Potipot Island

Candelaria, Zambales

Potipot Island
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Moriel S.
4.0 Stars

Fine powdery light light brown that can pass up as white sand though the water is not crystal clear its still a beautiful spot. Quick get away for the summer, it can get too crowded depending on when you plan to go there. A day tour is fine for us because the restrooms are not that decent... But I definitely appreciate the place and will go back if given a chance 🛶

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Denise A.
5.0 Stars

Potipot Island also known as the Little Boracay of the North is a 4-5 hr. Drive from Manila to Candelaria, Zambales. It's a good place to beach bum on a weekend for a quick retreat!

I was able to purchase a P499 voucher access to Potipot in Metrodeal so I took the chance and convinced my friends to come with me 🤗 It comes with boat transfers already so all we have to think about was the food and transpo.

We rented a van to get there and brought our own food. I've never tried commuting in provincial areas cause i'm afraid of my safety and since we're going in 7pax naman we just rented to save money 128076🏼

The travel time going to Potipot Island from the main highway is just 10min to 15 min. There is a P100 fee for daytrip and P300 fee for campers.

What I like about Potipot
9728️ Powdery fine white/ lightbrown sand
127770 Perfect Camping Place
127769 It has a lot of trees that serves as shade for overnight campers
128293Beautiful Sunset, Turquoise Crystal Clear Waters
128171Ideal for Swimming and Snorkeling
127758Island can be walked in 30min.
☃️Friendly for Big Groups

Take note that there is NO ELECTRICITY on the island so if you plan to camp overnight you better bring your own tents, cooking utensils and other necessities. There are many established resorts within Candelaria though so if you plan to tour in Zambales the next day, that would be the better option.

To be honest, I wasn't satisfied with a day trip in Potipot. I wish it was longer and we've just stayed overnight. 128533 Also the travel time from Manila isn't worth it just to go back again and travel 5 hrs back the next day. If you plan to visit Potipot, allot 3 days at least and visit other islands and resorts in Zambales to make the most out of the trip!

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Daisy C.
3.0 Stars

Potipot is like a modern Filipina. Modern and traditional are two best words to describe this island located in the far flung province of Zambales.

ll say I have a love-hate relationship with Potipot.

1. I hate crowded and mainstream beaches. Yes, Potipot is one. (But just to be clear, its not boracay crowded okay, maarte lang ako)

2. Everything here is worth a penny. Bawat galaw may bayad. Or I'm just not used to expensive island vacations dahil budget travels ako forevs? Proof: @brokefriendsforever on Instagram. Teehee

3. It's 7 hours. Looooong bus rides. Time consuming but its up to you to judge. Hahaha I love road trips so, okay.

4. Although crowded, its not at all spoiled. There are quiet and serene parts to set up your tents with. And actually if you explore the island, you will see a peaceful Potipot 10084

5. There's a certain spot where everything you see is beautiful. I cannot fathom but Its so pretty! See pictures please 128525

6. The stars 10084️ 5 billion star accomodations via tent if you trust me.

7. Fishes swim freely with you. Best for snorkeling
8. Judgement: 7/10


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Gj A.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

Zambales. I stumbled upon this hidden gem a couple of years back. I didn't realize that there's a couple of beaches that's a couple of hours away from the Metro.

Disclaimer: The actual photo was taken a couple of years back. This was when the island is still unknown to the weary traveller.

Twitchy feet. The beach is calling me. I convinced my friends for a weekend getaway. Told 'em about Potipot, it was an easy sell since they are suffering from Twitchy Feet Syndrome too. Used Google to find out how to get there. 6 hour bus ride to get to Candelaria and the island is 5 minutes away. Reserved tickets at Victory Liner Espana. Friday night, we are running late, you have to come in an hour early or else they will sell your reserved tickets to other passengers. I had to call in a favor. The guy i was seeing lives near UST, he called the station and made up an excuse. No, we didnt lose our reservation, i had to feign sadness to convince the lady behind the counter. The excuse given - we are attending a funeral. I had to utilize my impeccable acting prowess to convince her. Think Hilda Koronel in Insiang.

We slept during the bus ride. It is after all, the last trip. We arrived at Candelaria around 5am. Ordered instant coffee at Dawal Beach Resort, ordered takeaway, rented a boat. We arrived at Potips before 6am. The water is blue green and the waves is not condusive for non-swimmers like yours truly. The island is deserted, no resorts, just the beach and the waves (It is different now, the Island became commercialized due to its popularity). We came into terms with the waves and swam our hearts out. Took a couple of embarrassing photos to document the experience.

We stayed till 4pm. Went back to Dawal to shower (yes, the boat rental is inclusive of free usage of their showe facilities). Then we took the bus home. Back in Manila before 9pm. Sad to say that my tan is gone by the time i went back to work.

I am giving the island 4 stars in this review because I enjoyed my brief visit. If I were to visit Potips again, the rating will be different as the island is not what it used to be.

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Demie E.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Dell C.
4.0 Stars

100 pesos for environmental fee?!?! No wonder people are just leaving their waste anywhere!! The island can be divided into two. Left side is rocky and sand is not as white but you get to own a quiet place for yourself. Right side on the other hand is clean and white fine sand but with all the people staying there. You just can't have everything I guess.

A lot of campers during our visit and my friend who have been there couple of times noticed big cottages for rent which is not there years back and a big generator in the middle of the island for lighting at night times. This place is not as virgin as before so I hope they still preserved the virginity of this island.

Nevertheless, place is sooo relaxing away from the busy city and scenery from the island is just gorgeous. 128521128077🏻

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Tan M.
5.0 Stars

Sunset in Potipot!128525 #breathtaking

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Danesse D.
4.0 Stars

Paradise. I'm amazed with the scenery. White sand. Clear water. Just wow! I know there's a lot of other place like it but it was really overwhelming to have the chance to go there.

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Carla Victoria T.
5.0 Stars

FACT: every inch of me loved this island! Despite it being a little too crowded and rocky..where in Zambales do you see such a breathtaking view? And white sand?

I've been to several beaches in Zambales since growing up we often visited this province because my mom is from there. But nothing compares to the beauty of potipot! 128525

We stayed there for about 4hours and even though Im not a fan of swimming in the ocean,I sat there and enjoyed the water touching my feet,the sand and the warm sun touching my skin! Perfect way to start my weekend.

Follow me on Instagram to see more of my posts!

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Albert T.
5.0 Stars

I spent a lot of my growing up years in Iba, Zambales and up until a couple of years ago I was oblivious to the existence of Potipot Island, which is just 40 minutes from my hometown. Had I known this peaceful little island was here maybe I would have stayed longer during my childhood summer vacations. But that's water under the bridge and now that it's in my radar, I'm taking in all the simple pleasures it has to offer; soft sand, warm waters, gentle breeze and cool shade. Camping out under a canopy of trees while facing the ocean and taking in the sweet sea beeze is perfect for releasing stress, meditating or just plain chillaxin'!

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Lady J T.
5.0 Stars

Soooooo Relaxing! 128536128525

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Aubrey Megan T.
5.0 Stars

Worth the 6hours drive! 128077

"Little Boracay" 127946

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Margot D.
5.0 Stars

my hometown zambales 128153


✔️ not expensive!!
✔️not over crowded
✔️white sand 9995

it's More fun in the Philippines. 128522128522128522

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Mikko F.
5.0 Stars

Great place to camp, relax.. Swim...

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Jerry N.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Chichi T.
5.0 Stars

Want some white-sand near Manila? Chilled beer and beach? Don't fret there's one..only 6-7 hour drive from Paranque to Candelaria Zambales (Okay we had a lot of stop overs so minus the stop over, it would take you around 5.5 hours estimate).

It's a small island where there's no electricity, perfect for camping or just chill out with your friends. Sometimes when you get lucky ("off peak season" there's no one there). You can actually tour the entire island for less than an hour.

For the loolooers who wants to check this out. Here's a few tips about the place and our expenses. Me and my friends (6 persons) planned this out for 1.5 week only).

We actually rented out a nearby resort called Isla vista. The resort is 3 minutes away via boat ride from Potipot which cost us 400 (For 6 persons)

If you plan on going here.. I guess it's cheaper if you're a big group (6-10)

VAN Rental (10 seater van): PHP5,300
Accommodation and boat ride total : PHP4,450
**This includes the drivers entrance fee**

FOOD: PHP900/each for 6 meals.
**This is really up to you since we just have this on budget. Btw, we didn't use this all up.**

POTIPOT environmental fee: PHP100/each
We also allotted 150/meal for the driver.

All in all we actually have a budget of 4k each. But the total damage was only around 3,400/each (6 persons) 128077128516128262

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Vinia V.
5.0 Stars

Heads up: This would probably interest the adventurous nature lovers. 128522
The outdoorsy/cowboy type of Loolooers. The types who'd enjoy sleeping outdoors, who'd understand the fulfillment of successfully setting up a bonfire and putting up tents, enjoy lying down on the sand, gazing at the sky 'til it gets dark, and also for the BEACH BUMS! 128513

If you'd do anything just to get a whole white sand beach/island all to yourself then I'd definitely recommend that you experience an overnight stay in Potipot! Just don't go on a holiday. 128513

We went there May of this year, our "huling hirit sa tag-init" sort of thing.
We left Pasig early around 4:30am and we reached Candelaria around 11am. Roughly a 6-7 hour drive, but we had to stop by Valenzuela to pick up our friend and had a few other stops for breakfast and groceries along the way, plus we had to pass by our friend's aunt's house to borrow snorkels. 128516 It's a must have in Potipot.
It was raining hard in NLEX and we were all praying for it to be much sunnier in Zambales. True enough, when we got to the town of Iba (a few hours away from Potipot) we were blessed with the sun high up in the sky and shining brightly. 127774

We spent two days and one night in Potipot. We got to a beach lot where a small nipa hut stood and 2 or 3 other cars were parked. This, for a price of P100 overnight, is were Potipot island goers park their cars because to get the island itself you'd have to leave your vehicle and take a 15min ride on a pumpboat which costs P600 back and forth (P150 each for the 4 of us).

The ride itself to the island was very cool and refreshing despite the huge noontime sun because the cool waters surrounding the bangka overtook the heat and we'd get a few spritz every now and then from the sea water splashing
the bangka. If you have a waterproof camera I'd suggest that you'd bring it. Some of the best shots of the beautiful untouched island are taken from the pumpboat. From the boat ride alone, you might be worried of getting your gadgets wet already (pero sayang ang view!). 128675

Upon reaching the island we got the pumpboat owner's number so we could text him the next day if we wished to be picked up already. Then a young boy approached us and asked if we were staying just for the day or overnight and asked for our island stay payments. P300 per head for overnight stay.

Since he didn't give out receipts, and we were staying overnight, and other people were still arriving (we picked a holiday so, sadly, we didn't have the island all to ourselves) we were afraid that he might forget that we've paid already and ask us to pay again, we decided to take a group picture together with kuya.
"Kuya, eto nlang resibo namin ha? Pag pina bayad mo kami ulit bukas eto na papakita namin sayo para proof na nagbayad na kami ha?"
To which kuya laughingly agreed.
The boys immediately decided to round the island and pick the best spot to set camp while us two girls were gladly left on the arrival spot to watch the stuff.. and take pictures. 128513128247127796128089127754

The island is equipped with its own public toilets and bathrooms, 4 of them scattered around the small island, a deep well pump, 2 or 3 small huts if you don't have tents (I must warn you, the toilets are as "manual" as they could get. But they have maintenance people to keep it clean)... Aaand that's about it. 128522 No electricity, no drinking water (bring your own), just trees and the beach. We set up our own tents, gathered own own kindling, started our own bonfire, heated our own food. We also brought our own lights just incase the bonfire would fail. But the island was BEAUTIFUL!!! To the right from the arrival area, is where the sand is most fine, as fine as in Boracay. The water was crystal clear and turned into different shades of blue as it got deeper. 128153127946

I enjoyed the tranquility of the place, it was actually a total stress reliever to be "detached" even for just a day. The beach at night was so quiet, just the subtle splashes of the water on the shore, and it was pitched black with only specks of white from the lights from the islands across.
As I said, snorkels are a must have because just a little bit further from the shore, just waist deep, you can spot tiny colorful fishes feeding among the seaweeds and corals! They were so pretty and friendly! Some wouldn't even swim away when I moved closer to take there picture. 128516128032128031

The overall experience for me was unique and unforgettable! It was very relaxing. I think people from the toxic corporate world should do this once in a while. I would definitely do it again! 128515

P.S. The island has good Globe and Suncel signals. Just not enough for internet services, though, but good enough for calls and texts. 128241128242128522

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Allen Q.
5.0 Stars

we stayed at potipot gateway... i super loved the food!!! staffs were accommodating.. and the island, i love it!!!

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