Pico Restaurant and Bar

Pico Sands Hotel, Hamilo Coast, Nasugbu, Batangas

Pico Restaurant and Bar
3.5 Stars

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Camille S.
3.0 Stars

All guests that are staying in Pico Sands Hotel get a buffet breakfast meal. The restaurant is located almost across the hotel reception area which I think is a bad idea because all of the guests that are ready to check out and the guests who are eating share the same space. Too crowded. The buffet area is located inside while most of the dining tables are located outside. Imagine the back and forth to and from the buffet area + the crowdedness of the place.

What I didn’t appreciate about their buffet is that when one item is emptied, they do not refill it anymore or they only do certain number of refills for the food. I went down to eat at around 7:30am (buffet ends around 10am) and the bacon was no where to be found and the fried rice left was only good enough for 10 people max. What is breakfast without bacon. They’ve been operating for years now so they should have an idea of what’s saleable or not among their buffet items. The egg/waffle/pancake area is located outside and in the far end of the restaurant’s patio. Nothing so special about it. The add-ons (syrups) did all the work. For their beverages, my favorite was their wintermerlon tea. It was sweet and resembles that of milk tea drinks (without the milk, of course).

For lunch before leaving the hotel, we also decided to dine here. My sister and I shared an order of Batangas’ version of chicken inasal. I forgot what it’s called. It was so-so. I prefer the original chicken inasal more.

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Noelle O.
3.0 Stars

Very nice place to dine al fresco but not much on the menu. The reviews rave about the pizza and burger...the thin crust pizza was ok but nothing to rave about and the burger was big but bland (sorely missing Charlie's and 8 cuts right now!) . The amatriciana on the pasta menu looked interesting but not remarkable. My sister said it was the best dish from the whole lot we ordered.

Prices are quite expensive, staff are accommodating but not don't seem excited about the food.
Just an ok restaurant but since there are no other options, the food can be a tummy filler. (Later I are a bag of potato chips and garlic peanuts).

I didn't see the nachos and Tuscany pizza mentioned in the previews reviews. Am I in the wrong restaurant?

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Joy Vee A.
4.0 Stars

Everything was pricey from food to drinks! LOL! 128516

Must Try: Nachos, Choco Shake, Pico Burger (they served us a not warm burger thinking that we will not find out about it, returned it, then they served us a new one - loved it! Can be shared and was Good for 2). I also liked the sausage with potato wedges.

Breakfast Buffet: they served delish pancakes! Great outdoor ambiance.

April 4-6, 2014

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Charleston G.
4.0 Stars

Tuscany pizza is the best. The dough of their pizza is excellent, i can even enjoy only the dough! Lol 128513128513128513
Rosemary chicken 4/5 of 5
Spinach pizza 3.5 out of 5
The staffs are very accommodating

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