Pink Panda Southeast Asian Diner

G/F Y2 Residence Hotel, 4687 Santiago St. cor. Valdez St., Poblacion, Makati, Metro Manila

Pink Panda Southeast Asian Diner
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Most Recent Reviews

Eboy D.
4.0 Stars

Pink Panda's first branch is located at the Y2 Residence Hotel in Poblacion, Makati City. They offer Asian fusion dishes that will sure tickle your tastebuds. They have an industrial feel interiors with unfinished walls, a bike and pipes exposed on the ceiling. Service was quick and friendly. I like how they have an extensive menu from all over Southwest Asia. Even better if you are a Group so you can sample more dishes by sharing which we did. Here's what i sampled during my stay:

Tamarind Chicken Wings - crisp sakin, soft Chicken meat, i hardly tasted the tamarind, but this is one good Chicken wing dish.

Grilled Chicken Satay - nicely seasoned, this went well with the Malunggay Turmeric Rice that was also served.

Steamed Pork Siomai - meaty and packed piece of pork Siomai.

Steamed Shrimp Hakaw - i appreciate restaurants that serve well made Hakaw. Pink Panda's have good amount of shrimps encased in the delicate dimsum wrapper.

Panda Sisig Bun - generous amount of Sisig inside, this one is a good pair to their Lechon Lugaw. Spicy and sinful.

Fried Vietnamese Springrolls - Crunch, Fried Springrolls, comes in a fresh variant too.

Mango and Catfish Salad - fresh, sour julienned green mangoes serve as the base of the Salad topped with fried catfish flakes.

Lechon Lugaw - your typical lugaw or rice Porridge topped with crisp Lechon skin and soft meat. Comforting, i can imagine myself having this when raining.

Some desserts that i did not get to sample are Turon with Queso Ice Cream, Mais Con Leche.

Disclaimer: I recently received an invite to attend a Poblacion Food Crawl sponsored by BigDishPH, a new restaurant reservation mobile app and website that offers discounts depending on the time of day. You can get discounts of up to 50% off.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Fifth Stop: POKEMON GYM. 128514

It was around 4pm when we arrived and only a few tables were occupied. I have already been here once before and I remember liking the design of the place. The area is big, perfect for big groups. Also, I think this is more for titas and titos (than for teens). 128517 But if you love asian food with a twist, you might want to try this place out.

While Jai was busy playing Pokemon, Midz, Cla and I ordered for everyone. The servers were nice and assisted us while ordering. After reading the menu over and over again, we decided to order the following:

- I liked and enjoyed this before and was surprised that it still tastes the same. Oh so light and refreshing!! Loved the crispy catfish!! Ony and I liked this one!! 128513

PAD THAI (285)
- the first time we went here, this was not available so I was excited to try this one. Whenever we eat at any Thai restaurant. we would usually order Pad Thai because Pad Thai is good haha! 128518
- Serving size is good for sharing. The "toppings" were generous enough and I think, around 3 pcs of shrimps were added!
- This was just okay for me. It was too sweet, so best to add the lime/lemon to at least lessen the sweetness. Or since the catfish salad is sour, best to eat them alternately? 128517 (We ate it like that and we enjoyed it! 128523)

CUSTARD BUNS (145 for 2pcs)
- last served was the custard buns aka the POKE-BUNS. 128518 While ordering, our server told us that they are still not yet available but still, we ordered this one. Just the normal looking custard buns. But after around 30minutes of waiting, we were surprised that they served us with the poke-buns! Yay!! 127881
- it's my first time trying this and it was just okay? Not sure how it should exactly taste but it was not bad but not something I will order again.

Overall, we still enjoyed this stop. My favorite would be the salad! 128077🏼 Service was good, just a bit slow. Good thing we're still full and we're all busy playing Pokemon! 128518128523

Btw, since parking is a bit hard here, be sure to park in A. Venue Mall. Parking is free just be sure to keep your receipt. 128077🏼

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Midz S.
3.0 Stars

We’re nearing the end of our Poblacion food crawl! We visited Pink Panda, which is located near the A. Venue Mall. You can park your car at the mall and have the parking ticket validated by their restaurant (free parking!).

The place is a bit huge. It can accommodate large groups. I liked the ambiance; the place seemed quiet, peaceful, relaxing and sophisticated. It seemed like a restaurant perfect for drinking wine. I don’t know why. Maybe because the place is a bit dim and we were seating on a comfy, black couch 128518

We ordered the mango and catfish salad P365, pad thai P285, and custard buns P145 (2 pieces), since these were the recommended dishes (according to the waiter).

MANGO AND CATFISH SALAD – It was okay. I think I may not be into this dish in general, not the restaurant’s alone, but I remember that I’ve tried this dish from another restaurant and I liked that better than this one. What bothered me about this dish was the fish. I’m not sure but chewing the fish made some part of my teeth ache a bit. I think it has something to do with the food rubbing against my teeth, so it has something to do with the fish.

PAD THAI – This was my first pad thai so I have nothing to compare it against, but this one was a bit sweeter than what I think it should be (we all agreed it was sweet). I think I’d like this dish better if they mellowed down on the sauce.

CUSTARD BUNS – It’s Pokemon go season, so say hello to the custard Poke-Buns! The filling of the buns reminded me of the mooncake as a whole, except more runny, then wrapped in a siopao bun. I liked this dish more than the first two (maybe because I’m a mongo lover – in mooncakes and hopias), although some part of the filling you’ll taste most of the salted egg, some you’ll just taste the mongo. You can also sort of taste the reek smell of salted egg. I haven’t tasted a custard bun before so I’m not sure if this was delicious, but it was okay for me.

Service was okay. Our food came after around 20 minutes, although the custard buns came last, after around 30 minutes, when we were almost finished with our meals. Serving was also enough, although I think an order of each dish is good for one person only, or maybe not enough for others. I also consider the place pricey because of the serving.

This restaurant was a good try. I’m definitely going to give it another shot so I can try more of their food since I’m still intrigued with the other dishes, but this won’t happen any time soon.

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Mye F.
5.0 Stars

There are 2 reasons why my team loves to eat at Pink Panda:
1. Lobster Ball Laksa
2. Pad Thai

Both are super yummy128522128076🏻 We also like the butchi discs that are served together with the laksa. They're much better than the panda balls9757🏻️ Good thing we can order an extra serving of the butchi discs for dessert though it's not on the menu.

I also like the shrimp harkaw & catfish salad128077🏻

Ambience is nice. Service is always fast and friendly128156

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
3.0 Stars

It is part of Erwan Heussaff's growing chain of restaurants. This is by far the most different among his other places. I like his Crisp on 28th the most, next is Hatch 22. The two are quite similar.

Pink Panda rests beside a nice hotel, Y2 Residence. Its hip and modern. Somehow this is where this restaurant stands as well. Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Chinese, and Filipino comfort food is served here.

The Pink Panda Pork Buns Php 210 had Chinese sausage and mushroom mostly. It was delightful balance with the bread and the saltiness of the two predominant ingredients. We also had the Puncak Chicken Sate Php 280. It was your usual sate. Appreciate that this one had lots of peanut. I love peanut.

Oh they also have panda balls which comes in three types: Peanut Butter & Jelly, Dark Chocolate and Red Mongo. Yum.

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Katrina D.
3.0 Stars

The place was a bit of challenge to find but a tip is that it's a street away from a-venue and it's in the ground floor of the the Y2 hotel.

There were only about 2 - 3 tables occupied around 6 pm on a weekday. We had their bestseller Prawn and Pork Laksa (P410). The laksa in the hawkers in Singapore had a clearer and more watery soup, Pink Panda's laksa had a very creamy soup. The spiciness of the laksa was perfect and it went well with the rice noodles, the pork and the shrimp. The order came with butchi discs, probably to balance the taste and not make the dish 'nakakaumay'.

Finally, our main purpose, the PANDA. Being our pandaloving selves, we wanted to try the dish with the panda's face. This is the only place we know aside from Chowking that sells panda buns. "Kuya, ano po dito ung may mukha ng panda? PANDA BUNS po." We ordered the Panda buns(P210) and were beyond ecstatic. When the buns arrived, we were like this: -.- It was not as cute as we expected. The pandas looked depressed and it's as if their eyeliner was running. Chowking's buns were way cuter. Inside was like a bola bola siopao and taste-wise it was also so-so.

Overall rating: 3/5. Good variety Asian food. Laksa was good but we were disappointed with the buns. It could be a 4/5 without the panda buns.

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Christa U.
4.0 Stars

I haven't been able to get Pink Panda out of my head since I had dinner with my friends about 2-3 weeks back. It's a literal hole-in-the-wall (not the restaurant) by A.Venue, not something you'd find or see right away unless you go out of your way to look for it.

Food: The food theme here is Southeast Asian, so there's a lot of variety in the flavors. We ordered the General P's chicken (photo), which is a kind of sweet and sour pork variety - different flavor but still very very delicious. The Spicy Beef Rendang - also a good choice, the Indo Gyoza, Pink Panda rice - yummy!, Lobster Ball Laksa, the Pink Panda Pork buns.

We noticed that there was this board that offered promos, like if you ordered 2-3 of the listed dishes you get one free, plus a carafe of iced tea. We noticed that majority of our orders fit into that so we changed l one order so we could opt for the promo, and it was worth it. Extra drinks and a free dish!

Service: The service was pretty good. There weren't any other customers when we were eating so the servers were concentrated on us. Food was served pretty quickly too.

Ambiance: The ambaince of the restaurant was pretty good - urban jungle kind of feel. The decor was sleek and modern, though a little repetitive and confusing. Since there weren't a lot of people, it was a little cold, with a little lack of life and energy.

The restau has no own-bathroom, but as its connected to a hotel, that's the bathroom people get to use. And of course, it looks nice!

Price-wise: I would say that eating at this restaurant is pretty worth it. Especially with the promo, we ended up shelling less than 500pesos each (there were 4 of us) for everything! And we ended up really really full.

Since the food is good here, I don't quite understand why there weren't a lot of people here on a Saturday. Maybe it was timing that we didn't bump into a lot of people. To eat here, you have to walk from Makati Avenue and neighboring areas, or park at AVenue or Century City.

I would definitely come back here though. The menu listed a lot of other dishes that I would really like to try out. :)


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Jill B.
4.0 Stars

Had a breakfast buffet here since we stayed at Y2. Food Choices are limited. I just enjoyed it because they have Strawberry Jam. Loved the scrambled egg coz they put bell pepper and cheese. And also, I love their Chicken Sausage.

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

There have been a number of times when we would plan to go to this place but every time we go, we would change our mind and just try some other restaurant because (1) someone would say something "not-so" nice about this place or (2) the location/area was just not convenient -- hassle!

Finally, one wednesday night, I was able to try this restaurant with my titas!! 128513

We were really not expecting because of all the negative reviews we've read. But there were also a number of good reviews rin naman. Well, we'll never really know unless we try, right? And good thing, we did tried this place. 128513 I may be part of the 5% who liked this place. Not really really really really like, but like -- enough to say that this place is worth your curiosity. It's not the "nakakasisi/nakakahinayang" type. 128521

It was just sad that they changed/updated their menu so I was not able to try the salted prawn something but, oh well. 128517 They have new dishes like the Gising Gising Gyoza, Sisig Bun and the Shrimp Har Kaw. 128512

We kinda ordered a lot and our server even said: "mukhang diet po kayo ah!" 128514128514 But we didn't ordered rice, kuya!!! 128518128541

We ordered the ff: Pink Panda Pork Buns (210), Puncak Chicken Sate (280), Mie Goreng (380), Fried VC Spring Rolls (220), Dimsum and Then Some (350), and Mango and Catfish Salad (365).

Pink Panda Pork Buns
-The "famous" panda bun. We ordered this just for picture taking purposes. 128541 Well, it was meh. The panda wasn't even cute. 128529

Puncak Chicken Sate
-This was really good! Tender and tasty chicken! 9786️ This is served with chili peanut sauce and pickled vegetables.

Mie Goreng
-we were supposed to order Pad Thai but it wasn't available so the server suggested this. It's almost like pad thai but the noodles are different. We really liked this one because there were generous serving of shrimps (huge juicy shrimps 128525), squid, tofu, pork and the egg! 128525 Plus it was spicy! It's like eating lucky me pancit canton but better!!! 128513128077🏼

Spring Rolls
-This was oily. Very. 128534 Too bad they no longer have the fresh version. 128532

Dimsum and Then Some
-prawn dumplings in different forms and flavors. I wasn't able to identify the different "flavors" since they all tastes the same, the wrappers' were just different. Except for the siomai. This was just okay. Nothing extraordinary. Hmm, but if you love shrimps, I think you'll enjoy this one. 127844127844

Mango and Catfish Salad
-this was also good. A different take on the usual catfish salad! 128077🏼 loaded with crunchy catfish, green papaya, pomelo and dried mangoes -- yes dried mangoes! The dressing was light and refreshing! 128513

For dessert, we ordered Panda Balls (210). Usual buchi but the filling is different -- they have dark chocolate, mongo, and peanut butter. We all liked the dark chocolate. It would just be better if the flavors were "evenly distributed" because out of the 5 balls, there was only 1 dark choco, 1 peanut butter and the rest were mongo. 128527

Service was good and fast. They were nice and very helpful. Also, you can park your car at A.Venue and they will validate or reimburse it! 128521128588🏼

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Bibien T.
3.0 Stars

I had a DealGrocer voucher for Pink Panda that was going to expire soon, so we had to use it right away.

The place screamed Asian Hipster. Everything, to the decor, the tableware, the mismatched seats were very interesting. The lights looked beautiful from outside. However, we had to change seats twice because the lights were flickering annoyingly above us. Medyo nakakahilo.128531 we asked the waiters if they could fix it, to no avail.

We ordered just three dishes, which was a lot for 2, but not enough for 3.

Mango Papaya Catfish Salad - the presentation was beautiful. The salad was served on top of a banana leaf, with the sauce on the side. It was also my first time to try a catfish salad with fried squash blossoms and dried mango. But then again, it has to be special. This has got to be the most expensive catfish salad I've tried.128517 It was good, although the salad as a whole might be too sour and unbalanced at times.

Pork and Duck Bak Kut Teh (see picture) - I was very disappointed that they didn't have the Lobster Ball Laksa that night, I was really looking forward to ordering it. So we decided to get this one instead, as it was recommended by the server. I was expecting the Bak Kut Teh to have a more herbal taste, and this fell short. What they lacked in taste though, they made up for the copious amounts of black pepper. Grabe, it tasted like pepper soup already. It was okay at first, but you would get tired of eating it, with the spiciness not being complex.128529 Not recommended.

Puncak Chicken Sate - I quite liked this, even if it was slightly sweet. It was very nutty, and the pickled veggies gave it more depth. The chicken was cooked perfectly, it was very soft and juicy. For 280 though, I think it is expensive, given that the serving was just 4 measly sticks.

I think the prices in Pink Panda are not worth it. If we didn't have a voucher, we would have paid around 1.2k for 2, for not-so-exceptional Southeast Asian food. Their food is not something I would look for again.

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Pau G.
4.0 Stars

The lighting was a bit dark for my taste, and not enough Southeast asian decor BUT the food totally made up for it. Everything we ordered was delicious. My favorites include Fried VC Spring rolls, Tempura Shrimp Har Kaw, and Seafood Sambal. The VC spring rolls are like Vietnamese spring rolls -- yum. Tempura Har Kaw is basically a shrimp dumpling dipped in tempura batter then deep fried. I expected more shrimp in the Har Kaw though, but the flavor is all there. Seafood Sambal reminds me of the French soup called Bouillabaisse but it tastes like curry. This was surprisingly one of my favorites because I'm not a big curry fan. All in all, great dining experience though. It's not overpriced despite the fact that it's owned by a celebrity. I'd definitely go back and bring my other friends with me!

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Jill B.
4.0 Stars

Did an ocular at Y2 hotel with the whole HR dept. after checking the rooms of Y2 hotel, we had our lunch at pink panda. They served us with a lot of Asian Cuisine and what I like most is the "GENERAL CHICKEN" and "FRIED SPRING ROLLS". I can't remember any of the food anymore. Hahah!
NOT A FAN OF ASIAN CUISINE ESPECIALLY VIETNAMESE. So maybe its the reason I didnt appreciate the food highly.

For dessert they served us buchi with different flavors. Peanut, chocolate and mongo. It is best eaten when hot. Buchi was great. 128521

They have open Mic during Thursdays so you can sing along with your friends too. 128077🏻

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Jerrick S.
4.0 Stars

Dimsum night... 128523
If you're a ginger lover you must try this dimsum..

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Maureen S.
5.0 Stars

I felt bad for not taking a good picture of the tom yum goong 128533 because it was super duper delicious 128561100841285239786128536 I didn't expect it at all!!! The first dish I tried was the Vietnamese spring rolls - combination of fresh and fried. I like the fresh one better, but it wasn't to die for. (Ba Noi's any day!)
But when i tasted the tom yum goong - oh my! I got converted 128519 i didn't enjoy tom yum goong as much until I tried Pink Panda's!

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Chin S.
4.0 Stars

It was a great place. The mango catfish salad was delicious and the panda balls were amaze-balls! I loved the peanut butter and chocolate filling! 128525

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Zia M.
4.0 Stars

Hurray to the person who started having buffet for breakfast!

Complimentary breakfast buffet at Pink Panda for our stay here at Y2. We were starving when we go down the resto that we managed to eat almost everything, and had a round 2 of rice. (dontjudge)

Too sad that I don't see any bacon in their table. 128557128557128557128557128557128557 It was heartbreaking.

I personally love the omelette they served, the egg rice, and corned beef! I even ate cereals after having rice meal. Hehehe

Not much selection for their breakfast buffet.

(Late post)

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Aida G.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Jacob N.
5.0 Stars

What do you get when your xiao long bao is on steroids?! Xiao long boom!! Hahaha
Xiao long BOWL?

Anyway I really love this place.. The food, the ambiance, the service and everything about it..
I really like the modern urban classic feeling..

Every food is an experience 1285131285229786128077

Its a bit pricey though but you'll surely get what you paid for 128077128513

Good job! Erwan H

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Dell C.
4.0 Stars

Just when I thought this place is just a hype, it is actually a pretty good one food and service wise. We ordered their spring rolls which is served half fried and half fresh but both are pretty tasty and delicious.

Also tried their crab mie goreng which for me is a bit salty but still good nonetheless since I am really not into salty food but my colleagues thought it is really good.

Dimsum and then some is superb! I thought it'll taste ordinary and I even joke about it being bought in Ongpin and sell here for a higher price. I was wrong. Theirs is really juicy and the taste is very unique, I am not sure what it is made of but there is something in there making ot really tasty.

Catfish salad with mango, pomelo and papaya is also a good choice. Serving is big and good for sharing.

Will definitely be back here to try something else. 128523128523128523128523128523

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Pham Val G.
5.0 Stars

Try Pink Panda's weekly special:Chicken pandan and binagoongan rice! Yummmers!

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