Poldo's Lechon

Vamenta Blvd., Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental

Poldo's Lechon
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Nizhel V.
4.0 Stars

A taste of Cagayan de Oro's lechon paired with ginataang langka after water rafting is just sooooo good.

Add halo halo to make you feel better and relax.

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Shalum L.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Joicy B.
4.0 Stars

Before leaving CDO we didn't forget to taste the Lechon of Mindanao.128061128055

Though some part of the Lechon's Skin is really salty and not that crispy. What satisfy our craving is the Lechon's meat. We don't need gravy or any sauce to deep the meat. So delicious and juicy.. Very tasting. Actually we want more Lechon meat than the skin. Taob plato.128514

I like the place decorated with lots of pigs figurines and miniature lechon on the fire place.. #iloveCDO #ilovePH 128522

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Ivy B.
4.0 Stars

i'm a cebuana by heart and devouring lechon is an acquired taste.
unfortunately, this buntis is craving for lechon and now resides in CDO. 128546
the persistent me insisted that we have lechon for lunch.
+1 star because they have the ribs part of the lechon available for me. big thanks to the rainy weather 'cause not a lot wants lechon now.
+1 star because the meat wasn't tough and fat. crunchy skin 128076
+1 star because their guard was kind enough to escort me from the car with an umbrella. yes, chivalry isn't dead.
-1 star because it lacks a bit of flavor from the skin to the meat itself.
-1 they threw away the spices like the lemongrass, spring onions,etc. out. why would they throw it out? it could help keep the flavor. 128078128078128078

i miss the spicy lechon from rico's 128557128557128557128557

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Trisha S.
4.0 Stars

You cannot go wrong with lechon that is 400php/kilo. My friends and I went to Poldo's for our pasalubong and got 2 kilos each. We also ate 1/2 kilo there with chopseuy (80php/order) and Chicharon bulaklak (40php/order). We didn't realize that we got so much food since it was really affordable!128556128556128556

The lechon was good but there were parts that my friends found too salty. I was madaya since I was getting the leanest parts with the least seasoning only. Hehe but like I said, you cannot go wrong with lechon that is 400php/kilo. Good pasalubong na! 128516

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