Pig Tales Gastropub

192 Wilson St., San Juan, Metro Manila

Pig Tales Gastropub
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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

I continue to discover new places to eat and enjoy them at the same time. Thanks to another Zomato meet up, it wasn’t just about dining, it was also meeting the creators- the chef and the owners. This time it was in San Juan located just after you cross Wilson and P. Guevarra streets.

I like the name Pig Tales. Initially I thought it was tails. One of the owners Austin relates that each dish has a story. I am hoping though that this place will have its happy ever after. That customers pass on the tales to their family and friends.

As the name connotes it is also all about pork. So everything served was comfort food- deep fried, sauteed, fried pork. Perhaps the most sinful one was their Mozzarella Ball. It was oozing cheese wrapped in a giant ball of bacon goodness. It was fried well and best with its marinara sauce.

They also have their localized sausage. It did have a strong presence of local meat. Almost like longganisa but better. It was in a bed of seasoned potato slices.

We were served two types of pasta. One felt short, the Classic Carbonara. It was bland. I got back to my food senses after trying the next one- Seafood Marinara. The tomato based sauce was made perfect with its well cooked noodles and various sea creatures.

Now you gotta try their best selling Pork Slab! It was the last one I feasted on before I left. The taste lingered for a long time. The pork was tender, melt in your mouth effect. Its sauce had a strong sweet, salty, spicy vibe. It could be one of the best pork dishes I’ve had in awhile.

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Reena C.
3.0 Stars

I wanted to try their specialy dessert called "bangoes" (bacon + mangoes) but the waiter explained that they changed the concept of the intriguing dessert into icecream with candied bacon and mangoes. The combination was a bit weird for me but my sister liked it!

We also tried the mozzarella balls, smokey tomato soup, marinara pasta, ribs and seared chicken. The soup tasted like spaghetti sauce and the seared chicken was dry. Our fave dish of the night was the marinara with a hint of spice!!

The plates, glasses and utensils are very cute!! The waiter shared that they got it in a store in Quiapo, Manila.

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Patricia Louise T.
5.0 Stars

Only dropped by for dessert. I paid p150.00 +10% tax on my BANGOES (Bacon+ Mangoes), then my friend paid p170.00 for her Nutella Waffles.

Try the Bangoes. It may sound weird to some of you, but I can assure you that it'll be one of the best desserts you'll have.

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Yshkael C.
5.0 Stars

Ordered their Nutella Waffles 128541128541128541#majorcheatday

Orders came about 10 minutes after which is not bad.

The waffles were drizzled in chocolate, topped with nutella, mangoes and of course a scoop of ice cream! It also came with a small cup of maple syrup.

I thought it would be overly sweet. But, no! It wasn't. Even if I added maple syrup it was still okay. I enjoyed my waffles and gobbled it all up immediately! The mangoes were also sweet! 128076🏻 just as how I like them be.

The dish was priced at 175 pesos but they will stil add some tax to it so it was around 180 plus pesos.

Service was pretty good. I would surely come back for more of their treats.

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Patrick G.
5.0 Stars

My friends and I went to this newly opened Gastropub in San Juan. It just had its soft opening last December 11. We were really curious about their food especially when we saw a photo of their Mozzarella Balls in their Facebook Page.

We actually met the owners and they were very friendly. They have been grateful to us for visiting their place. Almost everything from the menu comes with Bacon! They recommended their best dish which is the Mozzarella Balls. It is wrapped in Bacon. The combination of cheese and bacon is really superb! 128525

We also tried their Bagnet which is also good. It was not so oily unlike what we have expected it to be. I like the special sauce that goes with it because it compliments well with the pork. They also served chicken with their usual ingredient, bacon. We tried their 'Pan Seared Chicken with a Bang' and it was also great! The chicken was very tender, juicy and flavorful.

Staying here will not be complete without trying their unique dessert - the Banggos - a combination of bacon, mango and chocolate. Strips of mango were wrapped in bacon and there were some chocolate on the side. I can still taste it while making this review. It was so mouthwatering! Bacon for dessert?! Try this and you wont regret it.

Overall, I can say that this is definitely the newest and coolest place to chill not only because of the perfect homy ambiance but as well as their great food which you can enjoy with their wide selection of local and imported beers.

#12Days 128076🏻

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