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CTTM Square, 68 Timog Ave. cor. Tomas Morato Ave., Timog, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Posh Nails
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₱150 - ₱1,200

Most Recent Reviews

Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

My new Facebook winning from Posh Nails.

So lucky to won Posh Nails last May 4 , 15 Reasons why I love posh nails Facebook contest.

Won this gift certificate , grooming hands and spoiling feet service

I love Posh Nails, service is really good and I love the pink posh ambience.

Thank you Posh Nails, happy 15 years 128588

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Beverly J.
5.0 Stars

In the last two years, this has been the place I go to get my nails done and I think it's about time to write a review on my favorite nail salon.

Tried different services in this place its really the service you pay for. I still get the same quality of service that i used to. The place is neat, so kikay ( full of pink stuff all over) and they offer imported nail polish. Over the times though, the price is a bit higher than before.

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Arnila d.
3.0 Stars

Too pricey... P215 for a pedicure only...128133

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Irish C.
4.0 Stars

This is so awkward, because I'm the type of girl who only wants to have plain, clean and "pudpod" nails, but when my friend Vier asked me if I want to have my nails done I was like, "say whuutt??" 128561128530 I was really thinking many times before saying yes to her offer. It's like unnecessary thoughts immediately flew inside my mind even though it's so normal naman to girls na have their nails done pero yung feeling na first time makukulayan ng manikurista ung nails ko??!! Parang it's so dangerous and my nails might look panget. Ewan. Sobrang weird lang sakin talaga. 128557 (PERO HINDI PO AKO TIBO, I JUST DONT WANT MY NAILS TO BE DONE IN A SALON, IT'S SO GIRLY KASI. And I'm one of the boys po kasi. Yun lang yun. Haha.)

So yeah, we headed to Posh Nails Timog branch for it's the nearest branch where we are making tambay that hot afternoon. The place looks so pink. As in literally, from their cushions and wallpapers.

I'm giving it four stars because you cannot go their with your friends kasi its so nakakahiya to talk kasi all the staffs and the customers will look at you like you're a criminal even though you're making whisper na. 128548128548128545

So if you're thinking to bring your friends there, think twice kasi hindi naman kayo makakapag daldalan doon. Much better if you'll be accompanied by your behalf or boyfriends kasi you will be envied by all the girls there, like the girl sitting in front of us, kasi she was fetched by her bf then he's asking her if she had a good time then the boy insisted pa to pay the bill for the girl... My friend and I died!!!!!! Haha!! 128557128555128553

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Grace S.
3.0 Stars

I was so lost.. i couldnt find this damn nail salon, even the guard at the building doesnt know it exist.my golly!

Anyways, the place was so girly.. Lots of pink and purple. When i got their, a lot of girlfriends were already there. So I sat on my spot and just had my nails done with their coffee something package while listening to my mp3.

I was so irritated with this 2palengkera girls that seems to be regulars already, they were so close with the nail girls..They are so loud that their voice is even louder than the max volume of my mp3.

I think there should be boundaries/limit into how close or buddy-buddy you can get to your customers.

Fyi, i saw kris bernal when i was there. Then those palengkera girls,hayyy! Nonstop sa chismisan bout her.

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Deandra G.
5.0 Stars

I really love the ambiance of this place. I'm not a girly girl but i love how the colors pink and purple fits my mood every time i come here. And since I made an appointment I was pampered immediately the moment I arrived. (Unlike the Banawe branch where I already made a reservation and when I arrived, they asked me to wait for 2 hours since another person came in first THAT DIDN'T CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT.) The staffs here are super friendly and nice. Manicure costs 150php and Pedicure for 215php and the best part, they only use ORLY, O.P.I. , CHINA GLAZE, DEBORAH LIPPMANN, and MISA with no additional charge for these polishes. I will surely come here again and even bring my mom with me.

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Celine S.
4.0 Stars

Since I'm insanely busy this week and I really needed to change my polish for a wedding on Thursday, I decided to go somewhere more accessible for the day. I called up a few nail spas in the Tomas Morato area and decided on Posh Nails for 4 reasons. 1) They had 3 brands of gel polish to choose from - Misa, Jennifer Lynn, and Orly. 2) They had Orly!!! 3) Prices were good where Misa and Jennifer Lynn are 500 pesos and Orly is 650. And 4) They don't charge extra for removing gel polish. (Another nail spa I called said it was an additional 350 to take the gel polish out!)

Anyway, I've been to Posh Nails before, but quite a few years ago. When I entered the place it seemed to be nicer than how I remember it to be. The couches were nicely spaced away from each other and there was that nice princess looking area! (Check the pic out)

I'm not a fan of pink... But this place is heaven for pink and purple people out there! Everything was cute though and their decor went well with each other.

So I had my gel polish removed...

The process to take it out seems like it takes more effort than putting it on. First they filed the polish. Then they wrapped each finger with cotton soaked in polish remover and then wrapped the whole thing in foil. They leave it for awhile, unwrap it and finally scrape off the softened polish. It took almost an hour for her to take it off cleanly.

I replaced the blue gel polish with this color. I cant quite remember the names though... But this these are Orly gel polish. She buffed my nails. Then put a basecoat. My hands went under the UV light. Then she puts the first coat of color and back under the UV light! I chose two colors. One is the color you can see in the picture and the other is clear but with sparkly stuff so when the light hits it at an angle... It slightly sparkles different colors. So after the first coat of the color you can see. She put the sparkly layer and back under the UV light. Finally, she applied the top layer and one last round of UV light.

A few things that could have gone better and made my review 5 stars...

1) The lady seemed to be in a rush. She somehow applied things really quickly. Comparing this to my first gel polish experience... The first one was slow and careful and made sure the application was nice and done well.

2) Because of the rushed job, I had a problem with 3 of my nails cause they had bubbles in them. When I complained, she didn't offer to fix it right away... Which made me feel bad about asking her to fix it. But when I did ask her, she did willingly. I even apologized to her a few times and she smiled and said it wasn't a problem. But I guess the fact that I had to ask... Made me feel bad about it.

3) Although the place looks nice and pretty. The couches are white. They obviously had covers, which is what you can see and what you sit on. So... I wish they changed their covers more or washed it more... Or replaced them completely when needed. The couches were a little grey-ish and white enough for you to be sure they're very clean. Also, most of them are already "himulmol" (lack of a better term. In English... The cloth looks old and there are pieces of thread that have rolled up into tiny balls which cause the fabric to no longer be soft and smooth. Lol!!! I tried looking for a good English option for it...)

So yeah! If these 3 things had not been part of my experience, I would have loved it completely!

I'm excited to see how my Orly gel polish lasts!

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