Pioneer Street Market

HMR Compound, Reliance St. cor. Pioneer St., Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Pioneer Street Market
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Food Bazaar
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Most Recent Reviews

Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Pretty cool place with various food choices. They open early unlike other food bazaars in the metro. That's a good thing for those working just across the compound.

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Mark D.
5.0 Stars

You know the pop up banchetto's eveywhere?. Good food and airconditioned safe space. Not tooo crowded. Good selection, from Pinoy, Thai, Japanese food. There's a coffeshop on the second level too!

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Jasper T.
4.0 Stars

Not crowded, Plenty of organic stuff and ample parking.

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Rachelle V.
5.0 Stars

Try this food mArket for gourmet Nd affordable food

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Edwin I.
4.0 Stars

A visit back to Pioneer Street Market always certainly brings some good eating. Aside from the previous dishes that I've tried and enjoyed , I chanced on trying a couple of dishes from the familiar food concessionaires and got to try a new food stand.

I'm enjoying the healthy sandwich from Tramezzino Panini. The vegetarian Panini sandwich is stuffed with a deliciously seasoned mix of grilled veggies-- squash, zucchini , bell peppers, eggplant. Quite flavorful with the grilled veggies lending a sweet taste. Yummy with melted Mozarella cheese.

I chanced on a new food stall called the Dutch Kitchen. An interesting new addition to the market. The new stall is run by a Dutch who personally does the cooking. The menu is short highlighting comfort-food dishes enjoyed at home by the Dutch. I tried their Dutch Meatballs and Nutella Dutch Pancake.

The Dutch Meatball dish plating has been tweaked to suit the Pinoy palate. The dish was served with garlic rice. The serving had a huge nicely seasoned meatball (looking like a fat burger patty) topped with melted cheese. Diners have to option to choose the accompanying sauce-- I paired mine with their tomato-mayo dressing. The dish was quite filling. If you're fond of the Burger Steak dish from a popular local food chain, Dutch Kitchen's Meatball dish will certainly be a good choice.

The Nutella Dutch Pancake (which was a popular Dutch snack specially among kids) was certainly a sweet treat that I loved. Presentation wise, it looked like a child's cooking project. Instead of the usual fluffy pancakes that we are all familiar with, the Dutch pancake looked like a huge thick crepe, smeared with a Nutella "happy face". But don't let the simplicity of the plating bring judgement to the snack. The enjoyment was in the eating. We were told to first sprinkle the flat pancake with brown sugar, then roll the crepe-like dish, then generously smear it with the accompanying caramel sauce. Oh boy, I loved the taste. The pancake tasted like chewy crepe, nicely flavored with the Nutella, with the caramely crunch of the brown sugar, and saucy with the buttery-caramel sauce. Quite addicting in fact.

Hopefully the Dutch Kitchen brings in a popular Dutch Streetfood that I love-- their pickled herrings.

Pioneer Street Market remains to be one of my favorite food market in the Metro.

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

Pioneer Street Market.  Tiger City's foodie haven. 

My first street market experience was at Salcedo.  I've been visiting weekend markets since then (Mercato,  Legazpi, Gourmand Market,  etc...)  I like visiting weekend markets because you get to support local business owners and you get first hand experience of the latest food trends. 

I've read well-written reviews of Pioneer Street Market (cc Edwin I and Christina R) and i said to myself - this i gotta try. 

The place is conveniently located  HMR Compound (Reliance corner Pioneer Street).  You will be greeted by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee upon entering.  There are a couple of food stalls that cater to every foodie's preference - shawarma,  salpicao,  panini,  cold-pressed juice,  Indonesian food,  Dutch pancakes,  roast beef,  Mexican Food,  pastries, organic produce, chillies,  candied apples,  smoothies and lot more (i think i listed all of 'em)

I like the fact that the place is well-ventilated and they are set up as a food court.  There are a couple of wooden chairs and tables in the middle for foodies.  Once you order food at one of the stalls,  they deliver the food at your table.   The set-up is pretty nifty, condusive for lazy afternoons.  The place was a lil empty when we came in,  it's pretty peaceful.  I like it because you get to eat sans the helter-skelter. 

The stalls are manned with the respective owners.  You get to chat with them whilst waiting for your food.  A little tête-à-tête is always good.  You get to mingle with the owners and ask them about their product. 

I assume the place is packed during the weekends.  If you like eating in peace,  it is highly recommended to visit them on a weekday (Tuesday to Thursday,  closed every Monday).  Not sure of their hours of operations but they close shop by 9pm.

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Paul G.
4.0 Stars

Edwin I and Christina R thanks for sharing.
Had lunch here with my new food trip buddy (new job/office).
We checked all the stalls first but I actually knew what I wanted to order, Peri Peri Chicken and I loved it!128077128077
It had just the right level of spicyness, meat was tender and bonus na yung bits of crispy skin128515
Priced at P159, sulit na sulit IMO!
Only problem is we were seated outside, luckily it wasnt that hot. Indoor is much better as it has airconditioning :D
Bought chilled taho (P40 only) for dessert and it was good!
We will definitely go back maybe every two weeks or once a month. We usually just eat at the building canteen on a daily basis.

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Edwin I.
4.0 Stars

Being back at Pioneer Street Market brought some truly good new food finds. I'm loving Soul Potato's Shepherd Pie and Caramelized Suman ala Mode; Bad Apple's Nutty Chocolate Caramel: Bakmi Nyonya's Beef Rendang. And I'm liking Bakmi Nyonya's Bakmi Ayam.

Reading Christina R's review of new food finds and upon my foodie friends' prodding enticed me to once again visit this collective food place.

Bakmi Nyonya, the Indonesian food stall, apparently won a number of recognitions. They won the Ultimate Taste Test sponsored by Our Awesome Planet held in Glorietta in 2015 (for their Bakmi Ayam). They also were the Overall Champion, Best in Product Innovation, and People's Choice Award during the 2014 The Next Big Food Entrepreneur competition. That said, I tried their Ultimate Test Test winning dish, the Bakmi Ayam. The dish was a filling mix of flat noodles, chicken, and mushrooms. I am no expert in Indonesian cuisine, but I must say that the dish was tasty although I felt that it would have been better if it was "saucier". I tried the Beef Rendang ordered by my friend. I loved Bakmi Nyonya's Beef Rendang. The beef was so tender and flavorful. The coconut cream sauce was nicely rich with spices. And true to Christina R's review, this dish would have been even better if it was served with more sauce.

Soul Potato's Shepherd Pie was so good! I LOVED the savory minced meat pie mixed with mushrooms and corn niblets. The meat had a nice yet mild spicy heat. The mashed potato crust was deliciously creamy with an under crust of yummy melted cheese. The potato crust was topped with crushed potato chips that nicely added texture to the dish. Flavors altogether was quite comforting and typical of food for the soul. This filling and tasty dish, quite affordable for just 170.

Soul Potato's Caramelized Suman ala Mode was also the bomb. A merry , yummy twist to a Pinoy classic snack. Two huge pieces of Suman, coated with a thin crunchy caramel crust and sauce, then drizzled with chocolate syrup, and served with Vanilla Ice Cream. The yummy, sticky mess was a great unusual way to enjoy Suman. Quite affordable for just 80 bucks. Made more delicious when I paired this with a cup of one of the food concessionaire's perfect earthy Americano from Sweet Swell.

I had the chance to meet the owner/chef of Soul Potato who happens to also have a Looloo account. It was great meeting you Aj A/Juno. Awesome food you have. Will try your mashed potato pizza next time.

Also got to try Bad Apple's Nutty Chocolate Caramel. I loved the sweet treat. Using a Granny Smith green apple as base, the fresh apple was dipped in a thick, chewy, buttery caramel syrup, coated with dark chocolate , then sprinkled with chopped nuts. The tartness of the green apple nicely balanced the buttery sweetness of the caramel sauce and worked nicely with the bittersweet chocolate coating.

Pioneer Street Market continues to offer foodies great food finds. A recommended place indeed for foodies looking for some unusually yummy treats.

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

This place has been open for a couple of months. I thought it was just a weekend market for produce, plants and other home stuff.

Open from Tuesday's - Sunday's, this place occupies a small spot in the HMR parking lot along Reliance street. On weekends there is also an outdoor market which I am assuming is set up like Salcedo.

The building has a food park in the ground floor. Several merchants offer food that are anywhere from 50-300 pesos an order. I got here this afternoon at 12:30 and the place started filling up around 1PM. The 2nd floor is an extension of HMR and they sell cheap items there.

I saw 2 actors kanina, the place being just across TV5. One I knew because she was pretty popular when I was a kid, and the other one I found out because people kept repeating her name and asked their photos to be taken with her. There could've been others but I am not in tune with current showbiz news so I can't say for sure. If you're into celebrity spotting, you can take your chance here.

Edwin I wrote a wonderful review of this place, so best to read his if you're interested with the Pioneer St. Market. He's my go-to guy for all things interesting. Hi Edwin!9786️ Too bad Adam's isn't here anymore. This is more basic than Hole in the Wall, in terms of decor, food offering and price points. But it is a cozy place. Tables are around the area so you can dine in. The ac was on in the whole building. Really big parking area, free too.

They had an acoustic guitar group singing as early as when I got in, made the place a little more alive. They said the place is a popular dinner place and gets packed at night. I noticed some of the food stalls were manned by the owners themselves.

If you like supporting small businesses, show them some love by heading over to this side of Mandaluyong.

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Edwin I.
4.0 Stars

Are you fond of foodie adventures to weekend markets/banchettos? While there a number of awesome places that can easily tickle your foodie adventure, more often than not, these bazaars are only available during the weekend and one has to contend with the outdoor heat.

There is a place in Mandaluyong that offers a collection of good foodie finds. Perhaps, the food selections fall short compared to the number of concessionaires in the more popular weekend markets. BUT, to my mind, 3 things make this foodie spot a good go-to for some food adventures. First, the place is air-conditioned (so no need to enjoy eating while sweltering in the day's heat). Secondly, the place is open from Wednesdays through Sundays (9:00am-9:00pm) thereby giving foodies a flexible chance to explore the food finds. And lastly (and maybe the most important), with the limited number of concessionaires, I must say there are pretty good and interesting food finds.

This is the Pioneer St Market.

The place holds some 25-30 concessionaires. Most offer dine in food specialties with some stands offering take-out packed snacks and gourmet finds. Foodstuff ranging from vegan snacks, fruit based healthy snacks, meat selections, sauces/salad dressings, fresh breads and sandwiches, a few international cuisine twists, pastries, and coffee. Interestingly, the thrust is towards organic and somewhat healthy food offerings. Foodies have an option to dine in the place's air-conditioned area or their outdoor seating area.

This visit, there were a number of foodie finds that I loved and liked.

The only fine coffee concessionaire was Current Swell Coffee. A purveyor of select yet good coffee and blends from both local and international origins. I must say that I loved their Americano. A hefty serving of a blend of full bodied, aromatic, lightly chocolatey , nicely acidic beans. It was so good that I gladly savored the brew black without sugar. Quite honestly, one of the best Americanos that I have tried ( and yes, much better than some of the popular international coffee chains that we have). Not bad for just 100 for a huge mug of their perfect brew.

Another foodie find that I loved was Adam's Ice Cream. While I have tried the brand in a Makati weekend food market (I loved their Sugar-free Chocolate Ice cream --they call it The First Lady's Love), I had the chance to try thru their stand at Pioneer St Market a number of their other flavors that simply blew me away--- Dulcinea de Manila (a wickedly good and addicting ice cream flavor made with Machengo Cheese and Red Grapes), Figgy Blue (a perfect blend of bleu cheese and figs), and their Ambassador Butter Cream (a delicious buttery ice cream with almond brittle). Their rather expensive pricing (a small tub --lesser than a pint, easily fetches between 300-350 each) , is quite forgivable for their decadently unique flavors and creamy quality.

I loved a couple of pastries from Sweetsmith. Their Orange Chocolate Brownies was a delicious, chewy , chocolatey treat infused with orange. Their Cheese Yummies was also addicting. A chewy blondie brownie packed with cheese.

There was a stand that sold vegan/vegetarian packed snacks. I loved their Mushroom-Charon (a healthy vegan chicharon made from mushrooms--- the schmuckers were perfectly crunchy and nicely seasoned-- and were dead-ringers to pork skin chicharon) and Seaweed-charon ( another healthy vegan variant made from seasoned seaweeds cooked to a perfect pork chicharon texture and flavor).

There was a stand that sold baked Sour Cream Sweet Potato Chips--- a healthy yet delicious alternative to the usual fried potato chips that we love.

A Periperi Chicken concessionaire called Fuego Amigo offered nicely seasoned and moist chicken. They offered set meals. I enjoyed my Periperi chicken with a free side dish of their baked pumpkin.

There was a stand that sold fresh pressed fruit and vegetable juices. What i liked was they also offered healthy popsicle power treats for health conscious foodies ( I liked their Kale-Cucumber-Orange Popsicle).

Albeit the few treats that I tried, I think Pioneer St Market has a number of offerings worth a visit. I'm keen on trying next time their concessionaires that sold Roast Beef Belly, Shawarma Pizza, the Indonesian stand, a meatball shop, and the fresh breads.

The place is easy to find. It sits inside the compound of HMR and right across the new compound of TV-5. To be exact, the place is located in the corner of Pioneer St and Reliance.

For foodies who like exploring new food finds, Pioneer St Market comes highly recommended.

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