Plato D' Boracay

D'Mall, Station 2, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

Plato D' Boracay
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Whin A.
2.0 Stars

I disliked it.

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Inna A.
5.0 Stars

The best paluto in Boracay!

Just go to D'Talipapa via tricycle and shop for your for your food at the fish market and have them cook it for you.

We ate here twice, this is what we had:

Butter Garlic Lobster
Halaan (Clam Soup)
Deep Fried White Snapper
Butter Garlic Sea Prawns
Adobong Pusit
Baked Scallops

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Christian S.
4.0 Stars

Someplace to eat that offer cheap food but yummy 128513128513128513

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Mye F.
5.0 Stars

I'm so glad I found this paluto restaurant, thanks to looloo 128522 We stayed in Boracay for 3 nights, and had dinner here twice 128540

They cook the seafood you bought from the talipapa really well. Everything was delicious! You just have to buy some ingredients though for sinigang (which I find weird) because for other luto like baked tahong or buttered prawns, they take care of the ingredients. Anyway, cooking fee is really affordable--prices are cheaper than the ones we have in the metro.

Must try: prawns in lemon buttered garlic sauce128076🏻 it's extremely good!! 128522128156

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Josh G.
5.0 Stars

One of the 'paluto' place in D' Talipapa. So after purchasing the raws, we chose to eat here. Their garlic shrimp is to die for. We also had liempo which was a standard good food for me, as long as it's cooked right, which it was. We had baked scallops due to not having mussels in the market. It was not the season for mussels according to the wet market. The bangus we got was large.

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

The Shrimps in Lemon-Butter sauce is the 128163128163128163! And the scallops was very good too! 128525128525128525 They clean the fresh seafood you buy from D'Talipapa very well so you're sure of food safety! 128516128516128516 Definitely an experience in Bora you shouldn't miss! 128525128525128525

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Jherz C.
4.0 Stars

Mura na, sulit pa!

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Jp D.
5.0 Stars

The moment i clicked on "ok" when i booked our Boracay tickets online, D Talipapa immediately was #1 on our itinerary. Right after landing, we went straight to Plato, for our fill of island seafoods.

Must be how my dad would bring me to Farmers Market when i was young, I felt really at home choosing seafoods for our feast.

1/2 kilo of prawns - P250
1/2 kilo scallops - P175
1 kilo talaba - P50
1/2 kilo liempo - P110

Don't forget to ask for 'dagdag'!

I had the prawns cooked tempura style (kids love tempura; buttered garlic shrimps i'm not too fond of; the taste of star margarine is too overpowering). Scallops were baked (i had them add garlic), talaba was half cooked (just had it blanched), and grilled liempo, which i had them marinate in just Maggi Magic Sarap and lots of black pepper (yummeh). Cooking charge was P570 all in all, inclusive of rice. Like any 'paluto', cooking charges are in increments. 1/2, 1, and 2 kilo cooking charges vary.

The cooking is decent, they were generous with ingredients. I like that you can dictate how to cook each viand, but really, what sets D Talipapa apart is the freshness of their catch! Naturally sweet prawns, plump scallops, large oysters.. Sigh. :)

Welcome to Boracay!

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Lesley Ardelle V.
4.0 Stars

This is one of the many places in D' Talipapa where you can have food cooked. Just buy ingredients from the market and they will charge you a fee for the cooking service.

The boys in our group bought the ingredients while the girls saved the table. Hehehe. They bought 1 kilo mussels (which we had them cook with cheese and butter), 1 kilo pork liempo (sinugba), 1.5 kilo shrimp (cooked with garlic and butter), 1 kilo tuna (cooked as miso), and 3/4 kilo squid (which was cooked, stuffed with tomatoes and onions).

For 5 viands, rice and drinks, our total bill for 7 people amounted to Php 520 each. I guess that's not too bad, for a big group, and for so many food choices. 128522

Like most dampa places, this one isn't fancy. It's in a market setting, it's open air (no aircon!), and smoke from the ihawan can come into your air space. There are also stray cats wandering around, under the tables, waiting for scraps. 128540

If you're looking for "lutong bahay" style food with fresh ingredients, then this is the place to go to. It's more "sulit" if you go in big groups! 128077 We all left the place happy with what we've eaten, and stuffed to the brim. I don't think any of us ate dinner anymore that day.

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