Plane Bistro

1920 España Blvd. cor. Kundiman St., Sampaloc, Manila, Metro Manila

Plane Bistro
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Most Recent Reviews

Ralph O.
5.0 Stars

March 25 2017 when we visit this place with my girl friend for our first monthsary and as a review, foods are affordable and a nice place :)

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Daylight M.
4.0 Stars

pay day friday! hahah, so let's try this 🛫 plane bistro along españa...
okay, the ambiance is quite plane-like, the flight attendant-waitresses were accomodating, the ground floor is small, it has the counter with the plane's cockpit design, the stairs going up is narrow yet it was like that of the real thing (in the plane)
the 2nd floor was spacious (1st and last pic)
i was hesistant to sit here because i thought it would be hard to call the FA's attention if any need arises, but they have a buzzer in the area which will alert them for their customer's need. so for the place, it was 128077🏻
the food.. such clever names!
for the 'engine starters'
we had the pizza nachos, (the nachos were just okay, the ham and cheese toppings is just ordinary, nothing to brag about this one, oh, they say it's their best seller, i'd give a rating of 2.5/5. we'd love to try the buffalo wings too but not available.. aw)
we tried fish and chips, the fish was a bit dry, hehe, wouldn't order this one next time 9996🏻️
for the 'pasta-a-rrival, we tried creamy chicken pasta (a bit salty), and penne in tomato cream (i like this one, cheesy creamy taste. also we ordered pesto and but it's not available.. another aaaw)
i have read a blog about plane bistro earlier part this year and talked about the resto's pizza, and when i ask the crew about 127829 she said that it wasn't available too.. 128554
for the drinks, we had the mocha choco loco (3rd pic) and coffee oreo (5th pic, both shakes gets a 3/5 rating, just ordinary).
overall, the place is really nice with the accomodating FA's este waitresses pala 128517
pocket friendly, and the food was just okay.

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Maria D.
3.0 Stars

Ambiance is good malakas sya mka airplane ang peg.
Food was great nmn masarap ung nachos hawaiian nila.. ung frappe drink ok din nmn msarap.. un nga lanv ung grilled porkchop d ko msydo ngustuhan ksi matamis meron syang banana and pineapple with sauce na lasang cinamon.. pero infairness 2 pcs ung porkchop hehe..
Service mejo mabagal nga lang prang kulang sila sa crew pero siguro maiimprove nmn nila yun.. sna madagdagan pa ing menu nila ksi mejo kulang heheh..

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Cherilyn I.
4.0 Stars

the place is cool and it really has the airplane ambience, the seats, decors and even the windows.. but i guess their service in regards with food is too slow.. #foodtrails

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Charmaine M.
4.0 Stars

Are you like other people love being inside the plane? You don't need to book for airplane ticket just to be inside a plane. Plane Bistro is here. The place is plane inspired restaurant which has a airplane seat feeling and their waitress dress like a flight attendant. The food is like you are inside the first class plane. The food is not that pricey like the price of the food inside the plane. We ordered seafood pesto and babyback ribs. And at my second time I went there I tried their signature salted caramel popcorn shake (95 pesos) and creamy chicken pasta (175 pesos as I remember) . The price range from 95 to 250 pesos. I love their baby back ribs which describe as tender and the sauce was great in affordable price which is approximately 250 pesos (as I remember). I also love the salted caramel popcorn because it has cheese on it to have the salty taste which also make the shake richer. I will definitely go back to Plane Bistro.

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Roy T.
4.0 Stars

Final call for Roy Lambert T. of Flight |, please proceed to the aircraft for final boarding.... food to be served during the flight are expected in a few minutes so better hurry! 🛫🛫🛫

After a long day delivering a lecture during the morning and going to work in the afternoon, I was so tired I just had to search for restos to try near the condo. Tried searching Banawe area, Tuazon area, UST area, but changed my mind because traffic 128566 alas there's one I've been wanting to try, just 2-3 blocks from home, so Plane Bistro it is! 99929992

Been eyeing them since they were constructing because i always see them on my way home. When they opened early October, i had not a chance of visiting them since tonight. 127881

I liked their airplane-themed interiors. From the moment I stepped in, I felt somehow inside one - leather-fitted cushioned couches with their logo, oval-shaped windows showing sea of clouds outside, their stewaitresses (servers) wearing FA uniforms, and them using wheeled trays to serve food. The airplane experience did not stop there! They served the utensils placed on a metal tray, just like how they do it thousands of feet above land. 999299929992️ adding one star just for the very creative theme.

The food. I ordered some of their bestsellers - wings, pasta, and their shakes. I'd give their food 3.511088️.

Requested them to make my wings mild spicy because I was not in the mood to go sweaty that time. It came not too spicy and a bit on the sweeter side. Pretty okay. Good that the chicken meat was tender. 6 pieces.

Generally liked this dish taste-wise, but found the serving too small for its price. Just basic oil-based pesto with three squid rings and small cream dory bits. This cost me around 175 bucks if I remember it right. Pasta was a little bit overcooked but not super mushy in terms of texture.

Nicely presented and price was just right at 95 pesos. I think it was good. The popcorn taste was evident and it was not cloying-sweet. Claimed as their bestseller and I think was good.

They offer other types of food like rice dishes, pastas, pizzas (they have Vegetarian versions), nachos, burgers, salads, and sandwiches.

Service was okay. The stewaitresses were friendly and accommodating. I just think the price of their food was not cheap, to think they have that small serving. 128517

All in all, I'd give them 3-3.511088️s for food and another 11088️ for the nice theme. I'd see if I'll go back 128516

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