Pradera Wake Park

Lubao, Pampanga

Pradera Wake Park
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Great Outdoors
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Open: 8:30a - 5:30p


  • Sunday
    • 8:30a - 5:30p
  • Monday
    • 8:30a - 5:30p
  • Tuesday
    • 8:30a - 5:30p
  • Wednesday
    • 8:30a - 5:30p
  • Thursday
    • 8:30a - 5:30p
  • Friday
    • 8:30a - 5:30p
  • Saturday
    • 8:30a - 5:30p

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Most Recent Reviews

Rhency L.
5.0 Stars

There are two pools for beginners (9ft deep). The instructors are very helpful. Then there's one main pool (15ft) that has ramps for professionals.

250php for 1 hour. Less than 600php for 4hrs. 1,000php for whole day or 8hrs. You can have 8hrs free 6 days before or after your birthday, just present any proof.

I would recommend going here on weekdays since there are less people. Went here on a Sunday and the beginner's pools were full so we had to wait for our turns.

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Miko B.
5.0 Stars

Awesome way to end your Christmas Vacation!

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France T.
5.0 Stars

Riding in 3....2.....1... 127940

Via experience, I like it better here compared to Nuvali Republ1c. Below are the reasons to back up the given statement:

1. There are 3 pools for beginners
2. Fewer people, more rides
3. Bigger and Cleaner bathrooms
4. Less traffic, shorter travel time
5. They have golf car for shuttle
6. You can rent a place to stay in
7. Coaches are vivid in giving instructions and they give out funny comments too
8. Huge parking space
9. They serve good food (I ordered Chicken Pesto Pasta and it was goooood!)
10. Makes me wanna go back any time soon

Side Note: My body got sore for like 2 days. Make sure you do stretching before riding 128521

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5.0 Stars

...restobar near the pro lake is fully operational! Parking is a lot nearer so you really dont need to wait and ride those golfcarts they have to transport their clients.

...and their new shower stalls are bigger and waaay better than in republic. A group of 5 can shower together in one stall! Hahaha!

...far drive but you get your money's worth. There are times only 3 of us riding for the whole day. You really get to practice and not worry of the long lines.

...i still go to republic for night rides when schedule doesnt permit me to drive all the way to lubao.

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Clara T.
5.0 Stars

Loved the place!

Staffs are friendly and even the operators will help you out.


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Lara M.
5.0 Stars

Left Republic for quite some time now because of this place. 128539

Pradera wakepark has 2 beginners lake and 1 pro lake with 2 open docks. Staff are super friendly and approachable. If you want to learn wakeboarding or just starting, I'll recommend this place. Lines are even shorter here..or let's say there's no lines sometimes. So sulit ang bayad. 128522

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5.0 Stars

...2 launch docks at both ends of the pro lake! How can you not love that!

...staff and operators are extremely courteous.

...resto far from the lake but they are building a refreshment stand near the lakes soon. As of now, food takes forever to serve.

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Erika L.
5.0 Stars

Hooray to my first legit looloo review! Been meaning to review several places for a while but I always get lazy about posting. Anyhoo, after I visited Pradera, I immediately wanted to review it because it is so underrated compared to Republ1c and CWC.

My friends and I usually ride in republ1c, and while it is a good wakepark, they have poor customer service, the shower rooms stink and they constantly suffer from water shortage.

So going back to Pradera, let me explain to you why they totally deserve the five star review.

1. Top notch service: the moment you arrive, the security guards and their front desk personnel will greet you by the gates and take you through the registration process. Plus, they will take your heavy bags and gear to load them on a golf cart. After paying, they will take you to your preferred lake (the main/pro lake or one of the three beginner lakes. Yes, they have 3!)

Oh and there's more, they will unload your bags for you and actually carry your things to the tent. 128588 if that isn't good service I don't know what is.

The operators are very attentive and they are more than willing to help you if you're just starting to learn the ropes of the sport.

If you've been to Republ1c, you will be flabbergasted at how attentive the staff are here in Pradera. No kidding.

2. It's not crowded. We went here on a Sunday so there weren't a lot of people, especially in the morning. The longest queue in the main lake is about 8 people and this is during the afternoon na. No need to wait too long for your turn. 128077

Beginners, rejoice. They have 3 mini lakes so you can practice more and learn faster. Plus they will pull you out of the water when you wipe out.

In republ1c, the beginners lake is usually wayyyy too crowded because they only have 1. A four-hour wake session will only give you 3-4 turns on the lake. Oh and you need to swim out of the lake when you wipe out. On your own. 128069 It's a total waste of money.

3. You can stop and rest when you want. What do I mean? You're probably sick of comparisons to republ1c, but I can only explain this properly if I compare.

So say you pay for a 4 hour session, in republ1c, when you arrive at 2:00pm, that means you can only ride until 6:00pm.

In Pradera, if you arrive at 9am your time won't start running until you start riding. If you want to take a break for an hour or two, no problem, you can do so and continue when you feel like it.

This is great because you can rest in between riding sessions and you won't feel so rushed. 128077128077128077128077

4. The food is awesome and the service is really fast too. We ordered lunch around 12:30 while we were still in the main lake. We rode a golf cart back to the restaurant area, we arrived around 12:40 and our orders were served right after we sat down.

You usually have to wait half an hour or more of you order food in republ1c. 128529 and sometimes, they don't even cook it well, plus the servings are small for the price.

5. Really nice shower rooms! Like I mentioned earlier, the bathrooms in Republ1c stink and they have horrible water supply. You won't have any problems with the shower room in pradera. Promise!

Now that I've waxed lyrical about this place, I also have to tell you about a couple of drawbacks. 128522

1. Non-riders will have to pay an entrance fee of 100 pesos. 50 pesos for kids 12-years old and below (Republ1c- free)

2. It's SRSLY HOT in here. Like the dry kind of heat.

3. If you're an advance rider, you might be disappointed by the lack of progressive rails. Republ1c has more rails and they are more advanced.

But if you're a beginner or an intermediate rider like me who wants a lot of time to practice and improve your wakeboarding skills, then you're going to love it here. 128522

Definitely recommending this place to beginners and wakeboard enthusiasts!

If you do decide to visit, I'll see you guys on the water because I'm definitely coming back. 128077

Almost forgot! Rates are similar to Republic

595 - 4 hours
475 - 2 hours
250 - 1 hour
1000 - 8 hours

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