Pho Hoa

G/F Capitol GreenStreet, Capitol Hills Drive, Capitol Hills, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Pho Hoa
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₱170 - ₱300

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4.0 Stars

After brunch at Stacy's Cafe we transferred to the nearby restaurant Pho Hoa for coffee and desserts.

The waiter approached us and provided table outside. It was a sunny afternoon, thanks to their cooler fan at least it minimize the heat we were experiencing. He handed the menu to us and I got Ca Phe (Vietnamese Coffee) for Php120.00 and Mango Trifle for Php160.00.

9749️ Ca Phe (Hot Vietnamese Coffee) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"I really like Pho Hoa's version of Vietnamese Coffee. The strong coffee that pouring gradually in small glass with condensed milk makes me so excited about it and it taste well once the condensed milk mixed with the coffee."

9749️ Mango Trifle - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"This version of Pho Hoa's Mango Crepe is absolutely appetizing. The presentation will make your mouth drools with the Mango Crepe floating with Mango Syrup and topped with Chocolate Syrup."

Serving time is 5-10 minutes. They have a good service staff that will always check the table outside.

Comfort room is located outside and it is the common restroom for all.

Pho Hoa is located at Capitol Hills Golf Club, Ayala Heights, Diliman, Quezon City.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Elvis T.
4.0 Stars

A gloomy Saturday deserves a nice bowl of noodles! We had the chicken noodle soup, fish, fresh spring rolls and fish bowl iced tea from Jack's Loft. My wife has the sniffles so we decided evenmore to have dinner here.

First on the menu was the fresh spring rolls. Full of flavor and its not tipid when they do it. The sauce was great too. Cimplements the rolls.

Then we shared the large bowl of chicken noodle soup. Steaming hot when served to us. Perfect for my wifes colds. The sprouts and those leafy minty veggies gives more oomp to the well seasoned soup! I like mine piping hot so additional siracha was at bay. The perfect way to end a gloomy traffic day.

The fish was also pleasant. Not overcooked but the taste of sweetness and saltiness was different in a good way. I don't know what they topped the fish but it was really good.

We wanted to have dessert but there wad no more room for us to fill. Eventhough the saying "theres always room for dessert!", we would simply pop if we still indulged.

Service was fast even if he was the only one waiting to all the other customers needs.

Love this place!

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Sandy V.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Jaq A.
2.0 Stars

I have rescinded my support for this branch since I found out they used MSG in their dishes. This move doesn't support the restaurant's marketing ideals of delivering healthy meals.

If you're a fan of Pho Hoa but not a fan of MSG, this is FYI.

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Rust D.
3.0 Stars

Fish bowl ice tea!!!!! :)

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Lynne C.
5.0 Stars

love this.. especially it's located in an exclusive area..within Ayala Heights Estates

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Joseph H.
5.0 Stars

Forgot to take picture ate the food up so fast

Pho Bo - very good still the best pho in the metro for me
Chicken salad - very yummy , fresh and tasty
Crispy spring roll - crispy and fresh , very good

Over all one of my favorite resto for a quick healthy meal

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2.0 Stars

The weather tonight was crappy and my family had to head somewhere close (better safe than sorry!) for some nice warm comfort food.

Unfortunately we ended up at Pho Hoa. Their chicken pho was kind of disappointing. I'm no expert on Vietnamese food but the broth was really bland, even after adding condiments and herbs and whatnot. My sister even described it as tasting like tap water. The shredded white meat didn't taste like anything either. If going for pho here, better stick to the beef.

Also, the place had bugs inside, it took quite a while to get our food, and the staff was gossiping within earshot about how they should dress better or they'll never find a guy. Whuuuut.


Anyway, joining in on the #SuggestSunday thing! Here's my list:

Kirby G - Because he contributed to the discovery of my new all-time favorite dessert, the crack pie. 128525

Alex O - Because I loooove ramen and he's looloo's unofficial ramen man. 128514

Denise Q - Because she goes all over the place!! And she made awesome looloo paper art. 128517

Peanut D - Because she's weird. Weird is good.

...more people to follow next week!! 128512

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Antonio Lorenzo Q.
5.0 Stars

Pho, the way you want or some Kung Pao rice meal would just do the trick.

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Alfredo Rey P.
5.0 Stars

I like the location of this branch since its so close to home. I love their seafood noodle soup and fresh spring rolls. :) still the best Pho in town in my book. 128515

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Ira G.
5.0 Stars

Just perfect for today's weather. Their Capitol Branch is overlooking the Marikina/Ortigas area when you dine al-fresco. You can see the urban view, heavy downpour and gray clouds.

I just love Pho Hoa's Beef Brisket but the best part of me eating this soup is the extra chilis that they give you! It adds a fruity spice on your bowl, just like that. Of course I could never ever forget Sriraccha! It makes me feel happy giddy inside.9786

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