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1 Sierra Madre St., Grand Heights, Antipolo, Rizal

Pinto Art Museum
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Foodcrawl P.
5.0 Stars

This gallery is famed for its post-worthy architecture and collection of contemporary art. Pintò has taken over every social media feed since it opened doors to the public.

It was never planned but, not a year passed without a visit to Pinto ever since my birthday in 2014. It gets better annually with its expansion and addition of significant art pieces. The location is commute-friendly from any point of Manila. You can take any Antipolo bound FX or jeepney. Drop-off point will be at the Tricycle station, just mention that you are heading to Pinto. Approximate travel time from Katipunan area is around 40min.

There is an entrance fee of Php200 per head including the tour of about 8 galleries surrounded by different garden landscape. The upper deck gives a scenic view of the the sun setting down.

The Pintò Cafe near the Chapel serves refreshment and snack options. Tried the Pizza and it was good. There’s a need to improve the ventilation, it gets humid past lunch time. Wear comfortable walking shoes during your visit.

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Jerlyn A.
5.0 Stars

Saan aabot ang 200 pesos mo?

Let us spend the weekend at Antips without spending so much in this huge Santorini inspired museum. Get ready with your camera and OOTD because the place is very instagram worthy, has laid back atmosphere, very suitable for rainy season and the best thing is, it's near Manila.

Pinto Art Museum is located at 1 Sierra Madre St., Grand Heights, Antipolo, Rizal.


128204From EDSA-Shaw / SM Megamall / Cubao or LRT 2 Santolan Station
128204Ride a jeepney or UV Express with signboard going to Antipolo.
128204From Antipolo town proper, ride a tricycle going to Pinto Art Museum.

Just use waze, just like we did. 128536

200 - Regular/Adult
180 - Senior Citizen / PWD with valid ID
100 - Studen with school ID
3 years old below is free

128272Opens every Tuesdays to Sundays
9am to 6pm only

Don't forget to follow me on instagram

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Nic S.
5.0 Stars

My friends and I have been seeing tons of posts on social media before this visit and personally I thought that if Pinto Art Museum looked that good in photos, it would definitely look better in person! Thus, this super random trip came to be and it was well worth it.

Pinto Art Museum is located in Antipolo. It took us around an hour’s drive to get here and it wasn’t hard to find at all (more because we used Waze and the directions we got were really accurate). A two hundred peso fee is charged per person and that allows you to go around the whole museum which is made up of a number of areas.

It was easy to appreciate all the artwork that they house because no two pieces were the same or similar - everything was so different and the way they arranged things seemed effortless. There was no need for a theme for each room; the randomness of it all definitely added to the museum’s charm.

As we were going around we were lucky enough to run into one of the museum’s curators. He kindly showed us around and explained the meaning behind some of the artworks - this definitely made the experience even better so if any of the museum’s curators, guides or staff members ask if you would like a tour, please accept their offer!

Whether you’re into paintings, sculptures, interiors or whatever else, Pinto Art Museum is a feast for the eyes. This place is always worth a visit. Bring your camera and put on a pretty outfit for all of those nice photos you’ll be able to take :)


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Aiah O.
5.0 Stars

Instead of having a party, I celebrated my birthday with best friends by going to Pinto Art Museum. It is located in Antipolo, just a few hours away from Manila. We rode the fx in front of Megamall then a trycicle going to the place. The trick is to go there in the morning during weekdays so it's less traffic. Wear comfortable shoes since it is a 1.2 hectare property and you will be spending an entire day walking. Make sure to have a full battery and a powerbank just in case. For just 200 pesos, you will get to be inspired with paintings, sculptures and interiors. The place is beautiful and every angle is instagram worthy. It is great for pre-nup and other photoshoots. Don't wear white though since the walls are painted white. There are a lot of art galleries and installations which spread out into six buildings. Every building is unique and interesting. They have 2 restaurants in case you are hungry and thirsty in between snaps. Being a fan of art and museums, I definitely enjoyed going to this place.

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Daylight M.
5.0 Stars

it's weird, bizarre, unusual and odd too... and i love it! 128525128525128525
since this is just a couple of blocks away from our resort (at antipolo) we head on to this museum and enjoyed the place. entrance fee is 200php (discounted for seniors, pwd; and kids 3yo below are free). the place is really huge, the artwoks are a bit strange and yeah, that's how art is :)

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Piya S.
5.0 Stars

My first visit to this Pinto Art Museum. I really appreciate those arts and paintings. I love the ambiance, the place. Your Php 200 is super worth it. You must-try to visit this place and it has also a cafe to eat and chill.

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Anrey C.
5.0 Stars

Another of me and my cousin's drawing just had came to life
Besides of all problems I encoutered while inside the museum didn't stop us ... oh myyyy gossshh... kung pwede dito nko tumira... this one's a combination of art galleries and may sound a bit weird to say na one of the fb app once saids i'm the one you can't take far from the nature, like i can't live far from that..and it's true...
It's the best museum ever...
Either artist or just non artist will love it here...

Entrance fees:
200 adult
180 senior
100 student
and 3ft. Below kids are free...

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Loren D.
4.0 Stars

Pinto Art Museum is indeed picturesque. Every corner is an eye-catcher. Even the latrines have intricate details!!

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Shayne B.
5.0 Stars

Happy to visit this museum again last Sunday after about 2 years! 128525

But, let me start with things I didn't like during my last visit:
- People must stop leaning on and touching SOME artworks for photos! Seriously, "Do not touch the artworks" has been posted everywhere and I still see some people leaning dramatically on some framed artworks for photos! My goodness. 🙄 lol why are guys doing that

Sorry, I need to chill now. 128540

Pinto Art Museum is still a beautiful place. Many things have changed now though. I guess the rates became high too, but I think it's worth it. 128522 Walking through the gallery halls, I've noticed some artworks from Art Fair PH 2015 are now displayed there. 128147 There are two cafe/restaurants inside too, before it was only one. We didn't dine because almost all the tables were occupied.

I've also noticed there is now an "erotic gallery". Lol 2 years ago I believe they didn't have that. There was a signage that says close the door since some artworks may not be suitable for children. 128539128069128527128089128166 There's also a new off limits area/hall. I think it's going to be an art school or art center? Idk. 128584

I had fun still. Hmmm...

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Karla C.
4.0 Stars

I know I'm no art connoisseur but to be honest, it was not the artworks displayed here that impressed me most but more the architecture and landscape. The interesting displays scattered all over the grounds made the walk around the vast lot more exciting and enjoyable.
The entire collection isn't all that bad. My favorite was Forest by Antonio Leano. It's an art installation of a dark indoor bamboo forest with small ponds and scattered leaves together with the perfect accompanying sound effects. It was truly a feast for the senses.
Gallery 6, in my opinion, had the best collection and the most aesthetically pleasing structure with it's high ceilings and large open space.
Whilst the place is truly instagrammable, I think it's sad that people flock here not to appreciate art but more to serve as a backdrop for their Facebook and Instagram posts so expect a throng of people in their best OOTD equipped with their selfie sticks, camera phones, and their instagram worthy poses all over the grounds.
But overall, it was a great experience. The place was nice. Their staff was nice. Their cafes are also cute but a bit pricey. Skip the truffle fries from Cafe Rizal but their shakes are really refreshing especially after a tiring walk across the grounds.
I would definitely recommend this place to others especially my balik-bayan friends and relatives. Although entrance is quite pricey at P200 but students with valid IDs get a P100 student's discount. There is also a P20 entrance fee to the subdivision plus there are neighborhood kids who hounds you asking for loose change in exchange for looking after your car. Be warned: parking can be difficult here. It can also be hot and humid. The galleries aren't air-conditioned so bring a fan, towel, and water. Wear comfy clothes and shoes plus sunblock, a cap, and shades so you are comfy plus OOTD ready. 128522

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Carla Fenella A.
5.0 Stars

I am excited to visit this place. Just read a few days before that the grandson of the person who tattooed whang od is here! I already have a tattoo from Elyang and Whang Od and I'm thinking of getting another native tattoo from this young guy at Pinto! Aside from the fact that he's at Pinto, I am also intrigued by the place. Based from my research, Pinto Museum really looks like a good art gallery place. It looks like some old mexican hacienda.

I went here with a friend and arrived before lunchtime. We were still full that time so we decided to check the place and the artworks first. We paid P200 for the entrance. P100 for students and P180 senior/PWD.

I was amazed that the place is bigger than I expected. There are lots of different artworks from different local artists. There are different themes, different art forms in each room or gallery. From paintings to sculptures, potteries, mosaics, dioramas, digital arts, murals etc. the place itself is even an artwork!! You can even do a photoshoot here. Structures or the galleries at Pinto are instagram worthy. The place is really big. I thought the gallery would just be in the same building but you actually need a map for this if you want to see everything and if you don't wanna get lost. A couple of hours is not enough. I thought we would be able to leave early but we left the place at already 5ish

Unfortunately, the native tattoo artist got sick and wasn't available that time. We were told that he is just staying at Pinto. Now, how cool is that? You also need to call ahead of time to make a reservation if you want to have yourself inked

Touring Pinto at midday can be so dehydrating coz the place is big. There are open spaces too and it was humid the day we went. So make sure that you have a bottle of water with you or anythin that will keep you hydrated. There are 2 or 3 cafes inside Pinto so you won't get hungry while checking the whole place. Im not sure if the one nearest to the entrance or beside the souvenir shop is a cafe too. We ate at one of their cafes outdoor at around 3pm. It's supposed to be hot but because of the trees surrounding it and birds chirping, it gives the place a relaxing and breezy feel. Love their idea of combining art, nature and photography! This is the best museum I've been to so far.

Pinto Art Museum opens from Tue-Sun, 9am to 6pm.

*I want to add more photos but I can only upload 10 128514


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5.0 Stars

We arrived at Pinto Art Museum thirty minutes before its door will open to the public (9:00AM opening time). There's a Php200.00 entrance fee before you can enter the premises. If your a student, just present an ID (student) for a 50% discount - that's Php100.00 per student. If your a Senior Citizen / Person with Disability, just present an ID for 20% discount.

Pinto Art Museum is a 1.3 hectares museum. It is located in Antipolo Rizal. And it composed of several galleries, I think 6 galleries... as provided in their map. Yes, they will provide you a map (keep it, trust me! You will need that map) because it's huge. Inside, I was fascinated with the beauty of the white wall of each houses/ galleries and several trees inside the premises of the museum. Pinto Art Museum is really an instagram worthy museum, good for photo ops and pre-nup photo shoot, be sure you have a fully loaded battery of your mobile-cam/ camera. 128247

At first we were too excited to see the man made arts inside the museum but as the time goes and the sun rose up, you will need to take slow in a bit. Gladly, there's a restaurant inside the museum where we can chill for a while. It's a little bit pricey though! 128521

I really have a good time touring Pinto Art Museum. Just be sure to come early because it can get crowded, especially on weekends. By the way, don't forget to bring drinking water, hanky/face tissue and extra shirt... "nakakapagod!" Promise! 128540

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Dhem P.
4.0 Stars

Oh hello again looloo! 128514
Posting a review after God knows how long (because one person wouldn't stop bugging me about not being supportive enough to actually use the app).

Putting that aside, here's my first review for the month and hopefully not the last for the year. 128514

What should have been a day hike at Mt. Ulap turned into a day at the Pinto Art Museum, all because our hike organizer was three hours late for the said meet-up time. 128561

Headed out to Pinto at around 11 in the morning on a holiday. And the place was packed - mostly by students on a field trip. Entrance costs 200 for adults.

They gave us a map of the place. So, basically, you're left on your own to navigate the place. It isn't the Louvre so you won't get lost 128539

While I could say a LOT of great things about the art (and the impressive skills of a certain painter by the name of Pamela Yan Santos), the people in the museum and their behavior left a bad taste in my mouth.

First off, it's a museum. Sure taking photos is allowed but can't people stop for just a few minutes and appreciate the art around them.

Second, rules are meant to be followed. If the sign says don't touch the paintings, then DON'T TOUCH THE FREAKING PAINTING. 🙄128514 If it's just for the sake of a new profile picture, by all means take a photo with the sculpture or the painting, but don't touch it! Our hands contain harmful oils that may corrode the surface of oil or acrylic paintings. If you want future generations to see the paintings in the museum, then do your part in preserving the pieces - by again, NOT TOUCHING THE PAINTINGS! Pleassseeeee. 128554

Third, this is where museum guards or guides would have been helpful. Aside from reminding people not to touch the paintings and call them out for rowdy behavior, they could have educated visitors about the paintings. There was one particular painting in gallery 2 which i found completely disorienting. Unlike the other pieces in the gallery where an explanation of the art was placed beside it, this one didn't have one. 🙃128514

All in all, a pretty good place to visit especially if you're a huge art geek/freak like me. My advice, head out to the museum on a regular work day - file for a leave! Haha! That way you won't have to deal with a huge crowd. 128514

Photos by: Roegan T

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Clarisse D.
4.0 Stars

From Starbucks near Antipopo Church, I approached a tricycle driver and asked him to bring me to Pinto Art Museum. I know it’s a bit too expensive to ride a trike alone because I need to pay the fare alone. But I don’t have a choice.

As I enter the vicinity, all the expectations I had were brought up to me by my brain. This museum should not disappoint me. I’ve heard a lot of good reviews and saw stunning photos showing how picturesque this place is. I registered first, paid Php100 as a student, and the receptionist handed me a paper which has the map and the rules of the museum.

When I saw the map, I am officially convinced that this will be a series of upstairs, downstairs, and walks. They have a total of eight galleries, including the Pinto Art Gallery and the Museum of Indigenous Art.

I surrendered my bag first. The only thing I have is the map, my phone, and my hanky.

When I saw the exterior of the Pinto Art Gallery, my expectations fused together, leaving me with nothing but a numbing pain and set of questions of what, why, and how. I expected a clear white wall and castle-y beauty of the exterior; I was welcomed with dead white walls and “so, eto pala yun.”

But behind those, I still admire it. It may not be 100% pleasing to the eyes, but it’s really beautiful when you snap a photo of it. Also, what counts is the art that it houses. I was easily lost, I almost get to the point that I came to the part where there are signage of private property.

I admired every work of art, wishing I had the talented and skilled hands to create such beautiful things. Walking alone gave me peace of mind knowing I can go anywhere I want to be without someone taking authority of where should I go next, nobody to tell me, “take a picture of me here”. I also didn’t take a lot of pictures, I’m afraid my phone will die in the middle of my tour. I only took some shots where there are less people in the area. I don’t like to be a photobomber in their photos.

It took me almost two hours to roam around the museum even though most reviewers said they consumed 3-4 hours in doing so. I would have actually finished the tour much shorter if I don’t need to find some other way out. There are a lot of people taking pictures almost everywhere. It’s hard to walk, or to go down the stairs, or to transfer to other galleries. I really don’t want to mess with them but it’s really hard to find alternative routes to go to other galleries. One time, I needed to sit on the couch and stare blankly at the sky because I’m waiting for a certain group to finish taking their shot. But at least I relaxed my legs a bit.

I see happy people everywhere. I hope everyone appreciated how beautiful the works are.

When I finally find my way out, I knew it’s time to say goodbye and thanks to the hours of walking in a garden surrounded with serenity and silence.

I surrendered my tag and got my bag. Rode a tricycle to bring me back to the church for my next destination.

For complete reviews of my four destinations in antipolo,

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Andi E.
5.0 Stars

Pinto Art Museum is an art haven that houses various kinds of artwork that convey different messages and stories. Pinto means ‘door’ in English. And this place consists of gallery houses with doors bringing you to a different world of imagination. Located in the heart of Rizal province, Antipolo City, this place is very accessible and is perfect for fun bonding activity.

If you ask me, I am not an absolute fan of arts and paintings. But once you get here, you will be amazed and stunned at how these arts depict something strong. Of course, for photo enthusiasts, this place is 'instagrammable' in every corner. So make sure you get the nicest angle.


Bring face towel if you sweat frequently. This place is huge, you won't even finish the whole area in half day.

Go here early, most people go here after lunch or late afternoon. It is going to be a challenge to get empty space and avoid photobombers if the crowd is huge.

Entrance fee as of September 2016:
200 - Regular
180 - Senior Citizen with ID
100 - Student with ID

More photos and review on my blog,

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Kat M.
5.0 Stars

I’ve been wanting to go to this place for a while now, and Oliver and I finally had the chance to visit it. Located inside a residential place in Antipolo, I was surprised that there is a huge open museum there that we are confused at first. You have to park alongside the road though, which is not a hassle if you arrive early. We arrived just in time for lunch and just ate at the Café. Food is good, but I find it a bit pricey.

We decided to spend the whole afternoon there, so we really took our time to check and view the galleries. In terms of the architecture, I must say it’s a dream house. It’s white and rustic and full of art. A girl can dream right? HAHA. There are a lot of pocket gardens and patios, so many flowers and plants, and makeshift water sources. I love it. In terms of art, I am wowed by quantity of art inside. It’s so huge. It’s good they provide a map so you can see everything. I especially love the thin metalworks made into human figures. The bamboo room is also an interesting exhibition, albeit eerie. It game me the goosebumps haha. There is also a small ethnographic museum featuring bul’ul from the north and their textile.

Even if you are not an art enthusiast, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the place. Come to think of it, Pinto is such a beautiful word to describe this place. A door opening endless beauty of art.

A few notes:

127917 They are closed on Mondays like most museums

127919 Arrive early as it can get crowded and humid

127912 Make sure you charge your phone and/or camera because every corner is picturesque

🏵 Eat before you come here so you have energy to walk. Bring water

127826 Stop. Touching. The. Art. I saw so many people who do huhu

10024 Maximize the use of comfort rooms around the area

10084️ Enjoy!!!

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Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars

Pinto Art Museum is heaven for art lovers and enthusiasts.

Pinto is located at a private subdivision in Antipolo. My friends and I took around 1hr-drive to reach the place. Not sure about commuting though. Nevertheless, the trip way up to Antipolo is worth it.
It is safe to say that Pinto Art Museum is one of the most beautiful museums in the Metro. It houses several galleries with different themes. Upon entrance, you will be given a map of the 1.2 hectare art sanctuary. Yes, it is that big. You may opt to discover the place per gallery number, but I would suggest to just roam and find your way around it. I wonder why Pinto Art Museum has a name as such. Pinto in Filipino is door. A door that leads to something artistic and beautiful, perhaps? Maybe. As this art space kind of transported me to another dimension where art matters.

There are a lot of spots in Pinto that made me say “wow” and “ahh, beautiful!” My favorites include the giant mural in Gallery 2 and all the artworks in Galleries 4 and 5. Really really beautiful! I love the white-washed buildings and the white walls and interiors. Santorini feels, actually.

Trust me when I say that everything here, yes everything, is beautiful. Truly a mecca for art lovers.

P.S. Like most of the museums everywhere, Pinto is closed every Monday.

a. I suggest going here early. As you need more time to appreciate the whole place. 2 hours is fairly enough, I think, but my 4 hours of picture-taking is definitely worth it.
b. Wear comfy clothes. You may sweat a lot here.
c. Keep hydrated. Water is your best friend.
d. Charge your cellphone and cameras. My phone died in the middle of picture taking, that I had to use my camera alone. Hmm, sometimes iphone takes better pictures of the scenery, right?
e. Have fun and appreciate everything!

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Tin C.
4.0 Stars

I guess I've been through a major looloo hiatus due to a lot of reasonsss. But I'm just gonna try my luck again on trying out new places, on looloo reviewing, and of course, on #halloolooween2016!

It's my second time to go here in Pinto. My friend told me it's fine to go back and I thought so. This time, I was with my hello pre-nup-ish photos! Lol. We also went with our other couple friends so it's fun. BUT, the entrance fee went P50 higher! The first time I went here with my college friends, it was just P150. Also, as it became more popular, it's now more crowded which might be the reason why the heat of the place was more felt. Yes, it was hot even outside and on rainy days. The entire place is not air-conditioned. Thank God my friends decided to bring fans. I would suggest to bring bottled water too when you visit. It also rained, same as my first time, so bringing an umbrella would really help you go to other galleries/parts of the museum. Still, I would prefer to eat outside than in the museum's cafe because it's crowded and you wouldn't have much food options. I saw some people having fruit shakes, not sure if they're good. The cafes are small and almost full when we got there. Tour of the entire place is about 1.5hrs, depends on how long you take pictures. I still recommend first-timers/daters to check this place out. Just remember to bring a fan, umbrella, and bottled water!

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Nievs G.
5.0 Stars

Why did I get to visit this place just now is not really beyond me, as a lazybones like me would say, "Jan lang naman yan." Hahaha. I live in Rizal, so The Pinto Art Museum is about a 15-or-so minute jeepney ride from where I live. Yet this haven for art and nature lovers is like a world away.

The Pinto Art Museum showcases the best (and maybe the quirkiest) of Filipino contemporary art. And it is truly a visual feast -- in every corner you turn, it unveils things that are truly interesting. Some of the artworks can provoke not just your thoughts, but also your emotions as well. I am not an art critic, but I otherwise love and appreciate art (that's why lately I've been taking sporadic, informal art lessons).

One of the things that's unique about this museum is the ample seating (indoor or outdoor), particularly the mattresses that dot throughout the museum grounds. Heck, to be honest I wasn't prepared for the extensive walks around the gardens and the number of galleries, which were housed in six Mediterranean-style buildings throughout the area (for the exception of one building which, we thought, was undergoing re-construction). At least there's a nearby metal chair or a rusty bed frame with a mattress for me to sit on and to cool my heels off.

You can find art even among the lush gardens with a number of art installations around. Hopping from one gallery to the next, every one of them reveals truly interesting pieces. There's one gallery that's devoted to the Filipino traditional art, while another showcases more experimental mixed media stuff -- they even use vehicles like the classic Volkswagen Beetle or a Ducati, and a few use electricity to illuminate their pieces. I like some art pieces that use salvaged and found objects -- which most of us consider as trash. Even a couple of art pieces can be "played" by spinning.

Among my favorite artworks are the "bubble wrap" paintings by Crispin Villanueva Jr -- his renditions of the masterpieces by Rembrandt and David Teniers the Younger. The dead bird by Geraldine Javier. The "lighted" masterpieces that use X-ray lighting. The "Bayan ng Ginhaw" by Rodel Tapayan (reminds me of Paul Klee's works). The bejeweled turtle "Pawikan" by Stephanie Lopez. "The Museum of Indigenous Art" which reminds me of the BenCab museum -- filled with wood sculptures of "bulol" (rice gods) and intricate hand-made mats. The VW Beetle art piece. And the massive 12x40-foot 1992 acrylic painting "Karnabal" from the combined efforts of several artists.

What ticked me off during my visit there was the several visitors who leaned on the paintings, or touched them. This is a BIG NO-NO when visiting museums as it will compromise the integrity of the artwork over time (especially the oil and acrylic paintings, which are more prone to damage when in contact by something else). I am a shy person, but I couldn't help gently telling couple of people off who leaned on paintings (particularly the Karnabal). I was a bit disappointed to discover that some people visit the museums not to appreciate art but to have selfies, or for bragging rights maybe that they have visited the Pinto Art Museum, even if that means damaging the artworks along the way.

There are a handful of restaurants scattered throughout the area, but since my sister and I just went there for the galleries and for some nature-tripping, we were short of cash so we decided to dine somewhere else. Next time na lang kami kakain jan.

The beautiful galleries and extensive gardens were really worth the P200-per-head entrance fee -- we spent about three hours there, and it wasn't even enough to discover the other things this museum can offer. It can get a bit crowded past lunchtime, though, so I guess we should go there much earlier next time. :)

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Pamela M.
5.0 Stars

So me and my friends went here for our mini get together since the last time we were complete was like ages ago lol! 128569

We went here via Grab and trike from the Our Lady of Voyage Church. 128513

The entrance fee for the museum is around 200php but if you're a student just simply present a school Id and from there you will be able to get a 100php off discount.

There are a lot of areas inside the Pinto Art Museum like they have their outdoor creations like potteries and stuffs, beautiful galleries (paintings,photographs,etc). I was amazed by almost everything especially the different art rooms that I super enjoyed the most! My favorite part was the sofas, beds wherein you could snap and snap a photo that will be perfect for your Instagram account or Snapchat perhaps. 128513128076🏻

They also offer food in their Cafe but for us we decided to try something different outside the museum.

I will be back for sure with my relatives soon!

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