Poro Beach

Bahao, Libmanan, Camarines Sur

Poro Beach
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Jon B.
5.0 Stars

There's no doubt why the country Philippines named as the home of beautiful beaches. We have been searching for the best place to spend our long weekend. We planned to climb just Mt. Isarog and visit the perfect cone Mt.Mayon as side trip. We don't want to visit those places that are already crowded in the area. Luckily, the tourism of Brgy Bahao contacted us to visit Poro Beach. We accepted the invite and changed our itinerary since we're coming from Manila we took Poro Beach first and get an accommodation in Naga and climb Mt. Isarog the next day.

It takes a lot of patience to get to the beach. Aside from the 8 hour drive from Manila to Bicol, you need to add 2 hours more from the junction to Brgy. Bahao, the last stop. It's a mixed of rough and concrete road. Expect that it's very dusty which is no big deal for us.

Finally, we saw the Bahao Elementary school after 2 hours of roller coaster drive because of rough roads. We were all tired and exhausted. Kuya Teban with her wife welcomed us. They were our tour guide to the place. It was past 1 in the afternoon and we're all hungry luckily, there's a store near the Barangay Hall selling food.

We had a short briefing going to the island. I got a chance to talk to Kuya Teban about the place. He said that only some knew the place like the locals and people from other Barangays.

We're all set! It takes half an hour of boat ride from the small fishing pier to Poro Beach. On our way, we're all amazed! We saw some rock formations and small caves. Caving is not allowed as of the moment because it's under observation and study.

The water is crystal clear and cold. The sand is white. There are some parts of the island that's rocky. You can see corals and fishes when you take a deep dive just make sure you'll bring swimming gears. The place is perfect for photo ops and videos. You can do cliff diving here too! It's very clean too! Haven't seen any trashes left by visitors. There are trees for you to avoid scorching heat of the sun. You can even bring your hammock coz it's more cooler than tents. You can also rent a cottage for 250.00 (day stay) and 350 (overnight stay). There are folks guarding and ensuring the safety and security of the visitors. The registration fee is 10.00(Barangay only) and 10.00 (landing fee). They'll give you a stub and you need to present it once you landed a step on the island. As of the moment, they don't have a fixed rate for the boat rental fee they're still working on it. Everything is free when we visited this place since they invited us to see and promote their place. I'll definitely go back here for more! I can't wait to try spelunking on my next visit. Another destination in the South of luzon that will definitely take your breath away.


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