Playa Laiya Beach Resort

Lobo-Malabrigo-Laiya Rd., Laiya Aplaya, San Juan, Batangas

Playa Laiya Beach Resort
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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

Laiya is a southern town in San Juan, Batangas, that is about a 2-3 hour drive from Makati. We've taken a couple of quick getaways here for the last few years in different resorts. This is a very sleepy town, who's economic activity is mostly based on the resorts that line the Tayabas Bay.

Playa Laiya considers themselves a first class community with private residential properties. For now they only boast of a beachfront clubhouse, I didn't see any homes constructed on our last visit. This is a review on a day trip we took.


Lot owners are automatic members of PL. Their guests are allowed access to the property by pre-registering them with their office via email. Once you get there just check in with the concierge and show your valid government issued ID for verification.

A day trip is from 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM.

There's an "environmental fee" you have to pay to the local government on the way to any of the resorts. They literally block the road and make you pay 20 pesos per person.


The Clubhouse is the only property in the area. I found it beautiful with its white walls, high ceiling, almost Filipino feel to it, overlooking the sea.

There are 4 really inviting pools that are in the central part of he property. Unfortunately it can be very hot swimming here as there are no trees or shade that covers the pool. I just stayed right by one lone small tree for cover late in the afternoon. Make sure you apply sunblock every few hours.

All guests are required to rent at least one cabana., aside from paying the entrance fee. There are poolside and beach front cabanas to choose from on a first come first served basis. I recommend the large poolside ones (as seen in the photo) as it is more comfortable and you are allowed to grill your food and eat there.

The ones by the beach were more expensive by a few hundred pesos and it was just a plain hut with a mattress. You're not allowed to cook nor eat there and you would have to pay to rent a table in their eating area.

Their shower area is spacious and clean. They have one by the main clubhouse and one by the beach.


Laiya has really calm waters and it's a great place to bring children. Sand is creamy and soft enough to walk on.


You are allowed to bring in your own food, drinks, and even your own griller. They have a grill for rent for 300. There are no restaurants to visit on the way here, except for a few carinderia style ones, where one offers really good Lomi.


The property was secured by guards even by the beach. There are many adjacent resorts here and we felt safe with them there.

What I liked:

* The property was nice, with an impressive clubhouse and pool. Bathrooms were clean.
* Pools are big.
* Beach was serene. We had a cool breeze throughout the day.
* The beach front cabana was a relaxing place to sleep in on a lazy afternoon.
* Service was great, they were courteous and they assisted us with our bags.

What I didn't like:

* No beer! On a hot summer day a cold beer would've been great but they didn't have any to sell. Just bring your own. Plus there was no restaurant service by the beach.
* We had to settle for the more expensive beach front cabana but had to pay extra just to eat our food at a dining area that was just a bunch of plastic tables and chairs under a gawdy tent in a terrible side of the property.
* They need to maintain the whole property, not just the clubhouse. Unlike other first class resorts, which PL claims to be, the perimeter of their property has patches of yellow or non-existent grass, piles of garden trimmings not pretty to look at, which can be seen when you're by the beach.
* Karaoke from the neighboring resorts.

Overall it's a nice place to visit. If you just want to relax this is the place to go to. There's a snorkeling site you can go to by renting a boat.

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Corinne R.
4.0 Stars

Perfect escape from all the pressures and a sort of reward to myself after pre boards with bestfriend.
FOOD Pasta 199, Rice Meal 350 good for sharing 2pax with 1 rice only. Corkage fee 100.
CLEAN & BIG comfort room.
COTTAGE starts at 750 or
PICNIC TABLE with umbrella 500.
They also have plenty of WATERSPORTS ACTIVITES, you can check the list and rates online.
Accomodating staffs.
Good and tight security around.

Overall experience 4/5

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Kate R.
4.0 Stars

Residential resort in the south! Boracay of the south!

I got an invitation from my friend to visit this exclusive-members-only resort in laiya batangas.

I loved everything about this place. They have infinity pool and beach front. There are lifeguards everywhere. The cabanas are big and were designed beautifully. The beachfront is wide and well maintained. The restrooms are clean and they don't run out of paper towels hehe! The washrooms, shower and grilling place is strategically placed and is convenient to everyone. Overnight is allowed here but you have to do it the cool way - tent pitching. 128522128077🏼

Activities are beach volley, soccer, island hopping, snorkeling, banana boat, flying fish, parasailing and jet ski.

I love it! I must invest in something like this soon!

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