong... I only "remember" due to the pictures bearing the name of the resort!128514

We didn't really spend much time at the resort, since we came from the Subic Treetop adventure on the way to Morong... Plus we explored Anvaya while we were there, just for a day... So we only spent two nights at this place... Barkada style, 6 people squished into one big room! Kulitan all night long... Downside is it took a long time for us to get ready!128514

The beachfront was nice, but the facility wasn't well maintained... The sand was dark but very fine, looks like you are burried in cement when you are trying to bury your friends in the sand... We were able to ride the banana boat once and that was fun!128525 We then spent our second evening drinking beer by the shore, just listening to the waves crash and writing our names on the wet sand...

I remember thinking that the food wasn't good, but we really didn't expect much... Plus it was just a quick, cheap getaway from Manila... It was the company that mattered and they are the absolute best!128515

Spot my friend with wrong timing!128514

Naputol ako sa pic!!! that's my leg doing a faux ninja move!

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Ronith Jazel D.
4.0 Stars

The last week of November was just starting but I was already looking forward for the long weekend because of this trip. It's been so long since my family went to the beach together, complete, so can you blame me? We all agreed to a 3 days, 2 nights trip since it's a long weekend! Friday night was a torture, syempre, everyone was excited so we barely slept. Saturday came, lahat puyat but still excited so we left home at 5 o' clock in the morning, the original plan was to leave at 7am. Lol.

We opted to commute para tipid, my family never commutes when going out of town so I insisted we do it this time. My dad was like, "Pati kami dinadamay mo sa adventure mo a?" So I was the punong abala, from choosing where to stay to booking to going there and going back home.

There is no direct bus from Manila to Morong, Bataan so we took the bus (Victory Liner) to Olongapo. There were a lot of people at the time so we waited until 7:30am to be able to catch a trip. From Olongapo, we rode a yellow jeepney to the mini bus terminal (Harbor Point) and took one to Morong, we got off to the town proper and rode a tricycle to Phi Phi Hotel and Beach Resort. To be honest, I was afraid that this trip would turn out failed because I have read a lot of bad, some REALLY bad, reviews about this resort. But it was the only one who had a vacant room that could accommodate 6 persons in the Olongapo-Morong area, the rest are already fully booked for the long weekend or only has one or two rooms for two persons. Plus it's cheap here, so I thought, kesa naman ma-move ulit, go na, malay mo okay naman pala.

Our trip to the resort was real exhausting but it's fun too. We had more time exchanging jokes and stories (and was able to at least sleep).

We arrived at the resort at around 1pm and were welcomed by their lovely staff. They're kind enough to let us check in an hour earlier to their designated check in. We had a little problem with the corkage, though (we were told on the phone that there is no corkage) but they handled it pretty well and they're too kind and polite too that we just shoved it off. After checking in, we were accompanied to our room (Deluxe Room) which we got for 3500php for 4 persons per night (plus 500php per head for extra persons, with bed, beddings, towels and all, and corkage fee of 100/pax (consumable)). There are 3 beds, two queen size and one pull out bed, all three were comfortable to sleep in, the beddings, pillows, and blanket smelled good! The room was bright, clean, and pleasing to the eyes. I checked out the bathroom the moment we got to our room too for it was what most reviewers online complained about, but it was opposed to what I've read. The bathroom was clean, fresh, and had this vanilla/flowery scent which I loved.

After eating our baon for lunch, before swimming, I asked their staff if I can borrow an air pump for my giant swan pool float but they offered to pump it for me instead, and when I told them I'd do it myself na lang kasi ang hassle, they insisted and asked me to come back na lang. After a few minutes, I checked if they're already done but they were not even half way. They were using a small balloon pump, medj nakakaawa sila kuya. I asked them kung kaya pa and they said yes. More minutes have passed, naka ilang balik na ako, this time they had found a bigger air pump but hindi pa rin umubra. So they asked me if it was okay kung dadalhin na lang nila at the near vulcanizing shop kasi hindi daw kaya nung pumps nila. I was touched, really, I mean, they can just tell me na they can't do it and just give up but they really offered that pa. When they came back, my giant swan was happily blown up and ready to swim!

There are three pools at the resort, two at the beach front and one at the other part of the resort (outside the main resort, a 2-3 minute walk), they have kiddie pool and olympic pool, although it's smaller than a normal one. The pools were pretty and clean, again, opposed to what I've read. The beach was clean too, the water was clear, less salty. The sand was gray, light brown on some parts but pure and refined. You can play beach volleyball too, or go kayak or karaoke. After swimming at the sea, we went back to the pool and noticed that there were sand in the pool already. I thought, this is probably what the reviewers online were talking about. But then I think it wasn't the resort's fault, well not entirely at least. I noticed people who came from the beach swim right away to the pool without showering. I mean, part of it maybe is the resort's fault because they don't have someone who actually guards the pools, and I think their staff are too kind to even point it out to their guests but if only guests are responsible and disciplined enough to follow the rules and guidelines posted beside the pool area, the cleanliness of the pools could have been maintained, and people who would use it next would have enjoyed it too.

Sunset was beautiful, it was a combination of yellow, orange, red, violet, and pink on our first day, breathtaking, heartwarming. People watched it together, even the staff, cute. 10084

For dinner, we ate at the resort's restaurant. The food was a bit expensive for a canteen-like setup and menu plus serving was small for the 2-3 persons serving they promised. We had Pork Sinigang (with unlimited sabaw) and Lechon Kawali, both were freshly cooked. I was expecting it to be just ordinary but everything was just REALLY GOOD! The soup of the pork sinigang had a thick texture and it's really flavorful, lasang lasa 'yung sampaloc! The pork was really tender and I liked that the veggies in it were a bit crunchy. The lechon kawali was a bomb too! I never liked that dish before but after having a taste on this one, I think hahanap hanapin ko na. It was crispy and it was more laman than taba, it also had a little salty and sweet taste. The sauce was a little different, but ang sarap din, the server said it was Mang Tomas with oyster sauce and banana ketchup.

The next day, we woke up at 8am and had breakfast at their restaurant again. Their breakfast meal ranged from 120 to 200. We had tapsilog, hotsilog, and sweet and sour pork. Their tapa was tender and soft, a little sweet, I liked it but I don't think it's worthy of my 150 bucks (sobrang konti). It was perfect with vinegar (theirs was so, so, good), I wish I was able to ask what was it and what's in it. The hotdog tasted cheap though, as in not even Tender Juicy, near to walang lasa na (it came with 1 hotdog per order and it was just saved by the ketchup, to think that it was 120, huhu). We didn't finish the sweet and sour pork, as my dad put it, "talo." It was more taba and the meat was tough, also, it was more sour and didn't have enough sweetness.

Instead of just swimming, my brother suggested we go snorkeling. He went to the beach to ask around. He went back then with a good news that Morong was currently celebrating the Pawikan Festival so we could go to the other part of the island to watch Pawikans being freed. We were able to rent a boat for 1500php (instead of 3500, haggling skills, ahem).

Unfortunately, the pawikans were already freed when we got there, we saw one or two small ones, though. Our bangkeros suggested to roam around the area instead and watch the little program the locals prepared for the tourists. Lucky we listened to them, the performances were so entertaining, so funny especially the kids, they're so cute and fluffy (oops 128586). Also we saw a Jollibee food truck, so we thought to buy lunch there so we won't have to spend a fortune at the resort's restaurant anymore.

We stayed there for a few minutes more and then we went back to the boat to go to the snorkeling site.

When we got to the site, we didn't waste any time and went to snorkel agad. Haha! Our bangkeros were too kind too to let us borrow their life jackets and goggles without any fee, they were so helpful too with everything, like they also went into the water to make sure everyone of us will be safe (because guess what only two of us can really swim haha). The water was so clear, small fishes gave us company, there were few medium sized (like the size of tilapia) too, but most of the corals were dead, although there were still few (a little big) live corals left. We stayed there for an hour, I think, just swimming, appreciating the views under and the nothingness beyond the sea. Also, we enjoyed playing like we were kids again, we really loved everything there. My mom even wanted to stay longer but my dad was starting to get hungry already and we just bought chicken joy, no rice. Haha!

Upon reaching the resort, we went to the restau and ordered rice and soda, it came after almost 15 minutes pa. We followed up like twice. 128557 Our server apologized naman, naubusan daw ng kanin bigla kasing dami 'yung tao. Well. . .

We just swam for the rest of the day, and nung nag sawa na, we rented their videoke (300 for 2 hours, like you can't pay less even though you won't be able to consume those hours, boo!).

At around 5 in the afternoon, both swimming pools at the beach front were already super dirty like parang buhangin na 'yung naaapakan and not the tiles anymore so my dad decided to talk to one of their staff and asked if they can clean it already. They obliged naman agad, they even super apologized like it was entirely their fault and politely requested everyone to just go to the other pool.

We went there but there was (I think) a group who was having a team building or something and there were a lot of people playing at the pool. We were about to leave when a staff approached us and told us that they would talk to the group to just stay at one side of the pool to give way to the other guests for the moment so everyone will be accommodated. This gesture was so much appreciated not only by us but also by the other guests who were evacuating, lol. 128514128514128514 I think they handled this one so well.

At dinner time, we had their lechon kawali again, and tried their ampalaya con carne and chicken afritada. The lechon was heavenly as ever, their ampalaya was good too, it wasn't so bitter, the pork was thinly sliced and chopped into small pieces, though that we hardly noticed it was there but the thick sauce and this ulam in general was flavorful. The afritada was I think just okay, it was a bit too tomato-y sour for my taste but tolerable, the chicken was tender but the parts given to us were all mabuto so we didn't enjoy this much.

After dinner, it was time to deflate my giant swan so we won't have problems the next day and we'll just leave but we weren't expecting how painful it was to deflate this one so we asked the resort's staff if they have deflator. Unfortunately, they do not have one, but they asked me if I'd deflate my swan already, when I said yes, they offered help, but nakakahiya na so I said we can handle it na. After a while though, someone knocked on our door and it was the two kuyas who brought my swan to the vulcanizing shop. They brought straws that should help us deflating and again offered their help. We weren't even half way so we accepted it na, so I, with my dad, kuya, and the two kuyas, together deflated the swan. More minutes have passed and I gave up but not long after, they had fully deflated it at last! These two staff were so much of help to us (and my swan) so my dad offered them a little something but they refused to accept, my dad insisted but they again declined. We were actually amazed by the gesture, it's nice to know that there are still people who help because they want to and not because they want something in return.

I woke up at 5am the next day, the sun was late, haha, it rose at around 6am pa, it was lovely. My mom and brother needed to leave early because of work (on a holiday, yes) so we were just four (plus my baby niece) at breakfast. Dad went to the bayan to get us some food because the resort's restaurant was not open yet (it opened at around 8am pa), a good thing I think because for 250 bucks (pandesal, pancit, lugaw, sopas, shanghai with fried rice, and egg) our tums were made happy compared to the 900+ bucks we spent the day before!

We went swimming for the last time, the two pools at the beach front were clean and happy again. We checked out at around 10am because we wanted to go to Ocean Adventure (but hindi na din natuloy and we went to Duty Free instead).

The hotel/resort was not posh, it's pretty basic, actually, ordinary, simple, but it has what you need. All in all, we liked our stay here, maybe just some improvements on keeping the swimming pools (especially the ones at the beachfront) clean by trying to be more strict with their rules and guidelines. The food is another thing, it may be good but their serving is really small, so I hope it would improve as well. The service though was the best, all their staff, from the office to the restaurant, were all so kind and polite, as in hands down!

If you're looking for an affordable getaway with your family or friends, I recommend this place just maybe bring more food para tipid. But if you're looking for a serene and chill place, this might not be the one, there are a lot of people here especially on weekends, the karaoke is often in use too so it can be noisy.

Our long weekend was well spent and we are truly going back here!

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Jennifer N.
2.0 Stars

The room was pretty cheap - plus resorts in less popular destinations aren't that posh, generally speaking - so I knew that this would be a pretty basic place. The room was pretty big, which was great as there were 3 of us sharing.

What made the stay horrible was being assailed from all sides by bad singing on the karaoke machines they had all over the resort. And it wasn't just at night or at a particular time. We fell asleep to karaoke from neighbours, and woke up at 8am to more of the same!! :( the walls were also pretty thin, so we could hear everything happening in the next room, most especially the sounds from their TV.

Also, we had specified 3 pax in our booking, stating our need for an extra bed. When we arrived at the room, the extra bed hadn't been made up and there were only 2 towels. We had to find someone and ask them to fix the extra bed - not a good thing when you've just had a long drive and getting into bed is the only thing you can think of!!

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Sheree G.
1.0 Stars

Poor service, poor rooms, horrible amenities, tasteless food. I mean, salt and pepper goes a long way. I thought i was at a convention for diabetics and people with high blood pressure. The saving grace? The beach was clean.

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Ria B.
2.0 Stars

Currently having our team building here and I am enjoying myself because of the people I'm with, not because of where I'm staying. The room we were assigned to was sad. The bathroom was quite filthy. The food was edible, but the rice served was not cooked well. Maybe it's because of the number of people that they have to cater to, because we are roughly around 300.

Their pools look green and dirty, so i didn't get the chance to go swimming.

To be really fair with this post, the resort is separated in two parts. The one close to the beach front is much better here in Phi Phi Island.

In terms of service, the staff are approachable and attentive.

But I do hope the management prepared even better since we were already the third batch to come here.

I won't come back.

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