Power Up Climbing

690 Tandang Sora Ave., Old Balara, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Power Up Climbing
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Ayesha I.
4.0 Stars

Looking for something to do this rainy season? Why not try indoor wall climbing?

I have tried wall climbing twice or thrice inside the mall/teambuilding area, but this place is just for wall climbing.

As we arrived, there were a lot of people. Just around my age. Haha! We paid a total of 350 php (200 for the climb, 100 for the belayer card, and 50 for the rent of harness). Climb all you can, man! First, we were trained by one of their staff on the proper belaying. It was kinda confusing at first! I didn't knew that as a wall climber, I need to learn the belayer. It was kinda hard for me on the belayer since I am much lighter compared to my friend who was gonna climb. I tend to lose my balance, but of course even if I lose my balance, the one climbing is still safe because of the harness. 128077 I was able to climb the two and a half walls during our visit. My arms started to fail me on the third try. 128514

Overall, wall climbing here was fun! The staff were all accommodating and friendly. You can always ask assistance to them. 128522

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Ron M.
5.0 Stars

Woooh wall climbing! I've been wall climbing for some time now but i only do it for fun so when we tried this place i was surprised that the crew was very hands on with their client regardless if they are frequent climbers or newbies, since we were newbies we expected that they would just belay us and that's it.

At first they oriented us about the gym, the different part of the harness, the belayer-climber relationship and the sop in climbing. Then we were taught how to belay properly so that the safety of both the climber and the belayer is well assured. Lastly the "final exam" was the actual climbing-belaying procedure, i was the first to belay and boyfie was the first to climb, this was our ultimate reliability test, whew it was hard knowing that his safety was in my hands, i only felt relief when both of his feet landed on the mat. It was a hell of an experience and this made me love wall climbing more 128518

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Love S.
5.0 Stars

yow! 5star yan kc

1. staffs are very accomodating! super! first try ku kgbe at alone very particular ako kung di ba intimidating ang place pero ang nice ng mga baleyer/climber staff nila. nameet ku din kgbe ung owner hahaha.. hindi mayabang at ang bait

2. large place and madaling hanapin.

3. very affordale. climb cost 350 w/o shoes.

4. fastest way para pumayat. hahahaha

5. super like.

hindi to advertisment no!! hahahaha.. super like lang tlga.

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Em D.
5.0 Stars

Almost 2 hours of wall climbing for PHP 256!

Ok headline done. Do I have your attention now? Hehe hi Miri A! Looking for this place may be a little bit challenging especially if you're not familiar with the area. Their sign located on the main road is very old and the entrance is a bit shady. 128541

Tried out wall climbing at Power Up after hearing from a friend (hi Mica D!) that the place was still alive and running. Climbing is PHP 150 and harness rental is around 40. You can also borrow shoes for PHP 30. I forgot their belayer rates, parang 50 ata per 30 minutes. I was with 2 other friends and we got there around 3 pm. We finished 4:40-ish and we were surprised that we were only going to pay PHP 256 each! I guess it was because we only had one belayer, si Kuya Allan. He was very nice and funny plus his tips sounded like life lessons to us three girls. He said "hindi ka talaga makakapag move on kapag hindi ka natuto bumitaw" and it was because of Camia J who couldn't go up higher because she wasn't trusting the harness. Lol. O diba may priceless lessons pang kasama sa package!

We had such an amazing time. We all cheered and pushed each other to reach for the top. #dramaramamuch Sadly, we weren't able to conquer the last "wall". It was so hard because the wall was slanting already! I guess we didn't have that much upper body strength LOL. We'll come back to beat our previous record. If we don't, then I'll just pretend I forgot I typed that. TEEHEE. My summer break's about to end but this isn't stopping me from trying out new ways of burning everything I eat, have eaten or will eat because of looloo. 128170

** if you're sosyal, Power Up's FB page recommends you to go to R.O.X. for a more sosyal climbing (get it, sosyal climbing WAHAHA). The one there is also facilitated by Power Up but I guess it's newer, sosyal and most definitely expensive! I don't mind the #medyoluma vibe this place gives because this branch also turns into a sauna in the afternoon. 2-in-1! Hihi!
*** We went an hour after their opening (2 PM on weekdays) to avoid being judged by pro climbers who go here at around 4-5 PM 128547. They open earlier on weekends though. 10 AM I think.

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