Pito's Sutokil

Santiago Beach, Camotes Islands, San Francisco, Cebu

Pito's Sutokil
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Shay S.
1.0 Stars

We stayed here for one night with my family and had a terrifying experience. My husband, brother in law, and cousin went down to the bar to listen to music and hang out around 11. They were approached by the owner's family members who started instigating a fight while they were trying to head upstairs to our room. It went from a group of 5 men surrounding them to a group of 16 men! I'm sure their intentions were to start a fight and/or jump them maybe for money or other motives. One of them pulled out a knife and another a gun while shouting in their dialect. They were able to get help from the rest of us once we heard the commotion. Some of us went down to the bar but they started to disperse. Once the owner woke up they blamed our family for trying to fight even though we were minding our own business on our vacation and the last thing we would want is to be in a fight. The owner covered up for those men because those were his family members. PLEASE IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR WELL BEING AND LIFE DO NOT STAY THERE OR ANYWHERE NEAR THERE. If you are a foreigner like us please note that the police station is futher down on the Santiago White Beach and is open 24 hours. We were lied to by the locals about many things including the police station location and hours of operation. Apparently, this is not the first incident with their family members where foreigners were attacked. Luckily no one was hurt in this case. I'm writing this review to warn any one who thinks about staying here. DON'T DO IT. IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR FAMILY AT ALL DONT DO IT. There are plenty of other resorts on that same beach that are nicer. You might not be as lucky as we were next time. Also, these type of men aren't afraid to kill. They shouted to us that, "I don't care if you are rich, I will kill you." We reported this incident to the local authorities and barangay captain are looking for these men. Please beware as all of the locals are closely related and will cover up their family members wrong doings.

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Pol Y.
5.0 Stars

I like my experience here because this the cheapest restaurant ive been too. Sinigang na shrimp is only 90php! Fresh and really good! What is best is the dining experience along the shores of San Francisco Bay in Camotes Is. Sinigang na shrimp, pork sisig, platter of rice, 2 bottles of coke and halo-halo is only 300php. Whst more can you ask for? 128525128525128525 i forgot, service is great!

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