Plato Wraps

2/F Bridgeway Foodcourt, The Medical City, Ortigas Ave., Pasig, Metro Manila

Plato Wraps
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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

Anybody who ever needed a quick but good fix would surely know Plato Wraps. Having been a staple in the food sections of malls and other places, Plato Wraps over the years has become a true Filipino favourite.

I was graciously invited to try out 2 new wraps that they have just recently released. This is also to start off their 16 years in the business of satisfying hungry customers on a delicious note.

With also a fairly recent reveal of a fresh new look, Plato Wraps introduces the Pero-Pero Latino Wrap and the Crabby Rappu. Two new bold flavors to add to their selection of tasty and filling alternative snacks.

The Peri-Peri Latino wrap features bits of chicken in a slightly spicy yet rich Peri-Peri sauce. The adequate thickness of the wrap goes very well with the tangy strength of the sauce. Quite an interesting savor.

The Crabby Rappu mixes bits of Kani (imitation crab meat) with crisp cucumber that goes really well with its peppery mayo dressing. Just the right spice and seafood taste!

These two additions to their roster is great for an exciting new experience especially when it comes to on the go bites and snack choices.

We also got treated to have their beloved existing offerings! The classic Chunky Chicken and the Yummy Tuna, both which you can never go wrong if you prefer these combinations.

The Very Veggie wrap is filled with crunchy vegetables along with sweet-sour tomato sauce with a lot of cheese! Pizza lovers will adore this one. This is my fave.

The Ham and Cheese could use a little but more firmness in the ham by cooking it well done. With how it is currently, all the ingredients in the Ham and Cheese just seems to all mush together. It’s my least wanted wrap.

Plato Wraps would definitely be a smart and delectable choice in times of craving or hunger. Their 2 new additions is only the beginning! Am sure they would continuously be busy in their kitchen to provide us with more creative varieties.

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Gino G.
4.0 Stars

I like the taste of these checken plato wrap simple but it taste good

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Justin J.
4.0 Stars

I've been seeing a few reviews about this place which got me curious. Finally found a place to try it. I forgot which one I had but it was chicken with lots of cucumber and garlic aioli sauce. It was good... But I wish they'd have more meat.

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