Poulet Manille

G/F V Corporate Center, 125 LP Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati, Metro Manila

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Poulet Manille
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4.0 Stars

Push it! POULET! Push it! POULET! Okay, last ko na yun 128514 #punny #SorryNotSorry 128517

Say hello to the new kid in SM Aura, Poulet Manille! 128020127831 If you want something deliciously healthy, you've got to try this. They only use free-range organic chicken so you know you're eating something without chemicals and hormones. And they cook it with the top of the line rotisserie imported straight from France. Nothing but the best ingredients for Poulet Manille! Of course since everything is organic, you'd expect a more premium price. It's more expensive than your usual roast chicken but at least you know you're eating something that's good for you. 128076🏼

Some of my favorites from the night:
128073🏼 Classic Chicken
- Simple, juicy, and unadulteratedly good. Best paired with their sauce 128523
128073🏼 Truffle Chicken
- anything with truffle is yum! It's gives it just the right amount of kick but stays simple enough like the classic flavor.
128073🏼 Creamy Spinach
- the best dish of the night for me. Sooooo good. Pwede nang ulam sa rice 128077🏼
128073🏼 Lemon Tart
- I'm a sucker for zesty treats and this one takes the cake. Perfect cleanser after a savory meal

To summarize (like what I do in my IG chubbyperohappy):
128073🏼128176Value for Money: 3 yums
128073🏼128523 Taste: 4 yums
128073🏼️️️9970 Ambiance: 3 yums
128073🏼128129🏻 Service: 4 yums
128073🏼128076🏼 Overall happiness: 3.5 yums
*The scale is 1 to 5; 5 being the highest*

#chubbyperohappy #12days #loolooapp

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Mike L.
2.0 Stars

I ordered the Truffle Chicken and I think they should change the name to Hint of Truffle Chicken. I could barely taste the truffle. It was almost inexistent. It was actually almost bland as well. I have to say though that the chicken meat was really tender with just the right firmess to it! You can really taste the difference of factory style bred chicken versus farm raised ones. Oh and they should also add more choices to the sides.

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Mike L.
4.0 Stars

***review just about the dessert***

The best apple pie 127823 in town hands down. I was kinda unsatisfied with the mains I had but the dessert more than compensated for it! It is ttraditional French country style apple pie. You can really see the effort how it's made. Layer by layer of apple slices laid on top of each other! Just like how your French grandma would make it. 128117🏻128513

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Carla M.
4.0 Stars

We pass by their restaurant everytime we're in SM Aura but we were quite hesitant to try it since we find it too expensive. I believe they used to charge almost a thousand pesos for a whole chicken with eight side dishes. I was surprised to see their menu earlier coz they now charge around P700+ for a whole chicken but with only with two sides. You can opt to add sides for P60 each.

Poulet Manille serves free-range, organic French chicken. Don't expect the chicken to be really big. They told us that a whole chicken can feed 4 people, but I think it's good for 2 to 3 only, depending on your appetite. You can see the chicken being cooked on the rotisserie when you enter the restaurant.

Mom initially wanted the Peri-Peri Chicken but when I read that it's spicy, I told her to change it. We ended up ordering the Poulet Truffle Chicken. As soon as the chicken was served, you can already smell the aroma of the truffle. The chicken was so tender and juicy, you don't even need to exert effort in chewing. 128517 However, the flavor needs to penetrate more on the meat since it was concentrated on the skin.

For our side dishes, we chose mixed biodynamic vegetables and broccoli with toasted almonds, plus additional jasmine rice. Both of the veggies were good! 128077🏼

Interiors and ambiance deserve a thumbs up, although I find it too dim inside. 128294

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4.0 Stars

Poulet Manille:

French County Classic Chicken - 11088️11088️11088️11088️ 4/5

Shrimp and Bacon Pomodoro - 11088️11088️11088️11088️ 4/5

Cream of Wild Spinach - 11088️11088️11088️11088️ 4/5

Broccoli and Toasted Almond - 11088️11088️11088️11088️ 4/5

Double Chocolate Gateau - 11088️11088️11088️11088️11088️ 5/5


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Gino B.
4.0 Stars

Pleasant surprise this one. The free range roasted chicken is tender, tasty and cooked just right. Had the Truffle Oil one - it was the right balance of juicy and crunchy. With creamed spinach and mashed potato on the side. The spinach was amazing!

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Tara C.
5.0 Stars

The truffle chicken was bribed for 10 hours and imported from France :) Loved that it was juicy and flavorful and all the sides were awesome. We tried the barbecue chicken as well and pretty yummy. It may be a bit expensive for chicken but anything free range and organic in this country is expensive anyway.

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JoJo T.
1.0 Stars

I came in with my partner and asked to be seated for two. The table has only one chair. I told waiting staff that the other table has bags on one of their chairs. Ask if they could provide us another chair. They told us there's none and directing us to non preferred table in the middle of a crowded area. Asked them politely if they could grab the other chair from the other table with just bags on it. They refused. They rather have bags seating in chairs than a paying customer. Very disappointing. Since they are a new restaurant in the block and just lost a potential recurring customer who would enjoy their establishment. I guess we'll never know. Cause I am not coming back there and so does my friends and family.

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