Pizza Hut

G/F SM City Manila, Concepcion St. cor. San Marcelino St., Manila, Metro Manila

Pizza Hut
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Business Hours
Open: 10:00a - 9:00p


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Price Range

₱119 - ₱595

Most Recent Reviews

Liezzy M.
5.0 Stars

for 299 you get 2 soups, 2 glasses of drinks (your choice), 2 pasta, 2 solo pizza that you can upgrade to regular stuffed cheesy pizza holiday edition... how cool is that? 128526

service 128077🏼 even the manger was very hands on to customers

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Cheeska L.
3.0 Stars

I used my gc to buy their new pizza- the (festival) cheesy pockets. It took long before their waiter approach us to get our order and also we waited too long for our order but it's for take out. The crews are welcoming and the place is good.

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Andrei S.
4.0 Stars

very affordable..and busog much talaga sa sausage rolls nila..

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Pau B.
2.0 Stars

Tried the P99 meal deal with my mom again before we head to our DFA appointment. The experience was okay because the location was well maintained and it has a more fine-dining-like ambiance compared to other Pizza Hut branches.

However, we went to the place for the food and not for the place itself. Everything tastes so different from what we usually order. Plus extra poor service.

The place is so sayaaaaaaang :(

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Aika C.
1.0 Stars

My friends and i eat here at times because of the 99php meal deal. For 99 pesos you get a starter, a main dish and a drink. Fits the budget of college students perfectly!

Since i've had good meals (at a cheap price) at pizza hut, i recommended this place to my mom( She picks us up from school and there are days when my class ends at 7:30 pm. So she waits for me for like 3 hours).

Earlier, my mom, my sister and my sister's friend ate here. They ordered from the 99php menu. Aaand they hated everything. 128532128532 they were supposed to order a salad each for starter but apparently, they didn't have any.
Here's what they got:
🔸mom- cream of mushroom soup, carbonara, pepsi
🔸Sister- cream of chicken soup, spaghetti bolognese, iced tea
🔸Sister's friend- cream of mushroom soup, carbonara, iced tea
They also got carbonara to-go(for me)

they said the starters were ok.
The pastas were bad. Very.
The drinks were too sweet. Both the Pepsi and iced teas. My sister told me "It's like they added heaps of sugar to the drinks". 128561

I was baffled by their reactions so i immediately tried the carbonara when we got home. And to my dismay, they were right. My carbonara didn't have any flavor. I felt like i was eating tasteless carbs. Wait, I was eating tasteless carbs. It was a waste of calories and money128547

I've had good meals at pizza hut. Idk why the quality of their food degraded. 128542

I might not eat here ever. I know my sister and my mom won't.

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AvaBhaby C.
5.0 Stars

Should I tell you why I love it? Just look at the photo.. It explains well..

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