Vibo Place, N. Escario St., Camputhaw, Cebu City, Cebu

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Reopens: 11:00a - 10:00p


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    • 11:00a - 10:00p
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    • 11:00a - 10:00p
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    • 11:00a - 10:00p
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    • 11:00a - 10:00p
  • Saturday
    • 11:00a - 10:00p

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Most Recent Reviews

Majo V.
5.0 Stars

Went to Axis with every intention of getting ramen, and was totally devastated when I saw the closed sign. Looking around, Pigafetta was next to it and I remember Nikki C reccomending this to me a while back. With a little hesitation I went in and was met with empty tables uh-oh not a good sign. The waitress though was quick to get me a table, hand me a menu and made sure I was situated. Another waiter came by to take my order and when asked what was their best seller, without heaitation he gave one of each for their pizza, salad, pasta (impressive!) Took his advice and got the Frutti de Mare, a seafood pasta dish with your choice of white or red sauce. Went with red so it won't be as fishy and he told me it would be served in 5mins. True enough, I wasn't even done with my 2nd bread with salsa and olive oil, and lunch was served. What hit me first was the aroma, salty but not stinky. Kinda like when you're by the beach at night and a cool breeze was blowing but for this it was more robust and enveloping. My first mouthful was really hot but boy that tomato sauce was sweet and tangy and totally fresh. Then I started eating the seafood that was piled on top (when I say piled there was a lot). The scallops as big as P5 coins, shrimps that were really plump, clams were off the shell and just had the right chewiness and squid which were so tender with one bite I could cut through it. Mind you each was cooked to perfection as if they were cooked separately but with just a hint of tomato that you knew it was added to the pasta at just the right time. If I closed my eyes, I swear I could tell which seafood was which, it was that good. I paired it with ice tea that had a hint of orange and that made me forget about ramen. Price was just right at P390 for a dish that could be shared by two (for normal people but just right for me). Definitely worth a return visit! :)

  • No. of Comments: 5
Jiji B.
5.0 Stars

This place is a must-try. You'll love their Italian dishes. Their panacotta is divine.

  • No. of Comments: 7
Nikki C.
4.0 Stars

Antonio Pigafetta (Italian pronunciation: [anˈtɔnjo piɡaˈfetta]) has landed in Escario, Cebu 🇵🇭 Who was he? Well he apparently recorded the first concerning the Cebuano language. 128077🏻 He traveled with Ferdinand Magellan and served as his recorder of events, sort of like a diary. 10002

And now Zubuchon is reintroducing Pigafetta as their sister company in addition to their lechon legacy.

A month ago, Pigafetta came out and opened at the Axis Entertainment Center. It is a small spaced restaurant which can seat up to 60 guests. The interiors provide a formal dining feel. It felt elegant yet not too strictly formal. I can see myself dining here with a couple of friends or girl friends - laughing and having a glass of wine. 127863127863

I enjoyed a hearty and cheesy Lasagna. It was so good! 128076🏻10084️ and I'm definitely coming back to try the rest of the menu - pizzas, coffee and their tiramisu dessert. 128522

The staff are friendly and very informative.
A shout-out to Ms. Sheryl Pasuquin (restaurant manager) for accomodating my questions. 128522


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