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Justine Lauren C.
5.0 Stars

Classy and Well-lit ambiance, Restrooms are no problem ‘cause they got you covered. For this place it’s just enough that they have 4. Chairs and tables are eccentric and modern. A must go-to, for chilling and taking time to meet new friends and catch up with old ones. Caution: Full during Saturdays and Sundays. Serves food.

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Raisa R.
5.0 Stars

Medyo masikip. Pero masarap at mura naman yung drinks. Mura din kumuha ng table. Pang matanda yung crowd. Tas chill lang mga tao. Kung nagtitipid ka try mo yung buy one take one sa Booky App parang 150 lang yung cocktail

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Anj C.
5.0 Stars

Here’s one of my favorite bars in Poblacion, Makati. They chose the name ‘Polilya’ as the owner wanted it to be in connection with the beer they launched called Engkanto. They also wanted a name that is very Pinoy too. The facade looks so inviting with the neon lights revealing the name. As you walk in, you can feel a homey vibe already with cozy sofas, warm lights and even the music was just pure relaxing. The vibe is perfect for after office hours. Did you know that most of their food were infused with alcohol? That’s because they wanted to make sure that their Beers are the main attraction here. Make sure to check the menu, if there’s an icon with 128128 logo on it, that’s infused with their local beers.

Here's what we tried:

Gambas Engkantadas (Php 440) – These Gambas al ajillo were cooked with Lager Beer to kill the fishy taste and it was so delicious. The bitterness of the beer and the sweetness of the prawns were such interesting flavors all bursting in your mouth. Served with Baguette too.

Zen Chicken Nuggets (Php 250) – hainanese chicken crisps with three sauces: chili, ginger-scallion and kecap manis.

Fried Pickles (Php 125) – These poppers are really spicy so make sure that you’re already holding a glass of beer. The cilantro-tahini sauce will make the spiciness a bit mild. This was cooked with Pale Ale, by the way.

Ultimate Nachos (Php 275) – there’s a lot of ingredients in this pan. The corn tortilla chips with cheese sauce, meat sauce, sour cream, grated-cheddar, pico de gallo salsa, red beans, avocado, japaleno rings, strips of tapa.

Bangla Mussels (Php 320) – steamed mussels in a beer, mustard oil, and coconut milk broth. This was tasty and blended well with the curry sauce. As per the owner, anything curry is the Chef’s specialty. I definitely am digging this dish. Served with their home made roti.

Gangnam Style Chicken Wings (Php 210) – Deep fried chicken wings, coated in zingy Gochujang glaze. Tender on the inside and crispy outside. This is how chicken wings should be done.

Pinoy Caprese (Php 215) – Smoked kesong puti, tapa, fresh basil and tomatoes with bagoong-balsamic. For the healthy ones.

Also, there’s desserts available as well.

Grown-Up Chocolate Mousse (PHP 175) - the Davao single-origin three-chocolate mousse was heavenly. This has some Engkanto stout with some freshly-ground black pepper sprinkled with Himalayan salt.

Deep-Fried Apple Pie A La Mode (PHP 150) - Cinnamon-kissed apple pocket pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Yes! A McDonald's kind of pie it is but way much better.

For the Engkanto Beers, we tried the Lager which was their most famous beer. This has a citrus flavor and lime zest. Pale Ale has a sweet character, IPA has a darker color with intense piney citrus flavor. Double IPA has a blend of citrus and passion-fruit notes. This ones a bit strong and perfect for boys. Blond Ale was light and crisp. This ones bursting with citrus notes. Perfect for girls whose not really into beers.

So, if you haven't visited them yet, I suggest that you plan it already to experience great beers and great food too. As of this writing, they're still my top favorite bar in Poblacion. :)

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Benito A.
4.0 Stars

Nice cosy place if you’re looking for a chill vibe in Poblacion. It was pretty crowded for a tuesday night. We had the Bourbon IPA and the Penicillin cocktails. Loved both, but it was a pricey-er than most drinking spots in the area. They also serve Engkanto beers (on the tap), which I heard is really good.

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

Not too long ago, mostly during my college days, I used to go to Poblacion area a lot with my bestfriend. We’d party the night away and go home when the sun has risen already. I guess times really have changed. I do have those nights still, but rarely do they come nowadays. I guess it’s safe to say when I started working, it was when I felt the essential meaning of “adulting”, and I really had a hiatus from that part of my life. (Plus I had to move away from the metro.) Eventually, Poblacion area grew popularity with a lot of new spots to hang out and chill in, and they were left unknown to me… Until I decided to come back to Manila, and I slowly got my stride.

I may be more on the “tita-type” now, but who cares? We all have our days, for me a good night out is composed of really good drinks, bar chow that are tasty and filling, a really nice, clean and comfortable place to come together in, and most importantly the company worth spending time with. Enter, Polilya, where everything I just mentioned is perfectly given here.

I must say, I had no idea of this place until I was invited by Midz S for an intimate food and beverage tasting. I had the time of my life! Our gracious hosts were fantastic, and everything, and I mean everything served to us was nothing short of excellent.

We were met by the wonderful owners and they were absolutely fabulous and very pleasant to engage with. According to them, the totally Instagrammable place was created essentially to enjoy Engkanto Brewery flagship beers, as they are the same people who created this line of pilsners in the metro. They designed the place to be a really nice part of your living room to give you a very homey feel, and it really was! Apart from the beautiful interiors, the impeccably awesome air-conditioning, and the amazing service, I must commend on them having the cleanest and nicest bathrooms in all of Poblacion bars I’ve been to!

What sets Polilya apart from other bars in the area is the fact that they not on wanted to focus on the beverages, but they also gave so much effort in developing their food menu. Theirs was done by Chef Luis de Terry, and I am in utter awe with everything he came up with. For most of his dishes, he even incorporated the use of the different flavors of Engkanto beer. You’d see on their menu that he clearly specified which was used in each. Everything we had was delicious, and worth the drive from the North for. Let’s talk about each one we were able to sample! 128571

1.) Ultimate Nachos - PHP 275
“corn tortilla chips, chees sauce, meat sauce, sour cream, grated cheddar, pico de gallo salsa, red beans, avocado, jalapeño rings, & srips of tapa”
It was delicious! The chips were crispy while the generous toppings were very tasty. The heat from the jalapeño was just right, and easily seen anyway so if you’re not too into spicy food, you can just pick the pieces out. It pairs really well with their drinks.

2.) Zen Chicken Nuggets - PHP 250
“Hainanese chicken crisps / sauce trio: chili, ginger-scallion, & kecap manis”
This was one of my favorites among the dishes served. It’s an innovative take on the popular Hainanese Chicken. Nicely fried, the pieces of chicken were tender and juicy and very well seasoned already. The sauces even enhanced the flavor of the dish, really similar to Hainanese chicken. I liked that it’s not even greasy or anything, very commendable for cooking technique!

3.) Fried Pickles - PHP 125
“pickled jalapeño tempura poppers / cilantro-tahini sauce”
His was spicy for my taste, but I liked it as well. The tanginess gave contrast to the spiciness of the jalapeños. The fry on those pickles were spot on, again not so greasy and with just enough batter.

4.) Gambas Engkantadas - PHP 440
“beer-infused gambas al ajillo / mini baguette”
This was really good! The pieces of shrimp were fresh, plump and cooked really well. You can tell it was cleaned properly, so I was very happy about that. It goes really well with the piece of bread served along with the seafood dish.

5.) Chip + Dip - PHP 160
“russet potato house cut crisps, french onion beer dip”
Simple but absolutely flavorful. Taste really manifests that house made chips were made fresh daily from real potatoes. The seasoning on those chips was perfect and each pieces was fried to a nice crispy texture. The dip that came with it was also fantastic! I would love to have this any time, any day!

6.) Fish & Chips - PHP 325
“river cobbler fillets in a curried beer batter / raita-style tartar & house potato crisps
This was a wonderful Asian take on the English classic. The curry taste was mild and did not kill the flavor of the fish. The freshness of the seafood was great, and the batter was just enough to coat the fish. The chips were the same as the ones they sell alone, so it’s safe to say they’re great. The sauce again worked really well.

7.) Grilled Cheese Sandwich (not yet on the menu, but can already be availed)
This was the ABSOLUTE BOMB! I could easily finish an order of this alone. The bread hey used was not the usual Pan Amerikano, but it had some sort of a puff pastry texture. The cheese was just oozing and they did not scrimp on the butter. The tomato jam that went with it gave it contrast and body, and it was just awesome! This was so good, we requested to have a second order. 128571

8.) Steak & Ale Pie - PHP 310
“Wagyu beef, button mushrooms in a light, golden-crisp pastry / citrus-dressed greens”
This meat pie was wonderful. The cook on the meat was delicious, and I liked that there was more beef than mushrooms, so it was good. The pastry was so nice as well! Everything about this dish was great!

9.) Gangnam Style Chicken Wings - PHP 210
“deep-fried chicken wings, coated in a zingy gochujang glaze”
Chicken wings is always a good idea, and theirs really was tasty. The spice was just enough and the sweetness of the sauce was complemented really well with the savory fried chicken.

10.) Bangla Mussels - PHP 320
“steamed mussels in a beer, mustard oil & coconut milk broth / homemade roti”
This was so good too! The shellfish tasted so fresh and clean. The sauce was so good, it had somewhat a curry-ish taste to it and paired so well with the roti.

11.) Deep- fried Apple Pie a la Mode - PHP 150
“warm pocket pie of cinnamon-kissed apples & a scoop of vanilla ice cream”
I never liked apple pie, until I was officially converted by Polilya. To be honest, I was not excited to try this dish, but when I did my eyes went shut and I just had to enjoy it silently in darkness to really savour the flavor. OMG, it was so good! The ice cream only enhanced the dish, and was not the star so that’s a good thing for me because I’m normally and ice cream person. We loved this dessert so much, we ordered a second one, devoured it and literally wiped the dish clean after just a few minutes.

12.) Grown-up Chocolate Mousse - PHP 175
“Davao single-origin three-chocolate mousse, seasoned w/ freshly-ground black pepper & sprinkle of Himalayan salt”
This was <insert mura here> super delicious!!! As in OMEGED nakakaloka! 128571 This was definitely one of the best chocolate mousses I have had in my entire life, mind you, I’m not a fan of dark chocolate, but this was one was an absolute exemption. Apparently they used Engkanto Stout beer for this as well, which on its own had flavors of coffee or chocolate to it, but you must know that beer has none of those. It’s the preparation that gave the dark color and deep flavor to that beer. So with this dessert, it was the same. The flavor was just outstanding and I can’t wait to have this again really soon!

I’m listing down a number of the beverages as well, as they were all remarkable!

1.) Goldfinger (under “Enchanted Six” - signature cocktails w/ a beer twist) - PHP 360
“healthy mule / turmeric-infused vodka, pressed ginger syrup, fresh lime, ginger beer, double IPA, dalandan foam”
I enjoyed this drink a lot! It was so refreshing. I liked that the ginger flavor was not too overpowering, and it was well balanced with the citrusy juice. The beer gave it body and I found the amount of liquor to be just right. The sweetness was exactly as I wanted and the foam was a nice tangy finish. I loved it!

2.) White Russian - PHP 280
“oldskool nite cap: vodka, kalua, cream, coffee”
This was so good as it was so pretty! I liked that they cocktails are true to familiar recipes and they use authentic ingredients only.

3.) Four O’Clock Flight (Engkanto Craft Draught Beer) - PHP 280
“a degustation set of 4 Engkanto beers of your choice”
A flight in F&B terms is essentially getting small portions of different flavors of the same food, for example ice cream, or wines and of course beers. If you wanna try all the Engkanto beers, just get two orders of their affordable beer flights. We tried all of them, and it was such an experience. From light beer, to lager, to flavored beers and to dark beer, they have it and they are all so good! Their menu is very informative on each of their beer offerings too, so you’d never get confused.

It was such a wonderful night of good food and drinks in the most perfect place. I highly recommend this joint in Poblacion, and I look forward to coming back very soon!

Thank you again to our gracious hosts. And to my fellow foodies, it’s always a delight to be with y’all! 128571 Midz S Dennis O Jowell J

**More photos on the blog! 10084

***Note: This was a sponsored event of Polilya for Team Kaladkarin. Some food and beverage items were chosen by the restaurant based on their discretion. Some food and beverage items were chosen by the bloggers, but costs were covered by the restaurant.

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Midz S.
5.0 Stars

People who know me would never think about finding me loitering around any bar in Poblacion, especially at night. I am not the type of person who enjoys bars because of how crowded and wild the place could get. But fate led me to brave traffic on a weeknight to give me an experience I will never forget.

Polilya is a bar like no other hidden in Poblacion, Makati. It's a bar that showcases the best of Filipinos, from the origin of the name, the ingredients, and even down to the furniture, Polilya finds every angle they can to #supportlocal. More importantly, it's the place not just for your Engkanto brewery beers and drinks, but also an ideal place to feed you and your hungry coworkers after an exhausting workday.

There are things we consider when deciding on where to have dinner. Mine is comfort (apart from affordability and food). Polilya didn't fail me on this one. This tropical-themed bar is designed to give you the comforts of your own living room, with relaxing sofas and chairs, aztec patterned flooring, and dreamy lights. It also has a cold air-conditioning system and restrooms to give you the ultimate comfort during your visit.

Now don't get impressed just yet, as it only gets better. Polilya serves non-mediocre tasting food! Really, expect the unexpected. Here it goes!

128525Chips & Dip P160
Russet potato house cut crisps served with french onion beer dip. I have one word for this: addicting. I love potato chips, but this one tops everything I have tried before.

|Fried Pickles P125
Pickled Jalapeño poppers served with cilantro-tahini sauce. The fried pickles were also good, but since it came with a level of spiciness I wasn't able to handle, I was only able to have one bite.

128525Ultimate Nachos P275
Corn tortilla chips topped with cheese sauce, meat sauce, sour cream, grated cheddar, pico de gallo salsa, red beans avocado, jalapeño rings, and strips of tapa. Polilya's ultimate nachos is also a great starter to choose. The combination of the flavors and components in the salsa made the nachos a favorite of mine.

128525Zen chicken nuggets P250
Hainanese chicken tenders served with chili, ginger-scallion, and kecap manis sauces. I loved the simple twist Polilya made to our usual hainanese chicken. I think that frying the chicken tenders made the dish less boring and dry. There is a best way to enjoy the zen chicken nuggets, and it is to dip it in all of the sauces. I also tried it without the sauces, and you'll still be able to get the gingery taste of the chicken.

|Gangnam style chicken wings P210
Deep-fried chicken wings, coated in a zingy gochujang glaze and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

|Steak & ale pie P310
Polilya's steak and ale pie is a dish made with tender and flavorful wagyu beef and button mushrooms filled in a golden crisp pastry and served with citrus-dressed greens.

|Gambas Engkantadas P440
Beer-infused shrimp cooked in olive oil and garlic and served with a mini baguette.

|Fish & chips P325
River cobbler fillets in a curried beer batter, raita-style tartar and house potato crisps. We were looking for a something acidic to complement the whole dish (but we forgot to). This would be perfect with a squeeze of lemon juice.

|Bangla Mussels P320
The Bangla mussels is the most Pinoy dish we had. It's mussles cooked in beer, mustard oil, and coconut milk, and served with a homemade roti. Once you get a bite of this dish, remember that Polilya also serves rice. You're welcome 128521

128525Grilled Cheese
The grilled cheese is a new item in Polilya. It's not yet available on the menu but you can already order one. Consider it as part of a secret menu haha! It's also one of the most loved item of the night, with the gooey, stringy cheese going so well with the tomato jam served on the side. The part I loved most about it is how the bread tasted crispy, buttery and flaky, much like a croissant.

|Deep-fried apple pie a la mode P150
A warm pocket pie with cinnamon-kissed apples & a scoop of vanilla ice cream, this apple pie a la mode surely made us fight for the last bite (so we ordered another one lol!)

|Grown-up chocolate mousse P175
Davao single-origin three-chocolate mousse seasoned with freshly-ground black pepper and sprinkle of himalayan salt. Thick and dark is how I love my chocolate mousse, and the one from Polilya clearly hit the mark.

There are no words to describe a bar that can pull off providing quality food with excellent service in the most amazing ambiance. But to me, it's a place I can just keep coming back to, a place I want to spend my time on.

I can't wait to be back. In fact my sister and I are already planning on when I will be taking her here 10084

(More photos on my blog 128513)

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Last tuesday thru an invite from Midz S. I've finally got to visit Polilya. One of the place I've been targeting in Poblacion area. Poblacion is such a booming place for foodie and alcohol lovers.
Polilya is one of the new one that just opened mid to late last year. What I love about Polilya is that their interior is really good. An IG worthy kind of place. Love the mix and blend of local furniture's. Second in Poblacion I usually end up in a bar that doesn't have enough air-condition. In Polilya they made sure that this is covered. Another thing usually when in a bar you somewhat always expect a dirty toilet but in Polilya they have Ate Cora that made sure a very neat toilet for the customers. Good Job!

For the menu, the food choices it's not that too extensive but just the right amount for a bar. I love how they incorporate the delicious of the engkanto beer to some of the dishes. No worry you want taste any alcohol or hits even when thing the dishes. Here are the one that I got to try.

127860Chips & Dips (160PHP)- a simple pica pica that have a really good dip. The french onion beer dip made magic to this dish. The kind of dip that you'll want to buy if they are selling some.

127860Fried Pickled Jalapeno (125PHP)- another great bar chow. This time for the peeps who want an extra spiciness in their palate. Dipping it to the cilantro tahini tone down the spiciness a bit a gave a cool feeling.

127860Ultimate Nachos (275PHP)- the ultimate pulutan. Packed with red bean, avocado, jalapeno, tapa and topped with their delicious meat sauce, salsa and cheddar cheese. I always love nachos. Such a wonderful conversational chips. Hehe.

127860Zen Chicken Nuggets (250PHP) - this is my fave. A deep fried version of Hainanese chicken. The delicious flavor of hainanese chicken still there but this time with a crunch into it. Served complete with chili, kecap and ginger scallion sauce. Just hainanese chicken should be.

127860Gangname Style Chicken Wings (210PHP) - Tasty korean chicken wings. Flavorful good.

127860Bangla Mussels (320PHP) - another fave of mine. Mussels in a coconut curry like sauce. Served with roti for that wiped clean simot sarap sauce ending. If you're a fan of coconut curry you'll surely enjoy this. I think this will also be good with rice.

127860Fish and Chips (325PHP) - Deep fried cobbler fish fillet and chips. You're typical fish and chips another great bar chow.

127860Steak Ale Pie (310PHP) - A warm wagyu beef mushroom pie. I enjoyed the delicious meat and the golden crisp pasty.

127860Grilled Cheese Sandwich - this one is a new item soon to be release. This is one of the best grilled cheese I've had. Love the full flavor of the cheese and for a bonus point the onion marmalade that comes with it was perfect.

For Dessert
127856Deep Fried Apple Pie a la Mode (150PHP)- will remind you of the warm apple pie of that clown but this one is a lot bigger and more delicious. We love it so much that we had to get a round 2 of this.

127856Grown Up Chocolate Mousse (175PHP)-this one is my fave for dessert. Love the dark bitter chocolate mousse. I love to pair this with the Engkanto Double IPA.

For Alcohol
127866Engkanto Beer - engkanto beer is one of my fave local craft beer. They have really good variety of beer from the light blond ale to super dark stout. My fave of among them are the Double IPA and Calamansi. The double ipa give a sweet note to the beer with just the right amount of kick. The calamansi got a nice citrus flavor and fragrance. You can order their 4 O' Clock flight (280PHP) for a beer taste of your choice.

127866 Tigrita (280PHP) - this is their tequila cocktail. I think this one will be a good choice for the ladies. Fresh light citrus tequila.

127866Rum and Coke #2 (365PHP) - this one is not your typical rum coke. I love their version not too carbonated and got that swabe feeling to it.

Overall this place is really a good hangout place.Top notch service, food and drinks. Love the overall vibe.

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Francis B.
4.0 Stars

Chill place on week nights. Can get too crowded on weekends.

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Julie L.
3.0 Stars

I haven’t seen my hiking buddies for months and since half of them is from the south we all decided to meet halfway aka Makati area. One of my friends wanted to try this out.

I have to commend how nice they setup was. The mismatch designs for tables, chairs and decorations added character to the place. I even liked the plates they used for whimsical.

For me, they have limited items on their menu and even their drinks are limited. Food was delicious but the serving was small and are pricey.

Chips & Dip (Php 160)
Zen Chicken Nuggets (Php 250)
Coffee (Php 130)
Blame it on the Heat (Php 145) Booky discount - buy 1 take 1

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Chili G.
4.0 Stars

Yass, finally went to Poblacion (said with a heavy Spanish accent 128517). My cousin was going back to Melbourne so we had a quick get together before he left.
Hubby and I both knew nothing about this place so it was like the blind leading the blind lol! Thankfully we saw a small parking lot a couple of minutes walk away from polilya.
The place was quite spacious and not as crowded as I thought it would be. Strong AC so yay for that. Servers were also attentive even though it was dark and noisy 128517 got the 2 for 1 drink from booky (forgot the name though) and we ordered almost all of their food 128518 I guess we're all munchers since we finished everything haha! We got nachos, their chips, something like chicken poppers and carpaccio I think.
Bathrooms were also nice and clean albeit the lighting was a bit weird near the mirrors (like zombie blue) so it could be a shock if you're already tipsy 128513
Loved the tropical vibe in the decor and serving ware but the Volume/music was a bit too loud for this tita but overall it was a good experience. Monday night out y'all!

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

There is a new go to strip as of late, the streets of Poblacion, in particular Don Pedro and its nearby areas. I’ve found myself going here more than BGC in the past weeks or so. In fact, I spent Halloween night here.

One of the popular bars here is Polilya. It has a cozy ambiance, good for a chill night, spacious enough to house around 50 sitting customers.

Polilya will ask you ‘Have you figured out what you want yet?’ And somehow my answer was a no. I don’t drink anymore, but I do try my friend’s fix out of curiosity.

My friends ordered a variety of local craft beers, they dubbed Engkanto. I found these bolder and more bitter than your usual commercial choices. We got the Lager, Blonde Ale and Pale Ale. These bottles range from Php 135-155.

We also had their unique concoctions of weekly slushy and cocktails, like Blame It on the Heat (mixed with beer twist of shandy, as well as fresh lemon, orange, calamansi, agave and stout) Tigrita (a mexican fix of tepache, mezcal, fresh lime, agave, orange oleo saccharum, pineapple and cilantro) and traditional White Russian.

For food, we only had their version of rather filling and appetizing Nachos because we ate at nearby Otto.

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