Power Mac Center Spotlight

Circuit Makati, Riverfront Drive, Carmona, Makati, Metro Manila

Power Mac Center Spotlight
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Eboy D.
4.0 Stars

I bought tickets to the highly anticipated rerun of "Sa Wakas: A Pinoy Rock Musical" featuring the songs of Sugarfree. When it was shown back in 2013, it easily sold out, so as early as November of last year when news broke out of a restaging. I was on alert mode for the best date and seats. Contacted a showbuyer and was lucky enough to get a couple of tickets. The showbuyer was very kind and guided me through the purchase since tickets were not available through ticketworld or ticketnet. It was either the show website or a showbuyer. The venue itself was small, so where ever you decide to sit, you get a good view of the stage. Foyer was also small. It was nice that they allowed "no flash" photography during the show. But everyone was so engrossed with the show, no one was taking annoying shots during the entire performance.

Here's the press kit summary of the show: "Sa Wakas is a bittersweet musical that chronicles the breakdown of a relationship. What makes the story unique is its unconventional perspective. Adopting an inverse chronology, the narrative begins at the end of a crushing breakup and works its agonizing way backwards to the relationship’s starry-eyed beginning." Musical direction by Ejay Yatco. I'll give the show 5 stars. The venue 4 stars - sounds were muffled, voices of the artists were drowned by the instruments during crucial songs.

Sadly, if you want to watch it. All shows are already sold out.

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Camille S.
4.0 Stars

Power Mac Spotlight is one of the newest places to go to for live acts. Knowing how the place was structured (small, few seats only, etc.), we only got the cheapest tickets for a musical scheduled here. For this particular musical, the arrangement was free seating and it's on a first come first serve basis. The organizers should've let the audience picked their seats. This is not my first time in Spotlight and my previous experience was that I was the one who chose our seats. Because of this arrangement, there was a very long line outside and we were not able to go inside on time. It didn't help the show start on time. Also, the arrangments of the Silver, Gold and VIP tickets are confusing. My tickets were Silver and the one seated next to me and in front of me are Gold ticket handlers. There were just two Gold ticket handlers in front of me then the five seats next to them are VIP ones. After the five, it's back to Gold. In short, it's pretty much spread out. Still giving it a high rating because this might be fault of the organizer and not Spotlight.

For Spotlight itself, I liked how it has maintained cleanliness. Even though it has a policy of no food and drinks, some people were still able to enter with food and drinks. The audio of the actors are also smooth and clean. Since we watched a musical, clarity of sounds is a must.

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Jenn N.
5.0 Stars

I wanted to catch the first run of No Filter in RCBC Theater but we could not find a show date that would fit into our schedule.

I was really intrigued about this because it's a monologue about millenials written by millenials.

We were lucky that there were 4 tickets left for their second to the last day of No Filter 2.0! It was a spur of the moment thing for us as we were looking for things to do after the birthday surprise at Bondi. It was all our first time to watch a show there. I really like the place as it's more intimate than your usual theater.

Chichi T, Dastine S, K, and I immensely enjoyed the show. We could relate to almost every monologue that night. It could have been more enjoyable if not for the "couple" who fought all throughout the show. Well they started before the show and I had to call the attention of the ushers. I wanted to transfer seats, but sadly there were no vacant seats that night.

So to Ate Girl who clearly was treated by the guy, please lang, if you're gonna fight with him lang naman, just don't go to the show altogether! It is very evident that you're just using the guy for his money. And you're both in college palang. 128557128557128557 Also, please update your closet. You look like an early 90s tita of Manila. 128529

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