Pick Pita Bakery

2 Laura St., Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Pick Pita Bakery
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DJ Ron B.
5.0 Stars

i don't like shawarma. Messy to eat. Period. i love the flavor but this new joint made me think otherwise. I dunno if it's a norm in Israel to have kebab on pita bread but whatdaeff it tastes good !!! Yes the owner is from Israel.

Ground beef kebab pita bread is 75 bucks which is as big as a quarter pounder. the pita has a pocket in the middle so all the fillings & sauces ain't messy to eat. 50 bucks for italian sausage bread is still not bad. think of a mini footlong. Italian breakfast is also 50 bucks, it's like that bread talk thingie with egg on the middle. But hey where else can you find the food items here? Nada.

Bagels at 20 petot? Have a sosyal morning w/o being pricey.

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Sugar D.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Gillan S.
4.0 Stars

Its delicious and affordable.

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