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Nievs G.
4.0 Stars

Pixcone (which I had reviewed last year) is also a great place for a Friday date. 128525 My guy friend and I went there, just a few walks away from Palmera Dimsum House where we had just taken our lunch.

I didn't remember the name of what he ordered (it had some hazelnut flavor though), but I as expected had my matcha green tea sundae with green tea Kit-kats.

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Nievs G.
4.0 Stars

My nieces have outdone themselves in their own respective classes as their school year's about to end. So as a treat to them, we paid a visit to a little ice cream shop and cafe in Taytay called Pixcone. It was my first time to be here, although I have already seen this store a few times whenever I go to Cainta.

The building itself is worth the visit (and your curiosity) as it is made from an empty container van, painted in pastel green. The overall design is a pleasing combination of dainty and industrial. The overhead lamps were installed with guards -- or screens -- of electric fans, while the outdoor tables were made of empty container drums fitted with patio umbrellas. The interiors were cute and predominantly girly. There was a raised floor area where customers could sit or even lie on, as it was also equipped with throw pillows.

There was also a rack of books at the side, but the books themselves were only for sale (and not for private reading, *sigh*).

Obviously, my nieces got so excited. It didn't take us too long to choose our orders, although you'd be surprised to find out that Pixcone offers heaps of choices -- from sodas, pica-pica's smoothies, iced coffee, and of course sundaes.

What we had:

⚪Green Tea Matcha Sundae (₱79) - I wanted to go to Pixcone after I found out that it also offers matcha ice cream. The four green tea Kit-Kats were misleading: I thought they were whole sticks, but they were actually split ones. But that was just a minor grievance. The green tea flavor was just adequate and evident, and I liked the smooth ice cream.

⚪Matcha Green Tea frappe (₱100) - My sister's order. She said it was good, but she preferred my matcha sundae. Might try this myself someday.

⚪Frice cream (₱59) - Both my nieces ordered this dish. It consisted of a soft ice cream dressed with chocolate sauce and blue sprinklers, as well as nachos and French fries in a wafer bowl. I was surprised that one of my nieces -- who is so reed-thin -- managed to finish the whole of it!

⚪Chix N' Fries Combo (₱88) - We liked the fries and the nachos in it, but we absolutely loved the chicken poppers!!! Pero nabitin kami, so we ordered this next meal...

⚪Chicken Popper Solo (₱100) - It had 10 pieces of poppers as well as nachos. Can't they offer only purely chicken poppers? We couldn't get enough of them!

⚪Stuffed Bread Rolls (₱25 each) - One of Pixcone's newest items on its menu. We decided to order all of the four flavors: Pepperoni, Beef Tacos, Chicken Pesto and Cheese Burger. I picked the Cheese Burger, and it was a good choice -- it was best enjoyed when it was still hot off the oven, as the melted cheese oozed out of the bread with my every bite of it!

⚪Grand Belgian (₱27) - Typical soft ice cream in a cone, although it looked good (taking note of the black wafer cone). My nieces both shared this.

⚪Brewed Coffee (₱55) - great deal as it came with one free re-fill!

⚪Seafood Pesto (₱185) - For a takeout. To me, this tasted good! I didn't mind the slices of half-raw garlic as a pizza topping; in fact I loved them (I'm a fan of garlic). But it since it was a pesto-flavored pizza, I expected the garlic to be crushed and blended into the pesto spread itself. Not everyone in my household loves garlic as much as I do. I took away the shrimps, though (I'm allergic to them).

PLUS: A free taste of its newest product, Churros Fries w/ a chocolate dip. I had it twice. (how lucky we were haha).

Service was good, but their Wi-Fi was "under maintenance" (as I was told).

We are glad to have visited Pixcone. The ice creams, actually, are nothing sort of special, but you'll be tickled pink by the variety of flavors it offers. And oh, I liked the matcha ones, naturally. My nieces were super-satisfied, and one of them told me she rated this place a perfect "5." Hahaha. Making these kiddos (and the kiddo in me too) happy -- mission accomplished! :)

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