Pilgrim Spa

2/F Wilcon City Center, Visayas Ave., Visayas, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Pilgrim Spa
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Most Recent Reviews

Timmy d.
4.0 Stars

Dad was in the mood to treat us for a massage and why would I decline??

It's I think my 5th or 6th time to get a massage here and I always go for a Swedish massage since it's not a dry massage. My masseuse's name is Celine. She has always been my masahista. She's not too delicate and not too hard when she kneads my tired body. I always feel happy after going to this place. The massage is great. But the best massage is still from those ate manang's at San Juan, Batangas (you know, they are the people of whatever resort you're staying at calls when you want a massage! Hands down the best massage and it's cheap at 300!)

The 'rents went for a foot/back massage where you sit on a lazy boy and watch whatever you want on a big screen. Didn't ask them how it was but they generally looked relaxed so I think it was satisfactory.

Price-wise this is a steal for 400 bucks (swedish). They also have promos and frequent visitor card which once complete entitles you to a free 1 hour massage

Honestly I couldn't write a good enough review for this as I just came from there and my brain is still mush from the massage. That was how good it was!

Oh! And ask for ginger tea when the massage is done, it's really good :)

  • No. of Comments: 18
Gone O.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Dyan P.
5.0 Stars

Its time to knead & stretch those tired muscles.

Pilgrim is located at the top floor of Wilcon Center. The location itself isnt what you'd say posh nor "masa" as what we'd describe a typical overcrowded area. Its a place where you will never worry about where to park your car, I mean the problem would actually where you'd like to park it (cool huh?)

As soon you enter the modest spa lobby, you get a whiff of scented oil, and then greeted by the friendly receptionist. You get to choose from 5 maybe 6 types of body massages along with a few other services from a menu sitting atop the counter. On average the price would start at 450/hr exclusive of tipping your Masseuse, who is assigned to you at random. You could probably request for someone if you are already a Patron and if the person is available.

Shower and sauna are the perks of this establishment and let's face it, not all day spa of this price range could offer these facilities, another reason why I keep coming back to this place.

The place is small but adequate. A separate room at the left corner caters to 4-6 lazyboy chairs were the foot massages are held. A very large flat screen TV is right in front so you can enjoy watching a movie while you get pampered.

The rest of the place is dedicated to a series of massage bed with sliding wooden walls for privacy, approximately 8 singles and a "couple" room.

As soon as you have showered and made use of the sauna, your journey begins. From the linear and circular strokes to the kneading of those tight and sore shoulder, back and neck muscles I can say that the experience is awesome. It could be painful, but its a small pricento pay for the lightness of your body after .

To cap of your Pilgrim Spa experience, ask for a cup of their hot ginger tea. :)

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