Prado Farms

KM 94-95, Siongco, Lubao, Pampanga

Prado Farms
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Kelsey Lotus W.
5.0 Stars

It has been an amazing experience staying at Prado Farms for the last two months. I see Prado Farms as a safe haven for the arts and a sanctuary for the soul. Located in Lubao, Pampanga, Philippines, this family-owned biodynamic farm turned eco-resort was designed to be a true (re)source for inspiration. Being welcomed into Prado has been an answer to my prayers. As a digital nomad, world traveler, and creative, my biggest challenge is slowing down and finding an inspirational place that meets my needs. I want to be surrounded by nature with organic food and access to good wifi. I want to be close enough to an international airport but far enough where other tourists can’t find me. Prado meets all of these requirements. My experience at Prado has been one of the most nourishing of my professional life. It’s one of the first times where I really think “being well” (taking care of myself) and “doing good” (doing good work that's in service of others) don’t have to be separate or conflicting. I highly recommend this unique gem for a future visit, photoshoot or special event, whether you stay for two days or two months! It's 2-3 hrs from Manila airport dependent on traffic and so worth it! You'll love the serene environment, salt water pool, organic meals, art everywhere. It really is a treasure!

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Jill T.
5.0 Stars

Perfect place to chill on a weekend. Props to the super accomodating staff who acceded to every odd request we had with much kindness. Food was not exceptional, but good enough as it's all organic anyway. Will definitely be back. 9786

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Maye D.
5.0 Stars

If you're looking for a new instagram-worthy place on the outskirts of the city, Prado Farms is the place to go. I was searching the web for a place where I could have my birthday weekend and stumbled upon blogs recommending this place. It is a 5-hectare farm in Lubao, Pampanga with 1 hectare of the land developed to this date. According to our tour guide, the place is owned by a family of architects who like to collect antique stuff. This reflects the rustic beauty of Prado Farms. Who knew all those rusty junkyard materials can be turned into very photogenic artforms?

For Php 1,250/head (+ 10% service charge) you can have a Hacienda Day Tour from 10am to 5pm. I'm not sure if they accept walk-in guests. To be sure, email them beforehand to reserve, they will ask you to pay 50% to confirm your reservation. The package includes welcome drinks, AM snacks, lunch buffet and PM snacks. The food matches the theme of the place as they only serve organic food. They grow their own vegetables and even raise organic pigs here. Take it from me, the organic pork was really tasty! The food is not your usual as even the juices they serve are made from vegetables. The kamote tops w/ calamansi juice was surprisingly good! And so was everything else on the lunch buffet table.

For the tour, the staff will just show you around in the morning and tell you a little background of the place, let you know where everything is and then you can pretty much go on your own. They have bikes all around the hacienda that you can use or you can tell your guide if you want a carabao ride. They also have a really nice swimming pool and jacuzzi area. The water they use is salt water! We absolutely regret up until now not bringing swimming clothes. We almost considered going commando. 128514

We used our free time to nap at the siesta room. The farm is not that big but it could be pretty tiring to go around, so if you're not staying overnight in their hotel, they provide a common airconditioned area called the "siesta room" where day guests could rest. And yes, there's free wifi.

Hi, looloo crew! I hope this place gets featured on your next list of instagram-worthy places.

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Steffhanie S.
5.0 Stars

Looking for a quick escape from the city? Wanting to get some rest and relaxation after a hard week's work? Prado Farms is definitely that place for you!

A 1 1-2 to 2 hour ride from Metro Manila, Prado Farms is located at Barangay Sionco Prado in Lubao, Pampanga. What was once a gas-refilling station came to be an eco-resort now that's slowly gaining its popularity in Pampanga, and soon, everywhere.

I heard about Prado Farms from a friend who recommended it to me. That same moment, I searched through the net, read blogs and then bumped into their website. Going through a lot of nice reviews and recommendations on the place, I sent an inquiry detail via their website and I was updated through email.

I really appreciate people who coordinate well via email and Pepep of Prado Farms is that type. Given all of my concerns, she replies promptly and completely, giving me all the details that I need. I even asked her if she could waive the corkage fees for the snacks and beers that we want to bring in and she nicely said yes.

So, we went on a Sunday for an overnight stay at the farm. We took the Victory Liner bus from Cubao to Olongapo and the blogs I read were right, this bus will pass by right in front of Prado Farms yay! After a convenient ride, we reached the farm at around 2PM and straight to check-in we go!

Upon reaching the front desk, overflowing almost everywhere are a lot of visually pleasing decors and displays that you can check out. My most favorite part here are the different types of chairs mounted on the ceiling -- from stools, regular four legged chairs to office chairs -- such an interesting part and we're just starting it off.

After settling our balance, we entered the farm and were assisted with our luggages. While walking to the Kera-Kera Halls where the lodgings are, we were told that the old gas refilling station was transformed because most of the family's friends urged them to transform it into a recreational area given the future of the space.

The Kera-Kera Halls looked to be the only modern structure inside the farm. With its newly built halls, Kera-Kera's modernness is balanced with the traditional looking decors in it -- old TV, classical looking paintings and even hand-crafted ceiling paper artworks displayed at the veranda part of the dining area.

We checked-in and got the double superior room that can accommodate 2 pax. Our room's located at the ground floor and it was as simple as it could look. The bamboo/wooden touches in the room's interior -- table, chair, dress racks -- gave it a more natural and organic look. The thoroughly clean and white sheets gave the room a very polished and smooth look.

After a while of resting, let's go to my favorite part, exploring the farm! Yay! Given the huge space, there were bikes stationed everywhere for guests to use in case you get tired of walking or if you simply want to enjoy the place more by biking. I loved biking around given the beautiful sights everywhere and I actually got addicted to riding up until the next day!

Our first stop where the different houses found near the entrance area of the farm. These houses were named according to the color. From the Blue House to the Pink House to the Brown House and the Yellow House, each of it has its own unique character and

The Blue House has this very powerful aura given its spiral staircase that stands as the center attraction in it. This spiral staircase accentuates the house really well and its dark brown colors matched perfectly with the blueness of everything there. The second floor of it houses the classic and blue silverwares of it. These are displayed in the room and you can actually adore how timeless they look. From that floor, look at the handcrafted ceiling decors that are really beautiful. Dining area for day tour guests is located at this house. Their table cloths are blue ones with pineapple designs that looked really cute. This place also houses the mini pond where guests can do fishing.

The Pink House is interconnected to the Blue House. The ground level has vintage radios and jukebox machines. From there, you'll be led to the second floor with a short staircase that looks very provincial. This floor leads to a nice looking veranda with windows that looked really artistic, as if they are just part of a painting. The picturesque part here will let you see the other houses from the top.

The Brown House is located right in front of the Pink House. This house has the farm's theater, yes, a theater designed just for it. It actually looks like a theater seen in old movies with a mini elevated stage. Apart from the theater, this house's windows will transport you to Vigan given its ancestral look and feels. At the back of the Brown House is a mini jacuzzi where you can hang-out and chill after touring.

The Yellow House houses the library of the farm. Upon entering the house, it's a bit scary given its dark aura but the first level houses a vintage looking kitchen that makes it quite different from all the rest. The second floor has the mini library and a coffee table that looks part of a classical film. There's a third level that seems like an attic where the only thing there is was a rocking chair, creepy feels! Haha! What I loved most in this house is the patio where you can see the sun set from beds that do serve like hammocks.

From there, we checked out the chapel inside the farm and it was really, really beautiful. With its glass doors, you will see from the entrance area the simple but unique looking altar that has the cross made using tree branches. On the sides lie the chairs and some pillow cushions on the floor. Here, you can really feel the peace and solemnity that the place can give.

After a really tiring tour, we started changing and were all so excited to swim! Yes! They have pools. The first one is a mini version that has cold water and can be found at the back of the Brown House. This one looks as of you're inside a rainforest given the trees and plants surrounding the pool. The main swimming pool is located at the back part of the farm. It's an infinity looking pool that has quite salty water given that it comes from the hot springs. It was so so so good to swim here given that we're the only people during that time. It' as of we have the place for ourselves wee!

After a full day, we opted to freshen-up and have dinner. Initially, we arranged a dinner buffet from them but we were informed upon arrival that they cannot accommodate us anymore given that we are the only guests who are checked-in that night, we went out and looked for a place to eat. That's the missing thing in this place, they do not have a restaurant.

Anyway, it was late night when we got back and decided to rest instantly. The beds were comforting given the blankets, I really had a good night's sleep.

The next day, we availed of the buffet breakfast that's part of what we paid for. We were served pan de sal with different spreads -- butter, peanut butter and coco jam. We had garlic rice, danggit, organic tocino (which they sell and we brought home as pasalubong) and omelette. We had mangoes and juices, teas and coffees on the side. Woah! It was really filling!

After breakfast, we strolled around the back part of the farm where the animals are raised. From organic pigs to ducks to carabaos to chickens and roosters, it's as if we visited a mini zoo where these animals roam a bit freely. I was even surprised that while I was biking, a black pig got on loose! Good thing it wasn't wild. Haha!

As we were walking, we stumbled upon a wooden looking house that's separated from the main part of the farm. The house looked really classy given that it's made of wood and has this welcoming vibes with its high ceiling and huge doors and windows.

After a sunny walk, we passed through the farm's secret looking garden where a dap-ay (bonfire area) was stationed. There were also tree like looking spots where you can chill and hang-out with your barkadas.

Took a swim before we decided to finally experience separation anxiety as we needed to check out by 12 noon. And before anything else, we could not leave the place without taking a photo of their famous gate made up of gas tanks. Perfectly paired with trees, this part welcomes you with so much artsiness.

They do sell pasalubongs like their own version of organic tocino and longganisa and both tasted really yum!

Indeed, Prado Farms is one gem that you should visit soon in Pampanga. With is artsy, peaceful and welcoming vibes come a rest-filled quick vacation that's really worth experiencing! Go immerse yourself in some visually pleasing art, good food and a quiet place that you deserve to share with your loved ones.

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