Philippine Army Wellness Center

Bayani Rd., Taguig, Metro Manila

Philippine Army Wellness Center
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Yina M.
3.0 Stars

My friend Cathe made me promise her "no matter what, don't give up the one thing You do for yourself and what makes you feel good." That's Pretty sound advice under the circumstances i'm in and that's why I hit the pool tonight.

We arrived earlier than usual and were able to get a lane!!! Woohoo!! Until that coach came and brought his brood over occupying two lanes. i didn't let that get to me and scooched over to another lane (where people are willing to share lanes in a public freaking pool!!) It was 50 meters of bliss!! Yea, i took my time, the water was still clear. Halfway through the set i could feel my legs cussing at me, my shoulders still challenging me to keep going - so I did. And i cramped up a bit but was able to stretch it out (yay, me!) to finish the mile.

Here's the sad part, the bathroom gets dingier and dingier everytime i go there. Sachets of shampoo are strewn on the floor, there's mud in the pathways, adhesive and hygienic pads scattered. The only thing i probably haven't seen lying around here is a used condom - and i don't intend to. I don't mind a simple and old bathroom, long as it's clean. I like swimming here but bathing and changing after is such a challenge which makes me feel sad for the place. I don't know if they should charge a little bit more to renovate the place.

For tonight, i kept my promise to Cathe and will be reminded to do the same whenever I feel this way. I don't know if my shoulders throw a hissyfit tomorrow, i'll just wait and see.

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Ena S.
4.0 Stars

Sit back, Relax, and Work out! 128074128170128516

I do boxing. I go to the gym and find a coach for my training.It's the cheapest wellness center I know yet it's the best training ground for me.

People say this were only for dependents (sons and daughters of an Army Officer) but also for civilians. Kaya lang as a dependent, we have a discount for the entrance. 128521128521128521

Don't worry, 50 pesos only for the civilians. It's mura lang diba? 128522128521128525

they have 6 badminton court, 1 basketball court, PRT room. A 50 meters Olympic size Pool and lastly 1 Boxing ring with a training ground. :)

This Place is very safe and secured.128525128126128074128076

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Yina M.
4.0 Stars

What an achievement it is for me to jump into a 50m pool! I've been looking for a cheap public pool to go to where i could do laps during weekdays. This is a good enough place.

128077 50 meters baby!!
128077 At P125, that's not a bad rate for night swimming. Pool is open til 930.
128077 Parking is free and should be secure because soldiers man the area
128077 There are other facilities ie. boxing, cross-fit, badminton courts that people can use for a fee

128078 Bathrooms are really crappy. The only one i want to blame is the government. But water is strong so that's ok.
128078 no one does circle swimming, so it's hard to share a lane. Some athletes that are training are also quite selfish getting a lane all to themselves.
128078 There are no lockers, so i don't encourage you to bring excess paraphernalia. Towel and tolietries, along with water and swim gear are the key things you should bring.
128078 Discipline of the users is just poor. Shampoo sachets are scattered because the public doesn't know how to throw trash. That's why i'm sure they don't have lockers there due to poor maintenance.

I like that i have a place to swim now during the weekdays. I would keep coming back despite those conditions. I haven't seen roaches in the place yet, so i won't be squeamish about it.

I forgot to add, some soldiers are also there and i see that they teach others how to swim. Some athletes bring their trainers and coaches. It's nice to know that people are also eager to learn how to swim. #notodrowning

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