Pizza Hut

Stamford Executive Residences, Upper McKinley Rd. cor. Florence Way, McKinley Hill, Taguig, Metro Manila

Pizza Hut
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₱119 - ₱595

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Because still craving for 127829127829127829!! Spent the whole afternoon watching movies and eating pizza in bed!! 🤗

Pizza Hut may not be the best pizza but they're still pretty good. The crust may be too thick and the toppings too few but still, for the price you can't really be that choosy. 128517

When compared with Greenwich's pizza, I think Greenwich's better. But this one's pwede na! We liked this even better when toasted para mas crunchy yung crust. 128518

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Christina R.
3.0 Stars

The dessert pizza is weird - Peanut Butter Chocnut for 69. I decided to add this to our order of Cheese Pizza to reach the minimum 200 for delivery. While I enjoyed the Oreo pizza of S&R, this one jot so much. I guess the thinner crust of S&R was better. I did appreciate the almonds, bitin nga Lang.

Anyway, this is the branch that usually delivers to us. Last delivery the guy smushed my pizza, just a few days ago, the cheese got stuck on the box. I added a note on our delivery order to place make sure the don't do that again, and they added the tiny plastic table this time, which I thought they stopped using, but yay meron naman pala.

I prefer to order online but the Pizza Hut website is pretty annoying. If you just want to check their prices, you have to enter your details first. Also, when I misspelled my email address, there's not option to edit it after you send it.

What I do like is how they allow credit card payments online or on delivery.

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Was surprised that Pizza Hut also offers fried chicken. One night, Ony and I decided to try the chicken it was just okay. Just like the ones we can easily make at our own house. But not bad and sulit especially when you can't think of a place to eat at. We usually buy pizza here when we're tamad to cook dinner. 128513128077🏼

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Christina R.
3.0 Stars

I got 3 free pizzas a few weeks ago all because of their 30-minute delivery guarantee.

I ordered a buy one Super Supreme with a get one free Cheese Pizza. I called after 30 minutes asking about it and I was told the delivery guy was on the way. I wasn't reminded of the delivery guarantee when I placed my order or from my first follow up, until I remembered to ask for it on my second follow up. 45 minutes after my order I was told by the hotline that the 30 minute guarantee is only for the gate and that I should wait 15 minutes more for it to be delivered. Mejo na confuse ako because 45 minutes na nga wala pa din. They added an extension to avoid the penalty. The hotline said they can't even call the branch for me.

Thanks to Google I found the branch number and called them directly. An hour after delivery I told them that I was still waiting. After 90 minutes it finally arrived. Good thing we weren't in a rush. The pizza was really just supposed to be for my toddler who wanted a cheese pizza. Unfortunately, instead of my order, they sent me a Hawaiian which none of us like. I told the driver politely to come change it, but he gave me another box of the Super Supreme and said he'll just give the 3rd pizza for free. Huh? He said the manager told him to bring an extra pizza in case I get mad at him.

I actually wasn't. Didn't even raise my voice to the guy on the hotline nor to the store crew in any of my calls. I smiled at the driver when I opened the door. I even gave him a bigger tip for the free box. But, thanks for the pizza. Was my lunch and dinner for 4 days. Yun nga lang, my toddler didn't eat any of it even if i took out the other toppings.

DIdn't seem like the pizza was newly baked too. It was still warm when it arrived but the cheese wasn't gooey like a fresh out of the oven pizza. Or has Pizza Hut changed over the years? Haven't eaten here in a long time. Tasted like the cheese was so manipis and it was more crust than a loaded pizza, even for the SS.

Anyway, saved me at least 800. So 3 stars ka na instead of 2.

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