Porto Novo Hotel

Maharlika Highway, San Jose City, Nueva Ecija

Porto Novo Hotel
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Jomarie A.
4.0 Stars

Speaking of Walter Mart San Jose's opening, our management has decided to let the team stay within the vicinity a night before the opening -- since it takes upto 4 to 5 hours from our office in Munoz, Quezon City just to get to this place. They booked two hotels for the different teams, Hotel Franchesko and Porto Novo Hotel. Our team was assigned to Porto Novo.

We checked in after we had our lunch, and was promptly assisted by the front office staff. The staff was not that friensly though, but at least he does his job. The lobby was small, but it was clean and accommodating. It was properly lit, too. When we got to the room, I was actually pretty amazed at how clean the room was (I remember our stay in Nasugbu for a store opening where we stayed in a run-down resort where there are ants and lizards in the room, yikes!). They provide towels, and toiletries, so in case you forgot to bring some, they've got you covered. 128522

I appreciate how they provided each person with one blanket, so it would not be awkward to share. 12851310024 We all had a restful sleep that night, and the airconditioning unit was working properly too. My only concern is that since it's just beside the national highway, you can hear the cars and motorcycles pass by. 128556

Come morning, we were thankful that they have heaters and showers, so even if we were 5 people in the room, it didn't take us too long to prepare. Our room also had 3 free breakfast sets, and we ordered 2 more at Php 85 each. This consists of your usual silog meal. Servings size is quite small, but what do you expect from that price? Hated the flies who bothered us during breakfast though.

Checkout was a breeze, too! All in all, we enjoyed our overnight stay here. I heard the prices are quite affordable, too. 128522

P. S. : Not sure if the review below is for a different branch or something... But this branch is not by the beach though, as it is located in Central Luzon.


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Marylouise M.
5.0 Stars

So loved this beautiful place. But going here was very difficult because the road was really steep. It was very steep than the road in Baguio the road was very dangerous if you're not very professional in driving. You will passing a lots of mountain before you reach the Dinadiawan Aurora. From Baler Proper it's almost far like 2 hours in transport. You need to full your tank too because there's no gas station when you go back to the Baler Proper. There's so many gas stations there but it's really far away it's like 10km before you reach the gas station.

We stayed at Porto Novo Hotel Dinadiawan overnight. The hotel/resort was good. The price is affordable. The room was so cozy and comfy, the beach was so beautiful but the waves are so big. We arrived at 3:30pm and it was raining because the typhoon was created in Baler. It's from pacific ocean near Australia so that's why the waves are like tsunami. Unfortunately we won't able to swim because the big waves was so frightened. But there's a water falls there, you will just walk a little bit from the resort there's no entrance there if you're from the resort if you're coming from the highway you will just pay 10 pesos. It was so beautiful and so cold water. I really loved the water falls because it's very nature inspiring. I can stared at the water falls all day.

Don't worry about foods because they have store there, you can order cooked foods. Try their buko juice and pansit it's really cute. Don't forget to call the hotel/resort before you plan to go there because sometimes they are fully booked!

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