Potato Corner

3/F SM Lanang Premier, JP Laurel Ave., Lanang, Davao City, Davao del Sur

Potato Corner
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Most Recent Reviews

Hannah M.
1.0 Stars

We just ordered fries few minutes ago.. Arrogant attendant.. Bad Service.. I asked the saleslady beside her if there is someone attending it. And she told me she just went to the rest room. Okay.. that's fine.. But it took too long for the lady to went back. Still we waited since my nieces wants their french fries. And then 2 girls came after us I told them that the attendant just went to the restroom. We all waited for her to came. And when she'done cooking the fries. A lady approached her asking about I think it's a voucher to the phone.. I'm not just sure what is it about, since I don't know how to speak visayan language and she was speaking to someone on the phone. But we already waited for 15 minutes.. And their conversation took 5 minutes already as if the attendant doesn't care that she has first costumers. "First come first serve right, as they say. I have 3 kids waiting for her. I told her to prioritize first our order since we came first. She argued with me she told me the 2 girls came first before us. The two girls now we came first because I told them she went to the restroom that's why they waited. And I told her ask the lady selling near her since I ask that lady. I was insulted that she really prioritize the 2 girls. That attendant is so arrogant. Bad service. Even the fries are not warm anymore when it was served to us. And the quantity seems to few than the orders provided to the 2 girls.. I didn't argue with her since we were rushing home. And I have 3kids with me. But I hope the management will do action with regards to this. I' m so disappointed with what happened. I love eating potato corner a lot when we are going out. I just transferred here on Davao. At Manila I didn't have that service.. Davao is organize as I can see than Manila.. Sorry it's just my opinion.. But I got shock with what happened.. Tsk.. I hope she will be reminded that she's careying the companies name.. Bad service.. Few costumers even the food is tasty.. :(

  • No. of Comments: 4
April V.
2.0 Stars

My first reaction was: "wow, may sariling shop talaga sila... hindi stall lang!"
My brother's reply: "mas mura pa siguro yang shop dito kaysa ang stall sa Manila"
Could be true! 128563

Nothing beats Potato Corner's flavored fries. But they have to be served at the right temperature! Which, unfortunately, was not the case. 128078

The server mixed different batches and ruined everything (exagge, lol). Some are really hot but others are meh. 128530 The extra powder made up for it but still... *sigh*

  • No. of Comments: 1
Kristella D.
3.0 Stars

I haven't gotten fries from Potato Corner in years. Literally. They were still using food stalls the last time I bought from them.

So when my sister and I were passed by their shiny, new, brick and mortar branch in the mall, we knew we just HAD to buy some fries. 128516

We decided to get the Giga size with sour cream and cheese as our flavors of choice.

There were a lot of people ordering as well, but their service was fast. They had our orders served in just a few minutes.

We dug fingers in the tub of fries, not even caring about getting our fingers all cheesy. We loved how the fries were still hot and crispy, and how generous they were with the flavoring. 128523

They still have the best and the original flavored French fries, and in my opinion, not even the fast food giants can beat their flavored fries.

  • No. of Comments: 11