Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary

KM 14 Canapnapan, Corella, Bohol

Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary
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Most Recent Reviews

Marc G.
5.0 Stars

When you think about Bohol, two things will instantly comes out of your mind: Chocolate Hills and Tarsier.

They are the cutest primate I've seen. I want to bring them home. Lol. We're able to see 5 out of 8 Tarsiers that day.

Facts about them:

1. They are nocturnal animals and shouldn't be disturbed at day time.

- Everyone should observe silence all the time when you're near them. You can take pictures, but no flash ( They are sensitive to lights).

2. They only eat insects.

- Our guide said they don't eat other that insects. They hunt them.

3 .They are teritorial animals.

- A single tarsier needs at lease a hectare of space.

4. You can't cage, or make them as pet or they'll die or commit suicide.

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Marjorie G.
4.0 Stars

The tarsier, which is the smallest primate in the world can be found in Bohol. Despite knowing that they are of miniature size, I was still amazed at just how small they are when I finally saw them in the flesh at the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary. This little guy in the photo was taking a nap when I approached it. The other tourists satisfied themselves taking its picture despite it slumbering state. I, on the other hand, wanted it wide awake so I came up and said, “Hey!” Remarkably, the little guy opened its eyes and turned its head on me.

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Cette D.
3.0 Stars

Not so much tarsier. I think they should have extra care for the tarsier. They might soon be extinct. 128533

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April H.
4.0 Stars

I hope the tarsiers are okay today!128513

This was part of our previous tour in Bohol and I pretty much enjoyed seeing the beautiful little creatures here! It's really worth our time and effort in preserving these sweethearts!128522

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Anrey C.
5.0 Stars

i think i'm inlove with them hahaha they are so, so cute With their big wide sparkling eyes i guess hahaha..di ko actually nakita kung sparkling nga kasi tulog sila.. are they relatives with the bat ? Kasi they are asleep in the afternoon and awake at night... Dyan yta pinaglihi ni juday si lucho eh hahaha joke :P

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Theresa L.
4.0 Stars


Twas one of a kind experience for me and boyfie. We saw around 15 tarsiers during our visit. Such a cute, delicate creature. 128525

The tour guides keep on telling us that the flash MUST be turn off or else they will commit suicide if you happen to take a picture with a flash! 128534

**just check the photo as a whole, to see the cuteness of the tarsier, since I want to include that LONG tail in one frame! 128518

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Bechay R.
5.0 Stars

Well who will miss this Tarsier once you fo to Bohol, right?! They are so cute... 128522

You are not allowed to make such noise since you might disturb them from sleeping. Yes, they are on a graveyard shift. Joke. But seriously, they are awake at night and leave their territory and be back to sleep during the day. Lok at the middle pix at the left, the tarsier is really eyes closed, maybe he was too tired. 128540

According also to the tour guide once they "pee" it is already their territory. Wow! Wish its same as human that once you pee it is already your territory. I will definitely pee everywhere, will smell like urine thought. Hahaha! Well, it doesnt smell like a pee there.

We also had funny moment there because we all had a chance to have a picture close to the real tarsier. Only one friend of ours, didn't vecause he is always missing, so what happened was he ended up putting the tarsier postcard/pix, put it in a branch of tree and put his face closer so that he will have his own pix. We asked him to use it as a profile pix for a while. Hahahaha!

There was another funny story, one tour guide volunteered to take a group pix of us so we all posed. Ending up, you will only see the tarsier like a DOT because you can only see us and the trees. Thinking there was only one tarsier and lots of trees. Hahaha!

Giving five stars for the tour picture taking and never ending laugh trip that day!

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Caye C.
4.0 Stars

They are so cute. Before you can actually hold them but now they don't allow you. They are so soft like a cotton ball.

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