Pizza Volante

Rizal Highway cor. Sta. Rita Rd., Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales

Pizza Volante
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Salie D.
4.0 Stars

Had fun having a very affordable cup of brewed coffee with Milk while enjoying the cars and people passing by the road across Harbor Point. Mind you, ang mumura ng food and very wide ang selection ng Menu!
There were too many people dining outdoors. Ang sayan ng energy. Liked the mini pizza pie too.128076🏻128077🏽128523
Perfect for Barkada hang out at night or late afternoon!

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Mike B.
1.0 Stars

I'd like to write this review under a bulleted format to make up for my lack of creative writing abilities and proper structuring.

*"Shrimp pasta
tasty fresh shrimps,garlic, olive oil, tomatoes, wine and fragrant spices make the dish especially mouth watering!"
When you think of pasta dishes, you think of properly drained pasta noodles topped with a sauce of some sort, or in the case of aglio e olio, pasta coated in some oil and herbs. I guess disappointing is an understatement when we received this dish. We did not expect soggy pasta, sitting atop a small puddle of water, herbs, and tomato liquids, topped with a measly portion of few crushed tomatoes and not-so-fresh shrimp. We asked if we could get more sauce because the ratio of pasta to toppings was unfair, our request was turned down by a not so accommodating server, though. We also asked for additional parmessan cheese, but the same server felt it would make the restaurant lose money by not letting us sprinkle a few grams of cheese on our own. They could have at least put it in a small plastic cup to not make us feel like we are doing them an injustice by asking for more cheese..
This dish was so bland, no amount of chili flakes, parmessan, and hot sauce could save it from it's sad state. Don't even get me started on the garlic bread, I had to fight the damn thing just to get a bite.

*"4 Cheese Pizza
a tangy combination of Mozzarrella, chedar, parmesan and Blue cheese."
We ordered the 8" pizza (sliced into 8 pieces). When the menu says 4 cheese pizza, we expect all four cheeses to be on each slice of the pie. Sadly, I could see and taste that the bleu cheese (yes, that's how it is supposed to be spelled) was only on two slices. Regarding the dough, it seems more like bread dough rather than a proper pizza dough. I can understand if it was only the crust that was crunchy, but the entirety of the pie had crunchy bread like it was something you buy at the grocery or the 40 peso slices you buy along the streets. Te pizza dough under the sauce and toppings should be a tad chewy, not crunchy. Again, no amount of hot sauce and chili flakes could save its flavor from the disaster that it is.

*The service. For any good restaurant, the appropriate course of action a server should take if a customer is dissatisfied with the food is to ask if there is anything they could do to make things better, not to tell the customer that, "that's how it is supposed to be". I am not degrading their jobs, but I am very disappointed at how poorly they are doing their job. 5% service charge and we couldn't even get our money's worth.

*Usually with resto's, you get what you pay for. With Pizza Volante, the prices aren't low enough to reflect how disappointing the food and service is. We were so annoyed, we just had to high tail it out of there and just opted for KFC. Pizza Volante sets itself as that new trendy resto, too bad everything about it fell flat on its face.

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